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Painting My Bones (But Not The Ones Inside Of Me) - A Kickstarter WIP.

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So I decided to make the plunge and picked up....

1) Roughly 100 Black Lipped Malfaux bases. They just look so much fancier than the bevelled GW ones.

2) About 100 flat, 1mm bases that are to be used for Kobalds, Hobgoblins, Zombies and any other not so impressive hoard minis.

3) Vallejo Grey Pumice

4) The army Painter Brown Battleground and Steepe Grass.

5) Cork

6) I...deasssss?


Nothing painted yet, and am considering grouping certain types of models together with different base types (Mummies, Scorpions, Snake Things on Desert bases, Kobalds, Goblins, Orcs on grassland, Hero's on Cork Cliffs ETC.) Sort of like apartheid, but with less racism and more 'specism'.
That's better somehow right?


Terrified of screwing these up, as I have literally NEVER based anything before. I have painting more or less on lock, and am so very scared of ruining a decent paint job with a hideous base, the same way that sometimes a very attractive woman can be ruined by a very poor haircut.


Here's whats I've been up to!




Anyone have any great tips (or horror stories) before I base literally everything I've ever painted in my entire life?

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