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This is another vignette for my private collection...I again return to the Streets of San Francisco for this modern era version (I left the wooden fence off so that I could shoot the back side shot...I will add the wooden fence with a poster and post the shot on this thread).




FIGURES...Reaper (Jack The Ripper # 50012) and Reaper (Ladies of the Night # 50157).


This was a really fun vignette to do...hope you like it.

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Wonderfully painted and set up ... but I can't help but wonder in particular: Where did you get that lamp post? :D

The lamp post is from a German company that makes working lights for a Christmas village, packaged (2) lights to a pack for about $12.00...I usually purchase 2 or 3 packs during the holiday season. When I need one for a project...I strip out the bulb & wires and cut off the top part and make my own post out of brass or copper tubing...They make (3) versions of these types of lights...this is (1) of the three versions. I do not know the name of the company...I will try to dig through my boxes and see if I have any that are still intact (to get you the name)...I also use lights (again seasonal) made by a company named Lemax (as seen in my Streets of San Francisco vignette)...That is about all the information that I can provide for you.

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Very, very cool, though it certainly puts the pressure on for the Jack I've got sitting on my table right now!

There is no pressure Baugi...I await your version of Jack! I am so delighted when I post figures that other members have and are going to paint...I very much look forward to seeing how others paint and or express a figure that I have posted...What is strange is that I can not recollect (in the 4 months that I have been a member) a single posting by another member of a figure that I have painted/posted.

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