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Warpwolf Stalker - Circle of Orboros - Privateer Press


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I didn't like how his sword was pointing up so high in the original sculpt (sort of like a baseball player ready to swing a bat.) So I lowered it a bit and used some scupting putty to fill in the gaps around his arm.

OMG another minis that I had to paint in pieces.

After I painted the whole body, I then painted the arm/sword, then glued them together. I don't have the best of times with any superglue. I sat on the couch for about 20 minutes before letting go. Sometimes that doesn't mean anything and the part will still fall off, but luck be a lady that night, he kept the arm. Woo hoo!





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Thanks everybody


I like him. The sword looks weathered and well-used. He's a bit closer to the studio scheme from your other thread as far as his armor goes, but he shouldn't clash too much with the rest of your band if that's of any concern. His mane looks pretty sweet, too. Nice color choice.



I had a plan with loosely keeping to green and brown and doing some experimenting with the armor. I just stripped a stonekeeper because I painted him way off the chart. I'll be posting my Pureblood soon who looks a little swampy with black trim armor and about as far as i want to go off the studio scheme. The sword was all Reaper mettallics with a wash I will hopefully be able to duplicate again.


Man I like these Hordes sculpts, and your paint job is really good. But hey, you need to get some Gale Force Nine's Hobby Glue to decrease that 20 minutes gluing time to 1 minute. Or even get their Rapid Cure also and decrease it to 1 second...

The only reason I have stuck with gorrilla glue is because I've had good luck with dropping and other impacts. Seems to stand by its impact tough motto. I think I will get your glue because sometimes I just can't hold some parts steady long enough.

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I also like the Gale Force's glue 'cause it works both on metal and plastic. Bones seem to take a little worse, but it's still a matter of seconds. I'll never touch Citadel's glues again, and Revell is only for plastic... Of course there's a ton of non-hobby superglues, but I never had very good experience with 'em...

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