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Darkreach Painting Log

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OK so I was screwed by the vendor on my Razig project. I had some days off to start working on something so I've reached for my darkreaches.


I've already painted:

Zeshin Nightcreeper [prox]

Tierdeleira, Priestess

Avrix Dirthe, Champion

Zalash Assassin

Liela Mordollwen, Sorceress

Shadowstep Warrior

Nightshade Warrior

3 Shiver Spikes

Phase Cat 1 [prox] still need some detail works here and there

Phase Cat 2 [prox] same with this kitty


Minis to buy:

1 Dramorion, Sorcerer

2 Shadowguard

1 Darkrime Drake

1 Majestrix Latissula, High Priestess

1 Sinisthreax


and maybe some cheap bones. Mainly nightshades and shadow guards.

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And this proect is ready!

I'll take more pictures of individual minis and post it too. but later, now lets talk about those minis.


I've chosen some GW minis to use instead of original Reaper ones. The first one idea was to have Dark Eldar Clawed Fiend as Zeshin Nightcreaper. I've bought GW's mini long before Reaper released theirs. And I'm very happy with that coz reapers Zeshin looks crappy. Also GW model works nice as it has right size and I can imagine that his tail sting is poisonous.


Now the phase cats. Original ones are also not my type. The thing is they don't look evil enough. Dark Eldar Khymeras from GW looks way better as phase cats. They have those tentacles, and they have right size. So why not to use them.


Also for both Zeshin and Khymeras there is one more detail that pushed me to use them. The eyes. They have more than one pair. Just like the spider. And what is the symbol of darkreaches? The spider!


Dark Eldar Ur-Ghoul (the naked human sized mini) would be used as proxy for any mini. From additional elite mage to familiar (But someday I'll make small spider as familiar probably with some archaniliths). I just like the way it looks like missing link between zeshin and elves.


I have rather small number of warriors. I mainly play games 500-700pts. We don't use warlord class models, because they just rip everything apart. With only sergeants and captains games seem to be more balanced especially on lower points. I might buy additional models for this army if it would work well in battles. At this moment I'm more into Razig as it seems to be closer to my playing style than Blinking Dark Elves.




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very nice stuff.


I was fortunate enough to be able to choose the artwork for Zeshin. And Jason Weibe did a fantastic job creating a model from that artwork. But, then unfortunately, someone near the top over ruled and said that the model looked too "aquatic" and so they banished it and created the model that is now released as Zeshin. I admit I am with you, I do not like it at all. It looks like a very rushed job and no where near what the original artwork looked like.

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