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Bones Kickstarter #2 Pre-discussion


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Impression I got at the con was that this is still very much in the planning stages -- and remember that "Fall" doesn't begin for another month yet.


I was told that it is "going to be all new sculpts", which left me wondering what's happening to their normal release schedule. Unfortunately I didn't get to follow up on that thought.

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I should stipulate that while I regret not throwing more money at KS#1, and am very interested in not having those regrets for Kickstarter 2: Kick Harder, I'm concerned with Reaper's past behaviour. Particularly, a chronic inability to communicate. It's like a great big echo chamber in here, and it got really, really bad during the delays.


The fact that there's been no postmortem, or analysis of how the KS went (largely, I assume, because it's not over), also has me worried. How have their processes changed? Are there contingencies in place this time to cover 20k orders? Will this KS also be outsourced? How has the plot changed? Will Bryan spontaneously combust? (Find out next time, same Bryan time, same Bryan channel).


There's just a lot of unanswered questions for a second Kickstarter to already be announced.




Now, as to the plot speculation on Kickstarter 2, I am really hoping for groups of mooks. A bunch of bandits, town guards, and an Ark's worth of animals. I have enough human and humanoid PCs and NPCs, but not nearly enough monsters.


I'd really like to see the entire PF collection Bonesified as well. Some of those sculpts are just freaking fantastic (Horned Hunter and Nyrissa immediately jump to mind).

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All new sculpts? If that ends up being so, this starts to sound like they are deliberately trying to work people into a slathering frenzy of frothing. I can already hear the endless online bickering in my head: "It doesn't look enough like the drawing!" "It looks too much like the drawing!" Over and over and over ... I'll run as far from the interweb as I can.


... I'm already exhausted from this Kickstarter.


P.S. and while I didn't mind the lack of communication from Reaper, because it left brain space in my head for other things and I didn't need "there is no news" updates, and my confidence in the company was never shaken, I can appreciate how it isn't really the ideal "Kickstarter way" and starts to seem secretive compared to other projects. I can appreciate the idea that as a Backer you are more than just a shemp who forked over some dough and who should now sit quietly and wait. But I also think that the ideal probably works best on projects that are smaller in scale, thus more "personal" with the Backers in the first place. If you are a small group of people dealing with 18000+ rabid nerds all at once, well, let's say I would think twice before going there.


Edit: I am a nerd. Don't flame me.

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If you're referring to me, I said signs of the impact on business was showing in November. Being a metal backer made me a lot more aware of their releases and how they compared to the previous years. Updates for releases got spotty and then stopped (while there were still releases). Example:




When we can, we create pdf-based layouts illustrating our upcoming releases. The most recent 10 are available below.
10-22-12 PDF 2,046 K

10-08-12 PDF 1,848 K

10-01-12 PDF 2,227 K

09-17-12 PDF 2,347 K

09-10-12 PDF 2,284 K

08-27-12 PDF 2,154 K

08-20-12 PDF 2,015 K

08-13-12 PDF 2,153 K

08-06-12 PDF 2,149 K

07-23-12 PDF 2,538 K

I'm pretty sure the last metal release was in February. I'm not trying to sling hyperbole, it's just how things happened, with my limited outsider information as an interested party in metal releases.

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Whilst new sculpts would be great I would like to see some of the existing miniatures in a bones kickstarter. I know there were a few that didn't make the transition right in the last/current kickstarter but not many.

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I have a lead on a lobster pot.



Might be tricky to heat the water in a lobster pot.







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