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Thing to remember too is, that Reaper didn't manufacture the cases or the foam themselves. It was made for them for the kickstarter and was never planned to be part of their regular line of products.


One company made the plastic case, and yet another designed and made the foam inserts.


I've no problem with the plastic case, I like it. It's just the assembly of the foam inserts that is the problem.

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I just checked my cases--we got two. The edges of the trays have some tackiness to them, but my random sampling of the cells found no untoward goop.


Also, given my experience with Outrider-I have one of their large bags and some inserts for the Reaper pistol cases-I would say I'm surprised by the problems some are having. At a guess, it's a problem with the fact that Outrider had to rush the trays and went through pretty well all their stock of foam to make these, so there was no time or material to do proper QC and replace defects. Not that this is a reason to be happy with the cases as they are, but I would still be reasonably interested in getting more trays from them in the future.


The paint-on-the-go trays from Outrider that fit the pistol case, by the way? Totally awesomesauce.

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Maybe some talc to coat the glue? I dodged this issue with my Reaper KS cases.


FWIW, the Battle Foam Infinity Beta Bag doesn't come with a top sheet either. I knew there was a reason I keep sheets of 2mm foam around :) (Though in an ideal world, there would be one with it).


In my Reaper KS cases I've put the various and sundry smaller minis - goblins, kobolds, skeletons, zombies, rats, etc.


The Talc sounds like a good idea and I may have to pick some up to try it as the glue just does not dry on its own. That 2mm sounds nice though, the thinnest my FLGS had in stock was 3/16th and its too thick for the cases. I'm currently compressing it to see if it will stay compressed and am hoping it will fit after that. If I can resolve both those issues then the cases will work (the size really is more of an annoyance than anything as others have said), I'm just surprised at how poor the overall experience has been compared to every other time I've dealt with Reaper and their products.



For thin sheets of foam, try a crafts store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby, or locally to me, Catan's. I think you might even be able to find some at Target in the crafts section.

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As far as the KS case, I don't know as my case shipped without the foam. I'll get it eventually and hopefully it will work out.

Same as me! My order arrived this morning, and I thought 'haha, I'll get to see the size of the foam people are complaining about!' My case had other ideas:


At least I know I can fit all sizes of minis in there.

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As far as the KS case, I don't know as my case shipped without the foam. I'll get it eventually and hopefully it will work out.

Same as me! My order arrived this morning, and I thought 'haha, I'll get to see the size of the foam people are complaining about!' My case had other ideas:


At least I know I can fit all sizes of minis in there.


My case looks just like that (except for not missing the foam inserts), including what appear to be razor gashes in the sides (at least 3 are visible in your photo). Why are those there and are they present for anyone else?


As I understand it the company that provided the foam inserts usually makes them with a laser cutter, but that process was too slow for this high volume so they went with a die-cut stamping method for our batch. I don't think there is a connection between that and the adhesive problems some are experiencing, but anything is possible.

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My issue with the case is that it doesn't have a top sheet of foam. So any minis on the top layer will hit straight against the hard plastic case. That just seemed really odd to me as it defeats the purpose of putting them in a protective case!


I'm hoping I can buy a thin sheet of foam for that top layer. That should solve that issue fairly easily.


As for the size of the holes, I think I can deal with that. I'll just use them for smaller minis and/or cut the foam to fit the bigger ones. Considering I only paid $25 for the case, I wasn't expecting too much from it.


The lack of a sheet of foam to go on top of the top layer is odd though. I initially thought that they had missed including that sheet in my 2 cases, but I see that mine are 'normal'.

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