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These are my dwarf stand ins. I have played them as the original dwarfs, but, I think they'd probably work for the Savage North shorties also. These are supposed to be comic book heroes. I only included the ones I modified or converted.




This is Hulk, my warlord Wolverine, and Captain America.




Black Panther, Moon Knight, Batman, Black Knight, and Prowler.




Thundra, Harry Dresden, and Black Cat.


Thanks for looking. Comments and critique from you folks most welcome.




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Can you give us a breakdown of the models used please?


Hulk is either the Clay Golem or Lab Mutant.


Black Cat is Lady Tiger, but could also easily be Merisiel with swords modded out; their pose is the same.


Dresden is The Black Mist with a modded shotgun.


Captain America is Zenith with a modded shield.


Everything in Photo #2 is a different paint scheme for Captain Griffon, with various mods for masks and/or weapons.


No idea who Wolverine or Thundara are.

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Thanks for the comments folks. "Dwarvengers" is supposed to be a mix of "Dwarf" and "Avengers." unidentifiable got most of the models right. Dresden is the Gravedigger without lantern and shovel. Wolverine is a mix of two. The upper half is 14303 Logan, dwarf warlord, and the bottom half is 14515 daughter of Skadi. Thundra is 3108 Azrin dwarf barbarian.


Inarah, I promise to look you up the next time I am in town. I am still scratching my head over the pop up ghosts you have, though!


Thanks for looking.

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