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Thrym's Project Crockpot WIP


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I like the General WIP thread idea. However, I am much more project oriented when writing stuff up. I decided I needed a place to show the neo-projects I have and hope that you all can generate some enthusiasm in me to move them forward. When I do the project will go to it's own thread.


So without further ado ...


Higgins the Half Elf


We've called him Higgins and much more but this guy just got a new base. He used to be on a wooden chessboard piece in his slotted base, which really looked kind of silly. He fell out of his base when I moved him last night.


As you can tell, he's been on the table, and under it, in a box, and many other locations that don't promote good mini health.




But he won't come off this base without some major effort.


I resculpted the space under his feet to make it look more cohesive.


He's leaning forward a smidge and looks like he's going to dive off that small mound Ultimate Warrior style.


He's benched until I hit him with some primer. Who knows when that will be.

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He's a neat looking figure-nice musculature. Who is the manufacturer?


I'm enjoying keeping a personal W.I.P. here. As it's helping me to remember to write down the paints I used and my process as well. I hope your W.I.P. keeps you motivated to move forward on your projects.


It's likes and commentary from the fine folks like you here on Reaper that keep the wheels moving.


He was a captain in an elven army I got in NYC at The Compleat Strategist in 1989. Beyond that, no idea.


I am sure someone on here knows. Or I will find him shortly now that I am motivated to look. :)

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Found him ... and I know why he has a Celtic feel:


He's one of Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers Unit




Here's a painted version:



He looks cool. I obviously won't do anything like that. In likelihood I will make him look "punk" and go Shadowrun with him. LOL

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