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Draxism's Lots of Bones

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Wow, you guys are painting machines! Welcome to the hobby, I am enjoying seeing your painted parade.

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Time for some more minis kiddies!


Spirit of the Forest

post-12178-0-48518300-1383703777.jpg post-12178-0-48107700-1383703778_thumb.jpg

post-12178-0-52990500-1383703779.jpg post-12178-0-48241500-1383703780_thumb.jpg


Large Earth Elemental

post-12178-0-41935200-1383703781.jpg post-12178-0-31101800-1383703782.jpg

post-12178-0-15523900-1383703783.jpg post-12178-0-98589200-1383703783.jpg


Mortar, Gargoyle

post-12178-0-40584400-1383703958_thumb.jpg post-12178-0-41319400-1383703959.jpg

post-12178-0-39239300-1383703960.jpg post-12178-0-46305100-1383703961.jpg


Ogre Chieftain

post-12178-0-52699800-1383703962_thumb.jpg post-12178-0-89108400-1383703965.jpg post-12178-0-96458800-1383703968_thumb.jpg


Dita, Steampunk Witch

post-12178-0-86140700-1383703971_thumb.jpg post-12178-0-02053100-1383703975_thumb.jpg


All but the Ogre were done by my lovely and very talented girlfriend.

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post-12178-0-17641400-1383704216.jpg post-12178-0-25727700-1383704217.jpg

post-12178-0-24179500-1383704218.jpg post-12178-0-26609400-1383704219.jpg


Townsfolk (Innkeeper, Wench, Grandmother)

post-12178-0-26605000-1383704220.jpg post-12178-0-46579300-1383704221.jpg


Townsfolk (Strumpet, Undertaker)

post-12178-0-90782900-1383704222.jpg post-12178-0-84203300-1383704223.jpg


Townsfolk (Blacksmith)

post-12178-0-07766800-1383704430_thumb.jpg post-12178-0-16043200-1383704431_thumb.jpg


Familiar (winged snake)

post-12178-0-93479100-1383704224_thumb.jpg post-12178-0-06061800-1383704228_thumb.jpg


Dain Deepaxe

post-12178-0-05328000-1383704426.jpg post-12178-0-97535800-1383704426.jpg


Amiri, Iconic Barbarian

post-12178-0-90225300-1383704427_thumb.jpg post-12178-0-97817600-1383704428_thumb.jpg



post-12178-0-49343500-1383704553.jpg post-12178-0-24470400-1383704554.jpg

post-12178-0-97002300-1383704554.jpg post-12178-0-86049700-1383704555.jpg


All but the Goblins and 1 Kobold were done by my girlfriend :lol:

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Wow! I love the Spirit of the Forest and the Earth Elemental! They are FANTASTIC!!


Mortar the Gargoyle is also great - I like the white lines making him look like black marble or granite

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I'm really kicking myself for not getting those two earth/stone/nature elementals in the first kickstarter, especially now that I've seen how good they look painted up.

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We used a lot of metallic paints for some of the miniatures as we like the effects they produce.

Still learning on the washes and dry brushing as well.


A lot of times when I use a wash the result is too dark for my tastes. Still practicing though. :)

Washes do darken the mini - sometimes this is what you want, sometimes not. You can always thin down the wash a bit with some water and/or do a very light drybrush to bring out the highlights more. If something is too dark, you can always bring it up with drybrushing and/or highlighting. If something is too light, you can always wash it (possibly multiple times) to darken it down and bring out the detail in the recesses.


Keep playing! You both clearly have some great brush control which is one of the hardest parts of this.

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The variety of stones on the Earth Elemental is really working. I really like the Spirit of the Forest, too. It will be hard to resist putting spotted 'shrooms on mine when I paint them. You guys are flying through minis. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the comments everyone!

I submitted the elementals and the gargoyle to the inspiration gallery and got them approved.

My girlfriend was very excited about that. ::D:

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Some more minis to brighten your day!


These three were done by my lovely and talented girlfriend:

Kagunk, Ogre Chieftain

post-12178-0-84768900-1384904528.jpg post-12178-0-62089000-1384904531_thumb.jpg post-12178-0-59319600-1384904534.jpg


Nor'Okk, Ettin

post-12178-0-79412000-1384904525.jpg post-12178-0-77606400-1384904526.jpg post-12178-0-74830600-1384904527.jpg


Damiel, Iconic Alchemist

post-12178-0-76559000-1384904506.jpg post-12178-0-86342300-1384904507.jpg


These 3 were done by me. I am particularly happy with the Well.

Well of Chaos (I like how the shadows came out as well as the runes on the back)

post-12178-0-90051300-1384904508_thumb.jpg post-12178-0-96007000-1384904509_thumb.jpg


Silverhorn, Unicorn (A rainbow unicorn, nuff said.)

post-12178-0-64210300-1384904523.jpg post-12178-0-68083500-1384904524.jpg


Young Fire Dragon (Done as a young green dragon, obviously)

post-12178-0-57074400-1384904521.jpg post-12178-0-60576400-1384904522.jpg


I tried to do more with shading, washing, and drybrushing on the dragon and well.


As always, C&C welcome.

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