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Mushroom Garden of Fae...Fantasy Vignette

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SCI-FI...I do very little in the area of science-fiction due to the fact that it really has no appeal to me...although I do like the " steampunk genre "...and I have considered doing some work in the area based upon the John Carter & Warlord Of Mars...but have never been able to secure any miniature figures that would be appropriate...I am still looking.


The line of minis that cover John Carter and Mars uses the locals name for the planet, Barsoom. Search for "Barsoom Minis" and you'll see what is around.


The recent movie sparked some other representations as well.


Check out:

John Carter & Warlord Of Mars


That said, I kind of thought old school Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon style would be a nice mix that would appeal to you and only be a slight change from your style.


Thanks for the tip. I checked out the John Carter & Warlord Of Mars miniatures offered by Heritage (as you suggested)...they are not the greatest looking of castings (I hate to say...but they don't look good at all...even their 75mm collector casting looks very poor). I checked on "Barsoom Minis" and found some that are made by Bronze Age that look fairly nice and I might consider these...I go back to the era of the old Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Capt. Video; but that Sci-Fi genre has no real appeal to me...the same as the modern day comic book hero miniatures...they just leave me flat with no nostalgia or connection (to me they lack any romantic aura and/or surrounding atmosphere). Maybe my modeling tastes are just too narrow and/or selective.

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I always thought many of the Bombshell Babes minis would fit in well with your work catdancer.



Darsc...just checked out Bombshell Babes...they have some great looking pieces that do appeal to me. I have never heard of them before (you may be able to tell from my lack of knowledge, I do very little checking/surfing on the web)...Are these miniatures made/sold by any U.S. firm/company?

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Yep. He's in Texas.


Patrick Keith is the sculptor. He also does a lot of work for Reaper miniatures and Darksword miniatures as well as many others. Patricks particularly known for his female sculpts.


You might want to check out his work for Darksword too. Look under the different categories, as his work appears in many of them. Many of my favourites are under the Elmore section.



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catdancer, check out Tin Man miniatures for some non-copyright-infringing "Mars" miniatures: http://tinminis.com/catalog/?cata=1000

I don't know if they are in the US, but I would guess so, since all their prices are in dollars.


While I can't say I particularly like the aesthetic of your fantasy vignettes (the craftsmanship is amazing, though), I think your style would work well for "Mars."

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