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since I like Deepwars so very much i decided to give them a little extra love.


for today: Chaos Champions by Fenryll.

i like this small french company and occasionally i can find a good deal on them here in the states since they are relatively unknown. when i saw this blister was going OOP, i snatched it up for $3.25.


sure, they arent the best sculpts, but i think they have a sort of "pulp" charm.

the models are resin and came with an integrated base that i had to carefully remove. painted in one sitting.

I plan on adding a few of the chaos warrior types from the reaper KS to this group to make a nice generic band of evil warriors.

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thanks angry, these guys were a great excuse to try out some variations in skin tone (which is why each is different).


now time for something fresh! taki-bi no oni - elemental terror of fire.

i have recently been inspired by the legend of five rings / oriental adventures campaign setting, so i have been re-purposing minis to fill the roll of their monsters. many people thought that the feminine fire elemental from the KS was odd; i jumped for joy! taki-bi no oni are described as taking "the form of a human woman made of bright green fire." check! they also come in a lesser and greater form which often work as a pair. check! i took a look at some stats and these chicks would be fierce! nothing like a man hating/loving flying incorporeal immolating fire demon to ruin a night out.

greater lesser


edit: alternate photo


these models are in desperate need of a re-shoot (the light today was terrible). ill update them tomorrow, i think, but enjoy the dramatic image for now.

these models ended up being a bit of a hot mess. i told myself to speed paint them, but during the cleanup stage i kept fussing with them. the end result was less than satisfactory on a time to quality scale. i think my issue was that i wanted to give these ladies a top notch PJ, but forced myself to go fast instead, and the end result was neither. lesson learned. i may have to pick these up in metal at some point to give them the top notch paint these fantastic sculpts deserve. until then, they can burn in mediocrity.

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Fresh from the painting/kitchen table! Manes from my CSM Demons and Devils rewards. these guys...er....gals.....its (?) are great/ super creepy. I'd like to get a whole swarm of them at some point.



they are little dudes, and are mounted on 20mm (penny sized) bases.

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This week I received:

Narthalyssk Forest Dragon

Demons and devils kickstarter rewards

Sedition wars stage 2

Deepwars mini kicker rewards ( including 2 huge sized angler fish and a mesosaur amongst other awesomeness)

Forge of ice loot for a commission


Head explodes. That is well over a years worth of painting acquired in one week. Yikes. And, since i am in a sculpting binge, nothing fresh from the table!

Soooo, I'll share a commission test piece I did last month for CSM. Turned out OK in the end but I had a pretty bad scare with some frosted varnish that I had to repair. Doubt they will bite as I have no experience pricing and I gather Martin has some high standards. Lol.



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