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Ral Partha (Titan)...Vintage fantasy miniature


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Ever since my grandson saw the movie (300)...he has asked me to paint him a spartan miniature...he also plays on an international flag football team that are called the (Spartans). So this piece was painted for him and mounted on a varnished walnut display base...He requested that I keep it simple with no trees, flowers, etc...just the spartan warrior with helm, shield and spear (like the characters in the movie).


FIGURE...Ral Partha (Titan # 01-108)...circa 1985-86.

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Another beautiful job! I really like the colors and am very intrigued the how the breastplate came out as that nice subdued gray.


The old twenty five millimeter Ral Partha stuff is really very small compared to the figures sculpted today, which I think helped make them simpler and more streamlined. There's an old Ral Partha fire giant, sculpted way back in probably the late, late seventies that is hardly any bigger than a good sized Reaper warrior-type figure today. I'm working on some elves right now that are at that 25 mm level and there's not a lot of extra dingly dangly on them, but all that old Ral Partha stuff is really great!

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