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Darkreach Painting Log

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OK so I was screwed by the vendor on my Razig project. I had some days off to start working on something so I've reached for my darkreaches.


I've already painted:

Zeshin Nightcreeper [prox]

Tierdeleira, Priestess

Avrix Dirthe, Champion

Zalash Assassin

Liela Mordollwen, Sorceress

Shadowstep Warrior

Nightshade Warrior

3 Shiver Spikes

Phase Cat 1 [prox] still need some detail works here and there

Phase Cat 2 [prox] same with this kitty


Minis to buy:

1 Dramorion, Sorcerer

2 Shadowguard

1 Darkrime Drake

1 Majestrix Latissula, High Priestess

1 Sinisthreax


and maybe some cheap bones. Mainly nightshades and shadow guards.

Your work looks awesome Bloody! Could you please post a cost point breakdown/organization list of your Darkreach army? What models go with whom? I love your proxy and would love to do something similar.

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Hi this is my sample list. Its 599 pts. I try to play different list every time to master the army.


Troop 1
Zeshin Nightcreeper
Zalash, Assassin
Liela Mordollwen, Sorceress
Shiver Spike x 3

Troop 2
Evshyvandra Duskwidow
Avrix Dirthe, Champion
Shadowguard x 2
Nightshade Warrior

Troop 3
Phase Cat


This is my usual build but I like to experiment so sometimes it gets changed. But lets see what we've got here.


Troop1 - I like this squad. It has 2 combos included. First is Barrage/Move/Blink/Focus/Shoot with RAV 5 AOE 3" Piercing. Second one is Move/Teleport/Move/Blink/Charge/Fight combo with 44" threat range (in 31" you are lucky enough to charge before blinking so next model can focus to boost attacks.). Unfortunately neither Zeshin nor Zalash is hard hitting enough to kill a captain in one turn. But this can be effective way to get rid off some solos or loners. Then you can blink back to better position. If you chose second doctrine zeshin can make zalash DV 15 (Parry and Dodge/1 from Shadow Step) when btb. But when I use shadowstep doctrine I usually put avrix (also keep him in shadow step) and guards to this unit to max hard hitters and liela and shiver spikes to the second troop.


Troop2 - From my previous games I know that Avrix and Duskwidow is not enough damage. So I've put some guards there. I prox those models but eventually I'll buy them.

I like using nightshade as a throw away model. When enemy charges he goes max parry to DV 12. This unit has no blink SA, but almost every one has ranger/6 SA.


Magic Items - If I have enough points I go for Doomshade Boots and Shadow Weapon for Avrix. It really makes him live longer and helps surviving his friends too. I've never tried this but liela with familiar could do barrage combo twice.


I don't like duplicating elites or champions. So no more than one Avrix so far, but It's tempting idea. He's a real killer.

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OK it took me a while till I've organized those individual photos, but finaly here they are. When you klick a photo it would lead you to my website for more views of mini. Hope you don't mind it. I didn't want to put here all photos coz it would make this topic very large. But if you prefer, I can change those little photos for full ones. Let me know.


Zeshin Nightcreeper

Tierdeleira Priestess

Avrix Dirthe Champion

Liela Mordollwen Sorceress

Zalash Assassin

Erdolliel Saerwen

Nightshade Warrior

Shadowstep Warrior

Darkshade Raider

Shiver Spike

Shiver Spike

Shiver Spike

Darkreach Familiar

Phase Cat

Another Phase Cat


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