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77006: Great Worm (Bones)


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Thanks for the kind words. One of the reasons I was having difficulty with getting these done (for over a year) was not being comfortable with the colours of purple and then, purple and yellow. I figure it's one thing for Space Marine armour to be painted flaming yellow, but generally I felt my "natural" creatures needed to look a bit more.. well, natural. Luckily the ochre and browns made it all feel a lot better, so I was much happier with it. One thing that I think really added to the final look was picking out the barnacles (or whatever they are). They're a well-sculpted set of little details, and while I wanted to call the models "done" without doing them, they kept bothering me till I came back and picked them out. They break up the colouration of the rest of the model just the right amount, I think.


This model is certainly one of Bones' finer moments.

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