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Ogre Chieftan Step by Step Videos

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Hey Reaper peeps, I've picked up my first Bones figure, the Ogre Chieftan and I'll be shooting video of the entire painting process and posting it here via my youtube.


Here's the first video:




Now, that's just me ramblin' on about the mini and why I'm shooting video on this project without any painting, so if you're only interested in the painting parts, just skip this intro here as it's just a monologue and I tend to go on about my favorite subject, minis, if I have a platform to do so.


I'll be posting a video once a day, about 5 times a week until this project is done. I'm going to go into detail about everything I do on this mini regarding the paintwork, all filmed in HD here in the studio and I'll try to be as verbose as I can be about whatever it is I'm up to while painting this guy. Sometimes in painting videos, the painter can get pretty quiet, I'll try to keep to words flowing to make it so you're not just literally watching paint dry. I'll learn as I go but that's my plan.


I'm not aiming to do a tutorial this is more of a step-by-step looking glass into my method for tackling something like this in my way. I will explain what I'm doing as I'm doing it but I won't be going into basics or anything. So if you like stuff like this, stay on board as there should be something worth watching here when all is said and done.

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Thanks guys, It should be a fun ride for the duration. Probably a pretty long series knowing how long it takes me to paint anything also!


I lost the video of the priming phase, but yeah, haha. 2nd video, lost it. Anyways I just shot Vallejo Polyurethane Acrylic primer in a green color right out of the bottle at 25 psi. That was the entire video so it's not really a tragic loss. Still I would have like to have that for completion sakes, but what can ya do?


So here's the 3rd video, which is now the 2nd in the series, where I airbrush the basecoat of the skin. Kind of long as I want to keep the vids down to under 10 minutes in length but I spliced 2 vids together and am learning to be more concise, so bear with me, I'll get there!



I noticed a giant mold line on his left arm while watching this, so I'll take care of that before the next vid tomorrow. Also I want to do a little conversion on this guy to 'beef him up' a little, so I'm going to take time today to do that. Not going to film any of that as it's beyond the scope of the series, I just want to make this guy more interesting to look at during the time I'm shooting all this.

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Thank you, yeah those little lenses from the optivisor I never used came in handy for once, makes a great little macro lens.


No video today, maybe none tomorrow as I'm working on converting this guy and of course I got carried away and now have a ton of fur to sculpt, weapons to carve etc...so yeah, don't want to paint anything on this dude until all that is done. See ya then

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Alright, conversion is done, and video is uploading so I can continue on this video blog of this project here finally. Here's a couple of pics of the conversion and some words while I wait for the video to finish uploading.






So I kind of got carried away with the ideas I had for converting this guy to make him more interesting for the paint up demo. I also wanted to test all my sculpting stuff with this bones material to get an idea of just how 'conversion friendly' it all is. My weigh in here after a week or so of playing with this stuff is that I had zero problems with anything along the way. This Bonesium stuff takes all my putties, plasters, waxes, epoxies whatever I throw at it like a champ. Cuts like butter, glues without hassle with super glue, E6000 and generic glues.


In the end after testing materials I stuck with Magic Sculp and Apoxie Fixit to get the job done. Those are the two I use most of the time so that's good. A little Procreate for the runes and fur (bad job on the fur, I'm not the greatest at sculpting haha.)


Regardless of my lack of finesse as a sculptor at this scale (painting is more my bag!) I've gotta say I love converting figures and the easier it is for me to get to that, the better. Real pleasant stuff to work with here.



What I learned while working with the Bones material:


1. Shave and carve, don't file and sand. Using a sharp exacto was key to getting rid of mold lines. Filing and sanding left fuzzballs of doom everywhere, which required more work to remove, no fun. However shaving with the blade was easy as can be. Careful though, easy to carve a chunk right out of the mini!


2. If you need to heat set your putty, you can do it with impunity on these figures if you're careful and avoid bendy thin bits. I aimed my Uchida heat tool directly at this figure to set up some putty right on the figure and had no problems with warping or melting of details. Plastic kits would melt in about 3 seconds of direct heat. Eventually it would melt I'm sure, but careful application is ok. 10 second bursts did the trick. Very cool in this regards works like metal and resin. Was concerned if it was melty like plastic, but it's not. At least on thicker parts that can withstand warping.


3. Priming with Vallejo Polyurethane surface primer was super effective. Airbrushed at 40 psi in one coat and I had absolutely no rub-off after direct handling over a week of converting this dude. Good solid primer for Bonesium. Readily available, high quality stuff I use all the time anyway and I'm glad it works so well with this. I mean it when I say I had no rub off. None until I started using metal tools to really chip at the primer to get it to finally wear away. So in my tests, it sticks better than on metal!


I learned more and I should have kept notes but as it is I've got to go do some stuff so I'll end this lengthy post with the video when it's up, and start painting tomorrow AM as my early-morning-before-dawn project. I'll shoot and edit a 10 minute video of all my paintwork per day unless something comes up or I get busy as I sometimes do, but over time, stay with me and I'll show you how I end up painting all this.


Finally the video is up, here:

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Hey thanks Anne! Yeah my first experiments in shooting vid for the web were...low fi. Too bad as those minis are long gone across the world and I can't reshoot any clearer HD video, believe that one's in Spain. But those were yesterday, today I have the skills and equipment (my phone lol) to shoot crystal clear so luckily there will be no more pixelated videos. I left those older ones up there just because, even though they're so low fi.


Working on the skintone today once I wake up more then uploading the video over night later tonight, or during lunch whenever I won't need the pc. These things take an hour to process just for 10 minutes. Need a new video card to help with that.

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So I kind of got carried away with the ideas I had for converting this guy

What the eff!?!


I mean it's awesome, but you did kind of make a new model out of it, hah!

Haha, yeah I get carried away sometimes. It's always fun to use your bits that are sitting there waiting to be added to something for years and years

Very inspiring, that's a stunning conversion. The helmet is perfectly suitable for a Chieftain.

I agree, it now looks like a totally new and improved model.

Hey thanks, I did want to uplift his status as Chief a little bit by giving him some more appropriate wargear for the big boss type. Loaded him down pretty good for any sort of battle he may be leading his Ogre underlings into.


Let's see, I shot video this morning of painting the skin that's uploading now. I want to keep my videos at around 10 minutes each because let's face it anything longer and it just gets to be sleep inducing listening to anyone drone on about technique and stuff. For me at least anyway. 10 minutes is where I want to target these in terms of running time per video, however this one didn't make that target. Missed by a mile. So this one here is 30 minutes long! Yeah.


But I couldn't encapsulate all that I had to show about this particular technique in just 10 so I kept letting it run longer and longer....in the end I got to say and show all that I think I needed to get across my approach. If you watch this one here you can see how I paint just one little section of skin, not even to completion, but almost to the point where i start highlighting it.


After all that you'll get an idea of how I generally tackle most paintjobs of large blendy surface areas such as the skin on this Ogre (if I'm not reaching for the airbrush as I tend to do more and more often these days as is the current shifting tide of the hobby for many). The fundamentals are all there. I talk about my palette and paint consistency and stuff. Mostly just showing how I feather paint one layer over the other. Keep in mind this is a rough job, quick and dirty here all around compared to my more deliberate and downright slow usual pace of applying paint.


Well enough words I'll be back to post this once the video is finally done uploading. Got about 52 minutes to go. HD is a blessing but it takes time.


Oh yeah, last thing, got a blown out hotspot on the highlights here when I start painting all throughout the video, going to look into a way for toning that down in my next vids, it's distracting and obscures what I'm doing. I have an idea I'll put to the test on my next video tomorrow where I talk about shading.


Here's the vid:



Edit to say, that blown out hotspot is way too obscuring, my apologies for that. Didn't look so crappy until it got to youtube then yeah, now it's pretty much destroyed any detail you could see. I looked at the app I used to shoot this vid and I had set it for low light filming which I think is what caused this to happen. I'll test thoroughly before shooting any more video to see if I can squash that nasty over exposure. Bleh. Kind of worthless if you can't see what I'm painting!!!!

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Wow I am LOVING these, that is one stunning conversion. You've gotten me all inspired now! Going to have to go to town on my own models when they arrive.


Hey thank you, glad I got those creative juices flowing in ya!


Ok so I fixed the problem with the overexposed highlights in the last video which was unfortunate. Like I said I'd be making every mistake in the book probably!


I adjusted my lighting setup for filming and did some exposure locking and post-editing to really help show the paintwork minus the super blown-out hotspots like that last video, as that ruins it.


Here's a couple of pics while I wait for the video to upload to youtube.






This video shows how I go about finishing up the skintone here. Since I've do so much experimenting with Bones with this figure anyway I thought why not just finish his skin in oil and experiment a little with that as well. So I show how I approach painting with oil to tie in all the skin and do a little special effect with the 'veining' at the end. Only 15 mins long this time, I don't think I can keep them to 10 haha, I try but as fast as I talk and paint, time just slips right on by...


Video is up! Actually looks good on Youtube this time. Minimal blown out highlights, love it when a plan comes together!

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