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Estimated Turnaround time on Bones replacements?


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Poor Bryan. Though I do want to know (curiosity is a dangerous thing) why there are naked male strippers wandering around the Reaper HQ?


Better question: Why wouldn't there be?


I had assumed it was an OSHA requirement, and let them stay. After seeing your question, I looked into it, and apparently they're just lost, and we gave them directions and sent them on their way.

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Took me 2 days to get the email, after it was already shipped.

Oooh... so it's the Montgomery Scott brand of miracle working. :cool: Works for me, I got my Cthulhu head when I wasn't expecting it.

Of course it's impressive. Bones replacement parts are actually delivered by Buglips. He flies from house to house in a sleigh pulled by perytons and enters you home via the garbage disposal. He then leaves the replacement parts in-between your toes and shoves the defective ones up his noes (it's his payment for services rendered).

You're telling fairy tales!



...Buglips never let's go of Bones once he has them. :devil:




Not true! I keep at least one of each for myself, but outside of that I'm eager to spread the love. I will not rest, or tire, or wash my armpits, until every man, woman, and child on this green earth has a Bones of their very own.


Also, the strippers were probably my fault. I wasn't there to collect them because I had to go deliver Bones. Now Bryan's sent them away, so I have to come up with an all new tribute to send to Alyssa the Wicked. I'm going to get turned into a toad, or a Hanson brother, or something and it will be all your fault.

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Just wanted to say thanks! I received an e-mail last week from Adrienne wanting to confirm my shipping address for my missing minis, then Tuesday I received an e-mail saying they'd shipped, and today they're in my hands. Thanks again for all the hard work and excellent customer service from everyone at Reaper!

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Three weeks ago, I reported that I was missing Hyrekia and that my Isabeau Laroche is missing a shield.

I received an email just now stating that they are giving me a non-expiring "e-gift certificate for double the retail price of your missing or damaged miniatures ... to obtain those specific figures or apply it towards any item" in their store.

Anybody else receiving such an email as well? :unsure:


EDIT: Okay, read some more posts and it seems like some are getting replacements and others are getting those certificates (and the factors are unknown). I will try asking for replacements...

The idea is that you use the gift certificate to just order replacements from the online store, plus a couple of other free goodies for your trouble.


While the offer more than offsets the delivery cost for those living in the US (e.g. ~USD3 in my case if I am living there), it does not even cover half what USPS International First Class asks for to deliver them to my country (~USD15).


Reaper's representative has replied with the same reasoning you gave, but it simply looks to me that they are not willing to foot the cost of international shipping for non-US replacements. :mellow:


Jebbie - e-mail me with the difference and I will see if there is anything I can do. In some cases, I am able to issue a second GC to offset the shipping costs. The Kickstarter Order # will be helpful here as it gives me the address


Thank you Bryan for sorting this out! ::):

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I can't believe this. I got an email telling me Cthulhu's replacement left wing was being sent, and then another email with a tracking number telling me it was in the mail, and the tracking number is working.


I'm starting to find this really exasperating. I mean how, exactly, am I going to come up with a reason to not participate in the next Kickstarter. I mean when are these guys going to drop the ball and stop working so hard. Honestly. I'm tired of it. Stop being so amazing. I'm running out of feeble excuses here.

The wing just arrived.


And, sigh, it's the correct wing.


Fourteen hours before Bones II: the Depantsing begins.


Cunning. Very cunning.

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