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Need help with my Fire Elemental


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A friend of mine found a old miniature from the nineties. It is from the Magic The Gathering Card Game. I'm not sure which company made them. I'm still sad that I didn't have the others anymore.

I bought it many years ago, but could not start to paint it.


I have little experience with fire, now. But it still make me problems to paint this mini...


I need some ideas, how to proceed or to start again to paint this miniature. I never found a picture with a painted version of her. :-(




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I think the real key is the blending. You have a lot of red and yellow, but you need to smoothly blend through all the oranges in between to tie the whole thing together. Same with the yellow-white transition, though I'm not sure I would choose to go all the way to white.


MonkeySloth just posted a great example in another thread, with some explanation of how it was achieved.

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The first thing to decide is how hot you want the fire to be. If you look at my example that Pragma posted you'll see the bottom is "hotter" then the top half which is cooler. Having more white and yellow is an intense heat while more orange and red us less intense. You can see this in lava as the hottest part is white and orange while the, relatively, cool crust is reds and oranges.


So there's nothing wrong with your colors and you've got a good distribution of white vs other colors. To help out with all the yellow youll want to use a mix of your yellow and orange as well the yellow and orange by them selves and make glazes of them and regular paints. Then you're just going to paint up the areas that you want orange and yellow and then use the transition glaze and the other two glazes up blend. You'll spend some time going back and fourth building up colors without worrying about how much of each color you have.


Once you're happy with the colors you can go back with your yellow and white and reclaim where you want those colors to be stronger. You'll probably need to do a bit of blending with some controlled glazing here. Thinner paints will help here as you'll want a bit of transparency to get some good blends unless you feather.



Then just paint up the flames on the sculpt with your orange and the red you're using.


Its a lot take in but the nice thing about fire is its a bit random\chaotic so you don't have to be perfect.

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I find it easy to paint flames. Ok, on my Hellhound the orange was lost in action, but on some other torches I liked the result. But even there is more blending necessary.


I think I will need more material about blending and glazing. I have no Glazes at all. Oh, it is possible that I have bought very, very old red and yellow glazes from GW. I must check it.

It is time to start working more on blending and glazing techniques.

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