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Amazon Army...Private Collection...Figure # 1

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VIGNETTES...As an avid collector and painter of miniature figures...I work hard at trying to come up with cute vignettes...sometimes requiring the conjunction of two miniatures from different companies...I try to build pieces that are like a snapshot (telling a story)...Vignettes are my love and passion...BUT!


AVID COLLECTOR...I am also an avid collector and painter of two series of miniature lines...(Amazon Female Warriors) and (Female Pirate Figures)...both of which I am working on as private collections in simple non-vignette pieces. After many long months, I have started working on my Amazon Female Warriors...this posting is the 1st such figure in my (private army)...I have just ordered 10 varied amazon female figures from varied companies and look forward to their arrival in a couple of weeks.


I will post them as I finish each one...sorry to say that I will/can not post a number of them due to the fact that they are topless with exposed breasts and I do not want to cover them up (just for posting) because they look fantastic as they are cast.


1ST FIGURE...Reaper, Lorna The Huntress # 02476.

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Nice figure! I've always like Lorna.


If you have figures with nudity, you could upload them to a hosting site outside of Reaper and just link to the pictures rather than display them in the thread. That way you wouldn't need to cover up any of the minis.

I appreciate your note about posting to an outside site and linking to this site...I am using your words because I am a complete computer idiot and don't know how to do that. When I first joined this site (some 4 months ago)...it took me 8 days to figure out how to post an image on the (Inspiration Gallery) and that was with the help of a few great members walking me through the process in a simple (so I could understand) step-by-step written outline...So I have no idea as to how to post to some other (outside site) and link that posting to this site. I thank you and appreciate your suggestion but I don't think I will even try to attempt such a process.


I have a Facebook Page or site where I post my figures...ones posted here as well as miniatures that contain nudity; but I don't even know how to let members view that site!

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Hi Froggy...I see that you are a (Moderator)...I don't understand your (note/message)..." Just sayin' "...Did I do something wrong or violate some rule? If I did (I don't know what it was, so please let me know so I will not do it again. Thank you.

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Pretty sure he was just giving you some more options for amazons as you said you were a fan. He uses them quite frequently for his games while he posts as battle reports. Seriously if you haven't seen them check them out as they are quite entertaining and inspiring.

rest assured that you haven't violated any rules that I can see.

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Sorry about the confusion. I was just joining in the fun with suggestions for you.

Thank you for your reply...it set my mind at ease...I was worried that I had violated some rule(s)...I appreciate your link(s) and I checked them out in regard to additional possible amazon female miniature figures...but they are not in the style that I pursue...my collection is more along the female types of such films as (1 Million BC; The Land That Time Forgot; The Lost World,,,etc.)...they are the more scantly clad and well endowed miniature figure forms...be they amazons, barbarians or female warriors.

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I'm not familiar with this figure but I like the pose. Nicely painted.


Hey Catdancer. I know your preference is for greenery on most of your bases, but have you done much in the way of more barren bases with more stone or sand or just plain dirt/soil/ground? Your mention of 1Million BC brought to mind the very barren landscape that I remember seeing in that movie.

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