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promo Soda pop minis for Gencon announced

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I like Nyan Nyan.


Hopefully she's not an actual Gencon exclusive mini and I can get her in their next expansion.

I think they said whatever is left after the con will be sold on line while quantities last.

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    • By Talae
      WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72886-talaes-first-mini-contest-sde-herald-of-vulcanis/
      This mini was painted for a the first paint competition at my FLGS. Everyone bought in for $10, received and painted the same mini and had the month of February to do it. No mods allowed. Roughly 60 competitors from what I understand. This is planned to be a monthly competition.
      It was my first competition and also my first serious attempt at a chibi mini.
      I would love feedback. Thanks!





    • By odinsgrandson
      These are some trolls from Super Dungeon Explore (the Mistmourn Coast Warband).
      As with most of my own Super Dungeon set, I painted each one in its own color scheme.
      The yellow troll colors I chose because they match the trolls from Fantasy Forest. Fantasy Forest is an old TSR game I played when I was five- it is basically like Candy Land except that you get ambushed by orcs and kobolds along the way.
      The spawn point was just perfectly designed for an OSL effect, so I had to go that direction with it:




    • By odinsgrandson
      Here is one of my favorite sets of minis, of all time.  They're the Fungal Growth Spawn point for Super Dungeon Explore, and I based the color schemes on the various colors of mushroom monsters from the Dragon Quest series.



    • By odinsgrandson
      Here are how I painted up my Rabid Squirrels for Super Dungeon Explore.
      I only have three of them here- because my wife claims half of the chibi minis I get.  It is a good thing we got so many of the same sculpt here, or we would have had to fight over them (she got most of the pets...)
      Here they are:

    • By cameoex
      Finished up my first figure for January.  It is one of the Super Dungeon Explore/Relic Knights crossover figures.  It was my first time painting a SDE figure.  It will work fine for play but the paint isn't very smooth and I found a couple mold lines I missed after I started painting.  In the past this figure would have been sent unfinished to my drawer of shame but I decided to push ahead and finish it because of the Resolutionary Painting Challenge.   

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