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Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?


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So with the final delivery of the Mantic 'Kings of War' pledge rewards I think it's time to make you all yawn with a run down of the performance of the Kickstarter projects that I've backed.

In chronological order:

Mantic 'Kings of War' - They're just a little late and they delivered the rewards in three batches. It was Mantic that drew me to kickstarter and I was a big fan of their undead range, which makes it all the more difficult to relay just how disappointed I am with the end results.

The first batch of rewards consisted of a goblin army and extras, I was really disappointed with the poor quality of the plastic figures, they reminded me of those WW2 toy soldiers you see in bargain bins. The next two waves were impressive in quantity but very disappointing in quality with the battle nuns from the final wave being quite possibly the worst plastic figures I've yet seen - they are just terrible. Even the metal 'heroes' were too tinny and just didn't feel right.

Mantic's Customer Service has been very good and I love the energy and ambition of the company but until they can sort out their quality issues they've lost me as a customer.

Reaper Bones - Did what it said on the tin. I had quite high expectations and they were largely met, I have no qualms about backing Bones 2.

Low Life Miniatures - The project that made me question my ethics. No project infuriates me more than this one, I've screamed and shouted and ranted on forums, but the general silence from other backers has made me ask myself numerous times if I'm just being unreasonable. I love the look of the minis but the timetable (if there is one), is a massive screw up and the comms have not been sufficient to explain away the disastrous lack of progress. as things stand this could be years late.

Stonehaven Dwarves - Slick, professional, measured. I really like the quality and fun aspect of their minis and will be on board for the next project.

Tentacles and Eyeballs - A really fun project to be part of. The project owner encountered problems but overcame them fairly quickly and as a backer I always felt informed and listened too. My first kickstarter to deliver. The minis were a bit hit and miss but the fun I had with the project overall means it gets a thumbs up.

Dwarf Gladiators - Well what to say about this project? There's a clip in Monty Python's film 'the Holy Grail' where Lancelot is seen dashing towards the camera from a distance away as two guards watch him approach, he runs 10 meters and then the clip resets and he runs the same 10 meters never getting any closer to the guards, this happens about 5 times and all of a sudden he's on the surprised guards. This project feels like those recurring clips with the final clip missing. Comms have been poor and at times misleading.

Apparently everything is now sculpted but I have my doubt about the minis ever arriving on my door step, I can't figure out how EFS is viable business, where and how are they selling their minis? Certainly not through their website.

Chibi Adventurers - I'm a big fan of this kickstarter, there have been delays but the comms have been excellent. The box of minis is in the post and should be arriving any day now, I can't wait.

Judge Dredd - Hmmmmmm. They started so well and this was on track to become a paragon of kickstarter righteousness with many rewards delivered quickly, but after the first few months the rewards slowed, complaints started to mount and it became evident that behind the scenes it was all a bit chaotic. The quality of the minis has also started to suffer and some batches have been of a much lower standard than sets produced earlier. Time pressures perhaps, understandable given the very large number of new sculpts that were/are required.

I also think Mongoose have taken a big financial hit and their enthusiasm for future kickstarter projects is dulled.

Demons and Devils (or where the f*** are my figures) - A nice concept, but hopelessly managed from the start. The attitude of CS Miniatures has at times been questionable with a good deal of vitriol directed at backers who dare to ask why deadlines have been missed

Assimilation Alien Host - It's late but I don't care. I'm not sure why I backed this project as it's not really a genre I'm all that interested in. Happy to have them when they arrive.

Damsels of Darkmyre - OMG OMG OMG, You guys are going to be BLOWN AWAY by this incredible news, I am so EXCITED!!!!!!!! In my hands I hold the first master of miniature X and it it TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME, except that I can't use it to produce your figures......and my cat just died.

And so goes a typical update from the project. I think there's a great deal of willingness to keep people informed and fondness for the project owner on the part of the backers means that more leniency has been given, but that can't take away from the fact that a number of poor decisions have been taken, and a number of quoted figures just don't stack up.

I'm expecting something from this project, I can't help but feel that the gorgeous high quality miniatures we were promised are going to be sub par.

Imbrian Arts - Very neutral about this. Nice looking minis and I have faith they'll be here one day, comms could be a bit better but I have no real issues

Midgard - I backed this as I'd bought an EFS voucher as part of the Dwarf Gladiators project and decided to cash it in here. Not interested in most of the minis and have little faith that I'll ever see them. Comms = hopeless.

Darklands a World of War - Superb. Fantastic figures, fantastic comms and community engagement, rapid delivery of rewards and a whole bundle of enthusiasm from Mierce Miniatures. I had a couple of broken minis which were very quickly replaced as well as offers to replace a figure I had broken through my own carelessness. I say again, Superb!

Empire of the Dead - They had a huge number of additional minis to sculpt and produce but they're only a little behind and shipping starts this week. Really like the look of the new minis. Comms were good throughout the project and supporters were well looked after. Comms after the project were fairly sparse but given the number of miis to sculpt I'm not surprised. All good.

Drake - There have been a few issues but this professional looking outfit have done pretty well. The minis look good and some of the videos released by the company to show backers how things work behind the scenes have won AGM some brownie points. Really looking forward to receiving these.

All Quiet on the Martina Front - A good, fun campaign with some intriguing products on the conveyor belt. It would be nice to have a few more production updates but overall I'm happy

Tome of Horrors - felt more structured than the Demons kickstarter but I'm concerned about the financial viability of this following the unfulfilled Demons project. Watching with some trepidation.

Warriors of Darkmyre - Same concerns as for the Damsels project. not a big fan of most of the concept work and I have no idea why I backed really.

Psionic Miniatures - I like the concept art and the project owner seems content to just get on and deliver. Feels right at the moment

Cthulhu Wars - Whisperers in the Darkness speak of big delays for this project. not overly concerned though as it's Sandy Peterson at the helm for Yig's sake

And there you have it, my thoughts. Is anyone still awake?

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The one's I've done recently:


DGS Games: funded and started shipping. Saw them at GenCon. Not too worried because I know where they live.


Egyptian Harem II: funded and sending regular updates. Not worried.


Charlie the cat: poor thing got hung up in a fence and had to have a leg amputated. He's had surgery and is recovering well.

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WOW -- I can't believe you can keep track of all of those. I assume this doesn't include indiegogo projects you've backed?


EDIT: I am only in for five: Bones, Itar, DF, CoC and CW. Bones is here. I am still investigating the quality of the human faces (it's up and down). These projects all seem okay and I expect they will be late. I am fine with delays as I have other things keeping me busy.

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I have backed quite a lot of projects (I went on kind of a Kickstarter bender after the high of the Bones KS). So far, the majority of the ones that actually funded have either delivered, or are not yet due to deliver. Only a handful are really late. (Bootleggers reprint, I'm looking at you), and only one actually failed to deliver (the creator has been very applogetc and has been trying to make it right)


The long production delay between funding and fulfillment on miniatures Kickstarter means that I have a number of items on my "in the works" list, but I am not backing any currently active campaigns, so the backlog should start dropping.


WOW -- I can't believe you can keep track of all of those. I assume this doesn't include indiegogo projects you've backed?


EDIT: I am only in for five: Bones, Itar, DF, CoC and CW. Bones is here. I am still investigating the quality of the human faces (it's up and down). These projects all seem okay and I expect they will be late. I am fine with delays as I have other things keeping me busy.


Your Kickstarter profile page should give you a list of everything you've backed. That's the only way I keep track.

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No, just don't go wild. I did Bones (All here except the fighter that was missing a shield.), Blackwater Gulch (A month late but they say they are shipping any time.) and Dwarven Forge (say they are on time to ship in October that they said they would). Not bad, but we will see about BWG.

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Wow Beagle, that's a lot of Kickstarters!


Lets see, since the last thread:-


Rune:- After making me worry I'd been ripped off through lack of communication, they turned up just a month late. Wasn't too impressed by the mini's I got though, they're okay but not worth the money I paid for them. Not interested in backing their next KS but I hope it goes well for them.


Bones:- I do think Reaper dropped the ball a bit communication-wise towards the end, but I always knew, barring some sort of global catastrophe, I'd receive my stuff so I wasn't too worried. Love the minis I got, so while I can't really justify it, I'm probably in for Bones 2: Revenge of the Bones.


Imbrian Arts:- Still waiting, but my first lot of stuff should ship sometime this month. Was a bit annoyed at how this was progressing, but having seen some very mixed reviews of the Trollcast material, I'm now thinking the switch to metal will prove to be for the best, despite the delays it caused.


Stonehaven Gnomes:- Still on schedule, looks like Stonehaven will be 2 for 2 on successful, well run Kickstarters. Looking forward to Elves.


Kingdom Death: Monster:- Apparently still on schedule, though I'm not expecting it to stay that way. Now if I could just get piccys of what the plastic minis actually look like, then I'll be completely happy.



Since then I've had trouble sticking to my pledges, I tend to back things, argue with myself for a few days, decide I don't really need them and pull out. So, apart from a few projects I'm already interested in, I think I'm out of the KS business.

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Reaper Bones - Did what it said on the tin. I had quite high expectations and they were largely met, I have no qualms about backing Bones 2.

Imbrian Arts - Very neutral about this. Nice looking minis and I have faith they'll be here one day, comms could be a bit better but I have no real issues



I read this and wonder if we backed the same kickstarters...


Imbrian Arts has had issues no doubt, but I don't know that comms is really one of them. I've been recieving updates about sculpting progress, and progress with the masters/moulding process.

The one issue was pretty bad, but it wasn't communication based. If anything Jody's communication regarding the Trollforged issue was handled well. I appreciate transparency in how a project like this is run. His solution to the problem was also fair to all backers.

Reaper on the other hand had 2 blatant communications problems (the renouncing of early shipment of paints/Sophie's and the lack of explanation for serious delays to international shipping), not sure if I read the fineprint on that tin. I'm not saying they didn't eventually provide a good product/service, but I kinda feel if you're going to judge one project for something, its only fair to judge another for the same reason.


So anyway here's my Kickstarter list, its not just minis though:

Reaper Bones: Collected, everything in good nick with the exception of one missing shield.

Broken Sword (game): Should be in alpha soon, love the series, really looking forward to a fancy shiney collectors edition but wish I could have justified the even shinier level with the pendant and the physical copy of art and design document books.

Imbrian Arts: Decent sized stuff up, but dealt with appropriately and fairly. Its always good to see his WIPs and even better to see some finished product. I eagerly await the day I can hold these exquisite minis in my hands (gently, my monk is resin and I've heard its a fragile material).

Games and Gears Brushes: All recieved, really good shipping process, its a shame the product didn't meet high standards that were touted, but it was still a decent deal for 8 or so double ended brushes of better than average quality (for someone who previously just purchased normal god-knows-what-animal-this-came-from bristled brushes) plus soap and a towel (for the brushes... or small pets).

Nelly Cootalot (game): someone linked it, I went to check it out and the creator was too funny and charming not to like. I did play his first game first, to ensure that I would actually enjoy it and to make sure he wasn't just pretending to be capable of making a game and I was happy with what I found. I love point and click games, and considering the first one was made for free, I look forward to what he can do with some money (and therefore time) to spend on it. His updates are an cool insight into his design process, and good for the occasional giggle.


All in all, very happy thusfar. I think Kickstarter is a great idea, you just have to pick your projects wisely (though of course there is always risk involved).

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I'll have to go back and categorize these better at some point. Listing is chronological. As of 2/16:




Sedition Wars: Second wave of stuff about to ship. My main complaint is nobody around here wants to play mini-based skirmish stuff. Not a huge fan of the plastic, seems similar to what Mantic is using. Actually, my main complaint is they won't make the newer (better quality) game boards available to backers. Overall though, it was a good value, tons of cool minis and what seems like a decent game. Mostly shipped, remainder shipping soon. UPDATE: Fully shipped. A few of the minis suffered some plastic casting shrinkage, but others are some of the best of the KS. WIBA? Yes, but only a single Biohazard.


Reaper Bones: I'm definitely not the biggest fan of Bones material. But it's good for practicing on cheap minis rather than doing bad paint jobs on expensive minis! No arguing the value and I'm still glad I backed this one. Shipped. WIBA? Yes, but only a single Vampire.


Red Box 1: While I have mixed feelings about the production end of this, I'm still very glad I backed it. Tre is a hell of a sculptor and this is a slew of nice sculpts. I still haven't gotten them yet (I pretty much got one of everything), but I'm ok with waiting and I benefit from any improvements Ed makes to his process. Tre has been good about keeping me in the loop on what's going on. Shipping some day. WIBA? I did with RBG2. Update 5/14: Fully shipped. Some casting defects/issues, but a ton of great minis. WIBA? Yes...but not in trollcast.


The Art of Brom: Such a beautiful and quality book. I think I was the only backer who squee'd a bit when they upgraded the binding during the KS. Love Brom so much. (PS: get this book!) Shipped. WIBA? Absolutely!


Low Life Miniatures: Beagle, you aren't the only one frustrated, but complaining isn't going to get anything done. The best news thus far is that Andy seems to be stepping up (finally) to do what Mick should've been doing last year, setting up sculpting and production. I'm very happy with the initial minis and looking forward to the rest. I've learned to avoid Mick and EFS. First 10 shipped, many more left unsculpted at this point. WIBA? Hmm. Love what I've gotten, but ye gods. Update 5/14: Another 10 or so minis have shipped. Jason seems to be sculpting more. Still love what I got, but sooo slow. Update 2/16: Next set should be shipping relatively soon. New sculptor, pretty decent work. Still wondering about the big stuff like the Tenemental.


Dreadball: Similar to Sedition Wars. I had a friend who said he'd play with me in the off-season, but I think that was just beer promises. So without anyone to play with, I haven't been painting the minis. That said, they're pretty cool other than the plastic used and the rules seem awesome. I probably overdid this one a bit, but I love Blood Bowl. I read Quirkworthy, so I do see a lot more updates than they push. So far 2/3 shipped and 3rd season ships soon. UPDATE: Fully shipped, last shipment included a bunch of metal minis which made me extremely happy! WIBA? Yes, maybe not so....completionist...


Planetary Annhiliation: My first video game KS. Not sure why I backed it other than the planets look cool. I don't like RTS, heh. They've been good about updating with videos. WIBA? No, I'd wait for retail. Update 1/15: Game is way too retro RTS for me, especially with no tutorial; they just throw you right in. Good luck. Played a couple hours and uninstalled, had regrets.


Project Eternity: Basically the new Baldur's Gate. This game should be pretty cool. WIBA? Probably at retail. Update 1/15: Release date announced, still looks good. Update 2/16: Released. Looks good, but haven't had time to dig into it. Avoiding video game KS these days, not much time for them anymore. WIBA? No.


Judge Dredd: Block War: I just went in for the Dredd promo mini. Got it quick, and they seem to be on top of communication about the rest of the project. Shipped. WIBA? Yep, he's a cool mini.


Bombshell Babes: Patrick ran a clinic on how to run a Kickstarter. Great concepts, sculpts and production. Good communication and fulfillment. Shipped. WIBA? Yes.


Assimilation Alien Host: I'd get a refund if I could. Setting aside my feelings about Ed from Tre's KS production, the sculpts are not at all to my liking (I try to be nice on this forum, my feelings are stronger than this). I initially went in mostly to get some bases. Then Ed says the guy who did the scenic bases took them? Isn't that, umm, illegal? No word of actually trying to recover them. So now he's farming it out to guys on his forum? What the heck? This is going on forever, no official word on their hacky pledge manager, they haven't sent a backer survey yet. This is absolutely the worst KS I've backed and I just want my money back (and was ignored when I said so). I will never do business with this company. Not shipped (May 2013), no survey. UPDATE: Another backer and I came up with a plan for him to buy out my pledge...Philip liked it so much they developed a marketplace for others to do so. WIBA? No.


Kingdom Death: Monster: Oh how I love me some KD:M. I hope the game is good, I hope the plastic is good. But Adam has a reputation for quality and I was willing to take a big gamble on him. Resin box set? Yes, please. Adam has been acceptably active in comments and his updates are the best on KS, filled with cool art and models. Not shipped, on track. UPDATE: Slipped to Q1 2014 and I'm more than ok with it. I trust Poots to deliver top quality and sometimes that means delays. Some plastic was shown and it's possibly the best in the industry. WIBA? When the pledge manager opened I dumped a bunch more into it and it still wasn't enough. Yesyesyes. Update 1/15: Dates still slipping, possibly 7/15. WIBA is still a strong yes... Update 2/16: Main game received last October, game is amazing. Resin received recently, top notch. Expansions about to ship, somehow Poots got all but one shipped out of China before CNY. Magic. WIBA? Hell yes, still my favorite KS.


Imbrian Arts: I went for the complete resin package and quite happy I did. Jody is an amazing and unique sculptor. The only reason I wish he was faster is pure selfishness: I get what he can sculpt this year and/or the KS minis. Looks like he'll probably end up sculpting the KS into 2014...which is ok by me, I was just hoping for a few bonus sculpts :) Good communication via Instagram and he is good about responding to email. First wave shipped. WIBA? Yes. Update 1/15: Jody had a baby, project stalled. WIBA: still yes, he's a rebel but sculpts awesome stuff. Update 2/16: Still stalled. I think he's getting a few things done. Still hopeful that he can get this done eventually.


Blackwater Gulch: Backed for three minis (Doc, Marty and Clint). Still waiting but it sounds like SOON. Not shipped. UPDATE: Shipped. WIBA? Yes, nice characterful minis.


Games-n-Gears brushes: Meh. These brushes are pretty cheap quality and I don't see using them for much. I've tried several times and I see no reason to use these instead of my WNS7. The fact that they sent me nearly a complete (I didn't get the short handled ones) replacement set at least makes them low priced enough per unit to use to stir glue. What bothered me most was their chirpy Iraqi Press Officer routine saying they had so few complaints when clearly there are issues. Whatever, lesson learned and another company I'll avoid in the future. Shipped. WIBA? No. Update 1/15 No real update, just wanted to re-iterate how terrible these brushes are, as I've tried to use them for various things every now and again.


Hell Dorado: Inferno: Oh yes. Love so many of their sculpts. I had intended on trading in the books for more minis...but I do love the art in the books and will have enough minis to field a nice Saracen force if I ever find anyone willing to play...Also, efreets and djinn? AND a Twilight Knight? Of course I'm there. Not shipped (July 2013) WIBA? Yes, and more. Update 5/14: Fully shipped and awesome.


Zombicide Season 2: Missed the first box, so I got all three boxes and all the survivors. Learning my lesson from SW and Dreadball, I'm trying to stick to co-op and/or solitaire-option board games now. Watched a 'Watch It Played' series and it sounded pretty cool. Shipping first wave now. UPDATE: Got wave 1, great stuff. Already painted a couple. WIBA? Yes. Update 5/14: Fully shipped.


Torment: Tides of Numenera: Sequel to Planescape Torment, possibly the greatest computer game of all time? Yes, please. WIBA? Yes.


Divinity Original Sin: I like these guys as a dev house. Divine Divinity was a great hybrid of Diablo (which was too actiony for me) and Ultima (which I loooove). When I find out they're going indie and that they initially wanted DD to be turn-based combat and would make D:OS the game they wanted DD to be (sans publisher interference)? Yes, please. WIBA? Yes, I love the dev team and I'm glad they finally went 'indie'. Update 1/15: Game released. Wins many awards. Haven't played much but it's awesome. WIBA? Yes.


TUG: Ok, I took a crap shoot on this one. The naivete of the dev team is way past charming into alarming. It sounds like a total train wreck and I want to be there. If it implodes, it will be a crazy pvp grief-fest. If it works, 2nd gen minecraft. So, we'll see (not optimistic here, the alpha is painfully alpha and I've done a lot of testing in the last 20 years). WIBA? Nope. Horrid train wreck. Update 1/15: Still in alpha, I think. They moved to a Steam client, so I downloaded that and was actually able to play for a while. Some good ideas, but wicked janky. Company has had serious funding issues (surprise) and development is glacial and seems unguided. Update 2/16: Traaain wreck. Dev studio imploded, angel investor took over, taking a year off to change code platform, exploring f2p options. WIBA? Hells no. So bad.


Red Box Games 2: Electric Boogaloo: Tre's back, and he's got professional production partners. Some more great sculpts. Should be interesting to see which KS I end up with first. First wave shipped. WIBA? Yes, more of the individual models, too. Update 5/14: Fully shipped and huge improvement in casting thanks to Valiant's foundry.


Jagged Alliance: Flashback: I love the characterization of the original couple of JA games. If they can nail that we're golden. WIBA? At retail. Update 1/15: Game released. Not horrible, but not up to JA 1/2 standards. Getting slaughtered in reviews, company in trouble. WIBA? No.


Stonehearth: another other crap shoot. These guys have some cool ideas but I could see it implode easily. Decent off-KS communication, game looks cool. WIBA? Possible retail. Notice a trend with the video games?


Chug: Zane Lamprey and Pleepleus! Back in the elder days of HD, there were a lot of private channels, Mark Cuban ran one that bought a few seasons of a quirky show called Three Sheets. Basically, Zane went around the world drinking. My fiancee hated it. BUT! He actually had a really good travel show in there, filled with interesting facts about local alcohol tradition and production around the world. So it was silly and informative, my favorite mix. I missed his second show, but basically nobody will back what execs (and fiancees) see as a drinking show, so he went indie. Great communication, he does video updates regularly. WIBA? Yes! Update 5/14: Halfway delivered now, new episodes about once a week. Really well done in Zane's style, and they went from 20 minute eps to 40! Update 1/15: Fully delivered and awesome. Was picked up by a network, so good on Zane.


Raging Heroes: TGG: Soo many great sculpts here. Not much to say about it yet. Avoid the comments, this one has one of those toxic comments communities, lots of Veruca Salts. Not shipped. WIBA? Yes, and more. Update 5/14: Pledge manager out and locked in. So many great sculpts! Update 1/15: First wave delivered, great quality sculpts, good casting. Very happy with this one. Update 2/16: Fully shipped and awesome. WIBA? Yep (actually went in for more on TGG2!).


Bombshell Special Edition Maelee Set: Again, Patrick sets the bar for KS professionalism. Got this soon after the end of the KS. Shipped. WIBA? Yep.


T.A.B.L.E.: I went in for the two promo minis. I think they ship around the time of the even next year. Not shipped. WIBA? Indeed. 5/14 Update: Shipped. Patrick's mini is really awesome but I kicked in $5 for a "Reaper mini" and they sent me a crappy small Bones. Eh, it was for a good cause.


Oh yeah - Darklands! Had to back out at the last second, just before the buzzer on this KS (work stuff). Turned out I could indeed back it, and Mierce was great about allowing KS pricing. And then they just keep unlocking the KS pricing...I got a slew of really amazing quality stuff and the customer service is great. I feel bad for those who got burned by Maelstrom, but thus far that ship seems to have turned around. UPDATE I've gotten most of this already and it's amazing. My only regret is not buying more ('t ain't cheap!).


For-Ha Miniatures: So bizarre. Just went in for the single $6, we shall see. Update 1/15: Got in the mini, meh. Not the worst thing ever. WIBA? Doubtful.


Bones 2: I don't need a ton more plastic minis. But I'm getting some anyway! Update 2/16: Received. Nice upgrade in quality over the initial batch, but I'm not a gamer so I find Bones to be less useful. It's not you, it's me. WIBA? Not personally, but I highly recommend them for gamers.


Shadowsea: AMG bought back the Dragonblood line, and that in addition to the Deep Wars line and some great new sculpts = backed. I really wanted to back AMG previously, so I made up for that with a pretty generous pledge. Update 1/15: Fully shipped and amazing. WIBA? Absolutely. Great sculpts, good casting, good delivery.


Darklands: First Edition: I heart Mierce, so yeah. Like their first KS, my only regret is I didn't have more money to pledge. Rob has some of the best sculptors in Europe working for him. Update 1/15: Partially shipped, great sculpts. WIBA? Yep.


Tablewar mini case: A magnetic flight case for minis. Hopefully it will make life easier for Reapercon 2014! Update 5/14: Got in the cases. Really nice, perfect for traveling. Saw several at Reapercon and everyone seemed happy with theirs. WIBA? Yup!


Mars Attacks: Just went in for the Dreadball team. If I've got 16 teams for a game I'll probably never be able to play, why not have 17? Update 1/15: Dreadball team delivered. Might be my favorite team, because it's the new single pose style Mantic is going to. WIBA? Sure, why not? Could've been a bit cheaper.


Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method: Another Flesk publication. John does great quality work, and Frank is a great artist. I really need to work on my drawing chops, so why not also have pretty ladies? Update 1/15: Delivered. High quality, great material. WIBA? Yes, and I'd recommend Flesk to anyone looking to publish a book.


Red Box Games Norse Warrior Miniatures: Great project by Tre. Small, concise; sculpts already completed and ready to send to Valiant. Received these along with my other 2 RBG KS rewards in a mega box of Tre Awesome. WIBA? Hell yeah!


Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Open world realistic historical rpg. I try not to back many video games, but this one is doing things I want to see done, so I put my money where my mouth is. Update 1/15: Development slowed, funding issues. Game still looks great, but I have a feeling from experience that the feature list and scope will be cut down to a budget-size. WIBA? For philosophical reasons, yes.


Darklands First Edition II: As usual with Mierce, the biggest regret is not having more money to spend. Tons of great concepts and the sculpting talent is top-notch, usually exceeding the concept art. I stuck to a few project exclusives with this one.


New since last update:


Zombicide Season 3: I love Zombicide. I barely play it solo, but the sculpts are wonderful and the game is fun. Fully shipped. WIBA? Yep.


Darklands: New Kindreds: More Mierce. Went in big on this one, 3 new kindreds (factions, thus the name): Spidery undead/Celts/Greeks. First batch has just shipped. WIBA? Yeah, great stuff.


CMoN/Micro Arts Studio base system: Plastic versions of MAS bases. I went in for a couple batches. Nice quick gaming bases, decent quality. WIBA? Yes, probably should've got a couple more sets.


RBG Heroic Fantasy Minis: More Tre goodness. Lots of characters in metal, I picked up most of them. This and the previous Norse Warrior KS are my two favorite RBG KS. Delivered, great quality, great sculpts from the Beard. WIBA? Definitely!


Omen: A Reign of War: A 2-player card game. I think I thought I was going to be gaming with someone last year. Received quickly,game looks cool but I haven't played it. WIBA? Yes, if I were playing games.


Dark Sword Stephanie Law: Wow. Love what Jim is doing with these new lines. Backed this one big (though I couldn't back the DiTerlizzi one, booo). Received and awesome. Love the variety of artistic minis as opposed to all the fighty gaming models we see so many of. WIBA? Yes.


Black Sailors: Resin orcy goodness. Received and amazing. I only got the cartographer, wish I had bought them all. Phenomenal minis. WIBA? Yep.


Corvus Corvax Outcasts: Only was able to grab one mini (this was a lean period in the budget). Great quality. WIBA? Yes.


Exploding Kittens: Remember what I said about not being able to game? This one I play with my fiancee and mom. We love it. WIBA? Yes.


Banebeasts: Mighty Monsters: More Mierce. Just went in for a deal on an existing Roberto Chaudon conversion I wanted. Received and awesome. WIBA? Yes, for the mini I picked up. The Oldhammer style of the Banebeast line does nothing for me.


RBG Barbarian Hordes: Still in the lean period for backing KS, only grabbed a couple from this but they're so good. Received and awesome. WIBA? Yep.


Raging Heroes TGG2: Had been squirreling away funds since they announced it. Went in big. Looks amazing. Still in sculpting phase.


Ral Parth Chaos Wars: Tom Meier's Ral Partha elves were the very first minis I bought back in the late 70s. I only bought one set, the one with the original mini I had bought and still have (though it's now a mis-shapen lump of lead). Wish I had bought more, they're amazing. WIBA? Yes.


Zombicide Black Plague: More Z? They up their game (heh) with some great rules tuning and especially the new dashboards that bring a CRPG feel to the game. As always the sculpts are great. Main game received, waiting on the add-ons and whatnot. WIBA? Yes!


Darklands Metal Age: Mierce decides to release a line of metal models for their game. I went in for the LE 'drinking companions' and the big resin murder bear. Had to email Rob to reserve the companions and he has yet to add them to my account, which is irritating. I've emailed him about once a month, he claims to be working on the rules and too busy. WIBA? Maybe.


Reaper Bones 3: As I mentioned in the Bones 2 comments, I'm not a gamer and all my Bones 2 stuff is sitting in a box. So I only backed this one for the new paints :) WIBA? Yep.


Corvus Corvax Dawning: Grefven hires some amazing sculptors and makes vaguely superheroey fantasy minis. Hell yes. Received and amazing, top notch. WIBA? Definitely.


The Fabulous Art of Trudvang: Well, it's art and it's fabulous. Paul Bonner and others. Art book. I believe it's printing as I type this. WIBA? Yes.


Darklands Savage Hordes: More Mierce metal, focusing on ranged units. Just a placeholder pledge to open the pledge manager option.


The Art of Creature and Character Design, V3: I dunno, just seemed cool and I randomly backed it.


Heroines in Sensible Shoes: Wonderful, characterful sculpts. Currently in casting phase.


Twisted: Great sculpting talent, proven casting quality. I'll be cherry-picking the best of the resins. Seb is keeping the scope limited, so even with almost a month left I more or less know how much I'm spending here. Currently live.




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EDIT 14th October 2013


The Good (where at least something significant has been delivered


Sedition Wars: My first KS and what a blast it was, I really like what I got with wave 1 (after learning how the clean up this new type of plastic). Wave 2 arrived with some of the minis looking pretty weedy and undersized due to shrinkage in casting (some online say all of them, but realistically only 3-4 are to far out to use). ON the plus side the terrain is great.... BUT the game rules were not tight enough, a few people complained loudly so a major re-do gave a 2nd not quite finished rule set, and more complaints and more rule rejigs so the Solo rules are on hold (and I want them). Communications have been very poor from CMON and only slightly better from Studio McVey.. Not that I won't back/buy from them again


Red Box Games: Pretty much the first time I'd seen Tre's stuff and I was impressed, There have been real problems with the material not suiting the very fine detail he sculpts but when I got my stuff I was very pleased with it


Dreadball(Mantic): They delivered a decent playable game, on time..... But this is the one KS I was carried away with, I'm not a major sports game fan, my friends who said they'd play have passed... Oh well some cool minis I'll paint eventually and a good lesson to ask will you really use it? Mantic have also got real QC issues with their Sculptors and Chinese production partners which they have not solved (looking at their other KS projects too) so I'll wait for retail on their next stuff


Bombshell Babes : A well run KS, producing some really nice minis, One of my KS stars. I'm sad I missed out on their second KS due to a lack of cash but I put an order in to their webstore last week


Haar Miniatures : A small Indiegogo project for a single figure, very sad it didn't take off as it could have been a great deal with other figures included but it wasn't to be, happy with the mini I got though


Reaper Bones: Mega value, excellent fun when it was running and delivered. But them pulling the plug on shipping Sophie to international backers (and paints, but at least there was a good reason for that), and then significant problems with international shipments during the main fulfilment did knock it a bit... But I know the individuals worked really hard to get stuff out and was happy to help send them snax and cinema ticket to say thanks and will be in for KS2


Impact Pony/Chibi: A really fun ride here for a very different sort of mini, I've got mine and I love them. Even though Tom at Impact had really major surgery his wife kept things moving on and Ed at Trollforged went out of his way to help out by driving up to deliver a carload of chibis when Tom could not pick them up. Roll on KS2 for Asian inspired Chibis


Darklands/Mierce: The Maelstrom games collapse left me very suspicious of this one, but an friend who had lost out was actually sent the Mierce stuff he was owed (they were a legally separate company by then and did not HAVE to deliver anything). This proved to me they really were trying to make things right, and I'm so glad I backed. The art is great, the minis are better and the communications have been great.... And they've allowed us to add more stuff at KS prices. Now even at KS prices Mierce is not cheap, but the quality shines through and I just love them (STAR PROJECT). I've had another delivery from this, even better than the first (EVEN MORE STARS)


Curious Constructs (EDIT): Nice little project, got my stuff now, really nice detail on the weapons themselves, neat metal crew, happy with the project and comms so I'd back another by Rob


Blackwater Gulch (EDIT): The 'not firefly' crew drew me in, but they chose a sculptor I don't like to do them, sigh. This delivered, and the minis are better than I expected, and the cards for the game are neat. Yay, happy to pledge with them again



The Bad


Necron Dice: Cast dice with skulls on, what could go wrong, well pretty much everything. I've pretty much written this off, but I didn't pledge that much, and you never know he might eventually deliver


Axes & Anvils: Train wreck KS number 2, this Dwarf RPG has actually started delivering PDF stuff (the project creator is trying), but was a classic example (I didn't know it when I backed) of what not to do with a KS.... My heart goes out to those with real significant cash in this


The unfinished


Red Box Games 2: Cancelled (sob)


Red Box Games 3: Tre's back, and in metal, I went for all new stuff for this so I'm still waiting so fingers crossed


Trollforged Miniatures: Run by Ed who invented the resin used by Red Box Games 1 and Impact chibis this is well behind schedule but you can see why, the change from stuff in the garage to full fledged business is a hard one. Like CashWiley I too was in this for the based (that have now run off with their now dismissed creator), but I like most of what I've seen Ed sculpt so I'm sure I'll eventually get stuff I'm happy with EDIT: Lots more activity here and stuff is starting to ship, great looking sculpts and Ed has done some of his own base designs


Warzone/Mutant Chronicles: I'm in for a couple of minis the final casts look great and some shipping has started, they have delivered the PDFs..... Hopefully soon


Hell Dorado: I'm not keen on a lot of their minis, but I had to back for the Twilight Knight (Kingdom Death) crossover, I also picked up the Corvus which unexpectedly went to a brilliant sculptor and are now excellent minis. I'll also pick up a few more that turned out well(Monkey King) at retail. More delays and stuff from the KS is starting to show up at retail, not bothering me but it is bothering some


Relic Knights: The KS was 'not fun', the post KS communication has been terrible from CMON and bad from Soda Pop, it was delayed at least 6 months at the last minute (will it now ship for the new date, who knows), the initial beta game rules were iffy at best and it's going to be in PP/Sedition Wars style plastic..... But I'm still pleased I backed, I just like the ideas behind it and the new rulebook shows things have been tightened up a lot... fingers very much crossed


Kingdom Death: A great idea, a passionate project creator, so much fun during and after the campaign. I only hope the minis are OK at the end of the day (I'll cry if they aren't). Delay confirmed, but all the updates are, as they say, full of win


Arena Rex: A bit of a slow burner, a gladiator game with high end, expensive resin minis, almost all based on concept art.... And they are pulling it off from what's been seen so far, still a long way to go. Lots more greens shown as well as master casts, and they're all stunning. Delay confirmed


Cthulhu Wars: Loads of fun, great prototype minis and what looks to be a good game.... a very long way from delivery Delay confirmed


Raging heroes: Oh boy the concepts are excellent (now seen renders of the troops and they are great), the minis they've done in the past were great but their people skills just aren't there. Once day long after they were due I'll get a handful of mini gold, but I don't expect it to be soon EDIT, people skills getting worse, renders look great


there you go, my KS roll of honour..


I've been cured of the desire to go 'all in' on a project just to get 'better value' (unless I really like everything)


a couple of projects I've backed are disasters


every project (except Dreadball) has been late or very late


and the sense of entitlement now displayed on some KS project makes me want to bang some folk heads against a wall


but its still fun (when I've got the cash to splash)

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List of Shame:

Delta Green - Targets of opportunity :[RPG] not on KS but I don't remember which crowdfunding venue was used. (Edit: fundable)
The book was everything I was expecting but there was some delay (IIRC a year?) in delivery. Updates had to be found on various social media and forums.
In those days you pledged just for the book. No stretch goals, no frills, no last minute rush; once the funding level was reached, you knew what to expect.
No EU fulfilment so add €25 customs charges to the book.

Eldritch Skies : [RPG] My very first 'real' Kickstartertm. A book that probably would never have been published without crowdfunding. Also just a (good) book. Also half a year delay.
No EU fulfilment so add €25 customs charges to the book.

Reaper Bones : [minis] you all know the story. I was lucky to get my quintuple Vampire + Everything early July, before EU customs became wise to the real value of those boxes.
Very good value. 4 months late. Will pledge again.
No EU fulfilment so add €66 customs charges.

AFMBE - Band of Zombies : [RPG] just the pdf. This book was 'ready to print, just waiting for a few pieces of art' in 2009. Estimated delivery date was November 2012, but so far I've only seen a Preview pdf.

Update: pdf links received on 4th September!

Hell of Earth miniatures : [minis] More minis of the post-apoc kind. I pre-ordered the HoE-Reloaded rulesbook in August 2012, so when a KS for HoE miniatures was launched in October, I pledged. Estimated delivery was April 2013 but the issues with Reaper Bones delayed this project. To add insult to injury Studio2Publishing also delayed the release of the rules to coincide with the minis. In the end I cancelled the rulebook. The miniatures were delivered in August 2013, a month after the Bones, so ignoring that setback the delivery was kinda ok. The miniatures had much flash and some were bent despite being packed in separate blisters.
No EU fulfilment so add €28 customs

Gnomish Adventurers : [minis] More minis of the diminutive kind. Estimated delivery was August 2013. During the whole wait period there were regular updates from Stonehaven and last weeks' email said they were packing and aiming for September fulfilment. Next KS is for Elvis, so I probably won't back that one.

Achtung! Cthulhu : [RPG] 2 books and some (more) figures of the sanity blasting kind. Estimated delivery was August 2013 but that ship has sailed. There are regular updates but I can't recall if there was a new shipping date set.
EU fullfilment FTW

Zombicide II : [boardgame + minis] Lotsa plastic zombie minis. The estimates delivery date was September 2013 and according to the latest updates they are packing & shipping. A missing container means a second shipment will be sent in a few months.
EU fulfilment FTW.

Rocket Dice : [dice] a series of novelty rocket shaped dice. Estimated delivery is October 2013, but so far even the pledge manager hasn't been sent. As I only backed for $10 I'm not too worried.
No EU fulfilment but at $10 this should be free.

Myth : [boardgame + minis] moar minis of the fantasy kind. I bought into this KS for the ratlings and the elementals. Estimated delivery is Januari 2014 Regular updates keep us informed about progress or delays.
EU fulfilment FTW.

Drake : [boardgame + minis] probably too expensive for what is is, but hey. Moar minis of the fantastic kind! Estimated delivery was July 2013. Regular updates show progress in the manufacturing and the Beta rules. I suppose we can call this one 'late'.
No EU fulfilment so this will hurt.

Deadzone : [boardgame + minis] more minis of the SciFi kind. Estimated delivery is December 2013. Regular project updates.
EU fulfilment FTW.

Cthulhu and Zombies ice cream cups and beer mugs : [crockery] yeah. Estimated delivery was May 2013 but the success of the KS pushed this back to probably later this week! A bit sparse on communications but in the end everything seems to work out fine.
EU fulfilment delivery FTW. Ok, that's cheating since they're based in Scotland.

Guardian Chronicles : [boardgame + minis] more minis of the superhero kind. Estimated delivery in October 2013, but the pledge manager was only released 2 weeks ago.
EU fulfilment FTW.

Cthulhu Wars : [boardgame + minis] more minis of the Eldritch kind. Estimated delivery is December 2013. Regular updates.
EU fulfilment FTW

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition : [RPG] 2 books to add to my CoC collection. Estimated delivery October 2013. A few updates since the project ended and we already received the QuickStart in pdf.
EU fulfilment FTW.

KaosBall : [boardgame + minis] more minis of the Bloodbowl kind. Estimated delivery is February 2014. No complete pledge manager yet. A bit low on updates.
EU fulfilment FTW.

Fairytale Games : the Battle Royale : [cardgame + minis] a card game with some minis. Sporadic updates and estimated delivery in February 2014.
Hmmm. I can't find the EU fulfilment info.

Shaintar - Legends Unleashed : [RPG] the player pdf only. Estimated delivery is November 2013.


Incursion : [boardgame + minis] more minis of the Weird War II kind. Estimated delivery is March 2014. As this KS has just ended, no more info except...

EU fulfilment FTW.


Wrath of Kings : [boardgame + minis] more minis, but not all factions for me. Ongoing KS and estimated delivery May 2014.

EU fulfilment FTW.



Raging Heroes - the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy : backed out of this KS because (at the time) I though I had enough minis already :)

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I will just focus on the tabletop projects as I have over 150 projects backed so far heh.


Spherical D14 and D18:   (Delivered)  I'm not exactly sure what I will do with these dice but had no issues with the project, though I probably should have just gotten a pound of dice from Wiz or Chessex. Impact! Miniatures did a good job with communications.


Reaper Bones:  (Delivered)  I ended up selling most of my vampire box as bones seem more fitting for raid/skirmish/army style encounters rather then PC and distinct NPC, though overall I am satisfied with the KS and will back the next one.  

I will be focusing more on skirmish/army and larger creatures with the second KS.


Creature Cards:  (Delivered)  It seems like they have finally begun shipping after a brief delay so nothing to really comment on until I get the cards. Besides a minor update delay they have done well to keep us informed.


Hell on Earth:  (Delivered)  Studio 2 did a decent project and the delays wasn't their fault as reaper was swamped with their own KS project.  HoE was my entry into "Savage Worlds" and I had no issues with communication.


Damsels of Darkmyre:  The creator is very enthusiastic and tries to keep us informed but the delays have made me a bit skeptical.


Midgard RPG Miniatures:  It seems that we are all experiencing the same issues with EFS, though I still want those death caps heh.


Gnomish Adventurers Box Set:  (Delivered)  I missed the dwarven box set so I cannot comment on their previous project but it seems everything is going smoothly with this one and i look forward to their Elven project.


Itar's Workshop:  Besides the pledge manager issues it seems production is going smoothly and communication has been good.


Myth:  My only real complaint about this project so far is the name changes for the creatures and abilities.


Tome of Horrors:  I have a mixed reactions with CSM so far but it seems that this project is being handled "a bit" better than Demons & Devils.


Warriors of Darkmyre:  This project seems to be going better than Damsels but my skepticism is still present.


Red Box Games 2:  (Delivered) I missed the first one and it does seem that this time around it is being handled better, I have no doubts that Tre will finish both projects "eventually".


Fractured Dimensions:  Besides a few communication issues the project seems to be going smoothly and I really like the sculpts that have been shown so far.


Psionic Miniatures:  The concept artwork is nice though I am not a fan of the soul-knife sculpt.  From the last few updates it seems like they are improving the artwork for some of the miniatures and have been shopping around for sculptors, overall I would say that I pleased with how things are progressing.


Bombshell Special Edition Maelee Set:  (Delivered)  Patrick did a great job and I got my order shortly after GenCon as was stated.


Alea Tools:  (Delivered)  Communication has been excellent and only a minor delay so far, however their 1 month est delivery was a bit enthusiastic so I am not disappointed with the delay.


Freeblades:  (Delivered)  DGS has kept everything on schedule and has started to ship rewards, so no complaints with them.


Whispers & Venom:  Lesser Gnomes has been doing a good job keeping us informed and it seems everything is still on schedule.


Cthulhu Wars: I didn't pledge heavily into this project so I am not worried if delays happen.


Mythical Lairs:  I only went in for a few accessories but it seems things are on track and communication has been good.


Oathsworn Dwarfs:  (Delivered)  I got these after the project so I cannot comment on how the project was run but I am glad I got them and will back the next project.


Call of Cthulhu Miniatures:  (Indiegogo)  (Delivered) Never had any major issues with RAFM.  My order had one miniature missing but a quick email and they shipped it out.


Olde World Miniatures:  (Delivered)  Recieved my two miniatures, had no issues.


Oathsworn Heroes:  (Delivered)  Another great project for Oathsworn.  The halflings where hit & miss for me but I did like the Hired swords and monsters.

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