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Masters of Evil


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These are minis for my Frost Giants army. They are all supposed to be comic book villains.



That is Titania, and my warlord, the Wrecker.




Here we have Wendigo (he has a tail, honest), Rhino, and Gladiator.




This is Tigershark, Bane, and the Juggernaut.


I almost forgot the little based guys.




Scorpion, Venom and Grim Reaper.


Thanks for looking. Comments and critique from this crowd always welcome.

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Thanks Goblyn! You are absolutely right, the Wrecker is a weird looking cuss. In hand, he is even goofier looking, so, I was happy with the picture toning it down. It was not my favorite sculpt, but, I needed a warlord model different from everything else. Glad you like the others.


Thanks for looking.

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