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Painting My First Bones


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I've started painting my first Bones mini--Mister Bones, naturally--just to test the theory that they don't need a coat of primer. My plan was to paint one without primer, see how it did, then paint another one with primer.


But this went so well that I don't see the need, but I am kicking myself now for not spending more time prepping the mini in other ways (removing flash and such). Fortunately, I have a second Mister Bones ...


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People are always skeptical when we say "No, really! They don't need primer!" I actually just gave up trying to dissuade people, and just let them find out on their own. ::P:


But it's neat, isn't it? I find it hard to go back to metals and use primer now - and the only reason I still can is because I pretend that by using the primer I'm making them more "bonesy".

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I have seen a lot more mold lines on some metal models then on Bones. But yeah it is annoying to redo painting when you notice them afterwards. It is especially frustrating because you are probably the only one to see it, but you will know it is there.... ALWAYS!


I echo the statement that the rope is really well done. :)

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