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Kobolds - who would tell?!


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When I received my Bones Pledge I wouldn't ever tell that Kobolds would be my first choice for painting. The fact is I'm proxying the Descent 1st Edition miniatures into 2nd Edition and the number, size and aspect of these Kobolds were perfect.


The original Descent Kobolds are funny and I like the idea of more than one per base, but I really have another vision about Kobolds. They are the sons of a lesser God. They have dragon blood, but no power. So they are inventive and organized. And they are legion. I couldn't find an unpainted image of the original so here it goes a painted one.





They are perfect. In number, size and pose.




I love their serious look and tiny powerful pose.




They can return to the game in large numbers so I've painted 3 extra minions.





The red bases are for the 3 master kobolds. I chose one of each.





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These have a special place in my heart. The very first TPK I was ever involved in was at the hands of Kobolds. /sniff


These sculpts are amazing, and your paint does them justice. Though I do think there should be at least one yellow Kobold, since we all know that is their true color.

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My first adventure (created by me) as a GM was in a fantasy universe where there weren't evil races. Orcs were just barbarian and kobolds were half demented with illusions of "grandeur". The PC were asked to get rid of a group of kobolds that were entrenched near a rich, busy town. They weren't many so the PC's took it for granted. In fact they were very smart and it was a small village filled with female kobolds and young ones. The kobold leader was a master tactician with 3 hit points (he was old).


After refusing to leave the place they have chosen to live, the PC's decided to invade. They were utterly defeated by the smallish kobolds and had to surrender. The kobold leader made them swear that they would try to obtain a pacific solution with the folks from the big city. And so they did. Suddenly my "kill-an-orc-count-xps" players started to see RPG's in a different perspective. One of the kobolds, a tiny creature, went to the fighter and asked him for a silver coin since the fighter had broke his lance, given to him by his father. The player stood still for a moment, and then he told me. "I give him the silver coin." Twenty years have passed and we still make fun with him about this.


And kobolds, kobolds are brown...

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Great paint!! I know I've asked Reaper for more of these Ben Siens Kobolds. Characters, more heroes, and every class!! Must Have More!!


Your crew just reinforces this.




In fact it isn't black. It's very dark brown. The photo doesn't help.

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