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Myconid Cephalopod :: Ten-Foot Mushroom Monster

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Here it is the finished ten-foot-tall Myconid Cephalopod. This strange critter lies in wait luring unsuspecting underground miners or adventurers close with its seemingly harmless glowing cap and then using both of its ten-foot-long tentacles it will rend you in half.


Wish I had lighting to make give this an underground look but here are the shots.


These are pre-Dullcote pics. I sealed the cap except for the spots to make it a little off. I also sealed the stalagmite and growths its perched on so it looks wet. Once I Dullcote it, I will likely add a bit of gloss varnish back to those areas.


As always comments are appreciated. If you see something I might have done differently or something I might improve with a different technique, please let me know. Please include links to videos and/or tutorials.


Thank you for checking this out.


From above the cap:





From below the cap (slightly):





If you want to use this idea in your campaign simply use the stats for a Roper and describe it like above. The players will never know what hit them. And then from here on out Mushrooms of any size will make them paranoid ... without eating them.


Blog Post | WIP

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Killer shroom. The texture and painting on the cave rock is very well done.


Thanks. Check the WIP ... it's just sand, glue and paint. ::D:


Unless you mean the tentacle "scale" pattern ... that's my pin vise handle.

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