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Alright, figured I might as well toss up a single thread for all my WIPs, just to keep them in one place, now that I've started actually taking pictures midway through the process.

I already have a WIP thread going for my Young White Dragon (77026: Young Fire Dragon) here.


First up is probably the most terrifying face I've ever painted, that of 89004: Pathfinder Goblin Warchanter. A dreaded blue goblin! Mostly just got the whip, skin, hair, and face done today. Just the one picture; there's not much to see yet besides the pretty freaky face.


Can anyone tell what's going on with the front of this mini's skirt? She's got something hanging there, but I can't tell what the heck it is.

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Thanks guys! You're right--it is a skull of some sort. Thanks for that painted pic, briggart; it's going to be a useful reference. She's got lots of little details that are hard to read on the Bones mini. (Such as the fact that she has long nails! I thought they were just long fingers...)


The skin was: Brown Liner (which I basecoated everything with), Breonne Blue, Clear Blue, Cyan Blue, a mix of Cyan Blue and [Mystery Sky Blue]. The eyes are just Bloodstain, Clotted, and Clear Red. I actually wasn't planning on doing eyes on any of the low-level mook figures, but she just has such huge, expressive, easy-to-paint eyes, and she's going to be a semi-boss type, that I figured I might as well. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

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Since I posted these in the other thread, figured I might as well cross-post them here.

First up is the PF Red Dragon. Body is done, I think. Just need to do the wings and the base now. Maybe a wash/glaze to even out the belly, now that I look at the pictures.


I'm also working on a goblin ghost to harass my players after they behaved... dishonorably towards him. I'm not sure I'm thrilled with it. I tried to indicate "ghostliness" by basecoating dark and then washing with Ghost White, which was an interesting effect, but I'm not sure it brings out enough contrast. Too far along to mess with that now though, unless any of you have any brilliant suggestions.


I also finished the goblin I started this thread with ages ago and never got pictures up, so here they are now. I'll maybe get show-off worthy ones done at some point.

As always, I love advice/critiques of my WIPs.

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I mean, that's partially true. I was doing so much washing and drybrushing that I knew I'd end up screwing them up if I did them early, but now that I've declared the head done, I need to remember to go back in and do those.


Also, Fire Orange has really terrible coverage. It's bizarrely transparent.

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