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helping noobs -> good karma (painting kickstarter bones)


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Congrats on the win!  And I hope you remember a little bit from all of the classes you took.  I know when I've tried to take that many, I could barely remember anything.  If nothing else, you have the purple/teal/lime green/yellow blending experiment to remind you.  :-p


Hahahaha! Yeah, I think I WILL remember that one!  I have some pretty good notes to fall back on, but the list of everything I wanted to try that was mentioned in each of the classes is REALLY long. So, yeah, more painting!


Oh, and congrats yourself ;) 

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Well folks, just spent an amazing 4 days at Genghis Con! Seven classes later my brain is mush but I have a bazillion more ideas to try! If you ever get a chance to take Doug's miniature photography class, jump at it, and if he posts on one of your threads that you don't need and shouldn't use a lightbox for minis, believe him. Two desk lamps, zero diffusion, my cell phone camera:



Even better than classes was hanging out in the painting room with the painters of the Colorado Miniature Painters Alliance, who are funny and brilliant and willing to share. Whether it's how to string a bow with my hair to the best way to transport minis, I learned so much!


As for the competition, color me shocked, but I won in my category! There was only 5 entries but I still felt awesome about it and almost passed out when my name was called. I'd love to post pics of the other entries (single fantasy miniature was off the chain!) but I don't have permission, nor do I know yet where or when the pro pics will be posted (the organization is changing servers) but trust me when I say there are a lot of amazing painters out here.


Wow, those are fantastic! Congratulations on your win, it is well deserved.  This is inspiring, and it makes me want to take some classes.

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Congratulations again.  I was glad to meet you, and I am glad my light helped with your final touches on your unit entry.


It was an awesome light, and I definitely need to buy one myself, but I'm glad not having one led to more conversation meeting you!  Seriously, friendliest painting group ever!  Hope to see you at second Saturday painting soon!

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Maybe some addition of blue and red on the base to tie the minis into it. Say a couple small stones that are a blue gray and som red wild flowers.


And ditto on the awesome transition to the lizard arm.

 BTW - I did end up doing this, although it's a bit hard to see in the pic.  I thought the blue/grey rocks were an immediate improvement, and I tinted some of the bushes red!


I also added the "dropped bow" which a kind person in the painting room helped me string with my own hair!  So lots of ideas from this thread were used!

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The first mini Brian gave me to paint for him is the Witchcat by DGS Games.  Brian wanted more of a sabertooth tiger coloring that the example paint job DGS does, which is more panther-like.  I was nervous about this one because I'm not the greatest at dry-brushing and don't use it much, but this sculpt has REALLY defined fur that helped a lot.  The feet were a bit mangled, so I chose to show those feet sinking into the terrain, while leaving the nice paw in front showing.


My goals were to show off the musculature of the cat, give it an expressive face, and use cool/warm contrast to provide interest, since the whole thing is basically brown.  I also got to use something I learned at Genghis which was that for mini painting you don't always want to go with the most realistic choices for painting.  This cat should probably be in a terrain which matches his fur, to provide natural camouflage.  But of course in minis, we want contrast.  So I put him in a very cool terrain hoping that he would stand out against it.


Cats can range alot in size, so we'll start with him and Damien for scale (in the absence of Sir Forscale):



Here he is for C/C.  I'm going to take a couple days break from him and polish him up with fresh eyes, so any points for improvement are appreciated:



Thanks for looking,


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