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OK best mini of 2003

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Shae (by Steve Buddle), Tara the Silent (by Werner), The Freebooter Mercenary Huntress (by Werner) and finally the winged fairy (by suprise-suprise Werner).

Got it, got it, got it, need it.


And since this is a Reaper board ...


Best DHL Figure: (One of)

2711: Amiryth Elmlighter, Female Elf Archer by Gael Goumon

2743: Tara the Silent by Werner Klocke

2752: Yanara, High Sorceress by Ben Siens


Best Warlord Figure: (One of)

14051: Janna the Wanderer, Female Barbarian by Tim Prow

14077: Griffon by Sandra Garrity

14073: Skeletal Pirate Crew (4) by Behrle Hubbuch


Ask me tommorow and I'll post 6 different things.



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I'm sure we could narrow down to 10 choices if we consider this very thread to be "nominations for best Mini of the year".

also, I guess you could do categories like: DHL Male Player Character, DHL Female Player Character, DHL Other, Warlord Hero, Warlord Villain.

the surveys are in a thread, right? that leaves the ability to give a write-in vote with a normal reply.

where exactly do the 2003 releases start in the numbering systems? who had that catalog spreadsheet, it may help.

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