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Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?


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Hurrah, there are people here who have backed more than me! Though, I'd feel more sane if I hadn't just passed 50... Though it's less that 50 if I take out the ones that didn't fund!


Shamelessly stealing the WIBA system:

1. Cerulean Seas - Complete. WIBA? Yep! Very happy with the product and I only joined Kickstarter in the first place to help them out.

2. Reaper Bones - Complete. WIBA? Most definitely!

3. Project Giana - Complete. WIBA? Undecided. I mostly backed for nostalgia really.

4. Underground Kingdom - Complete. WIBA? Probably, the app is pretty cool.

5. Numenera - Core book complete, working through other parts. WIBA? Definitely, the book is lovely and looking forward to playing the game.

6. Wings - Didn't fund, just starting funding on a revised campaign. WIBA? Definitely. I loved Wings on my Amiga.

7. Broken Sword - In progress. WIBA? Maybe, I'm behind on adventure games though.

8. Low Life miniatures - In 'progress'. WIBA? I'd back another book for the Low Life setting if it tickled my fancy, but I wouldn't back miniatures again.

9. Bombshell Babes - Complete. WIBA? Sure.

10. Jungle Ascent - Complete. WIBA? Maybe, production values of the game are very nice though I haven't played it yet.

11. Project Eternity - In progress. WIBA? Probably, but I'll tell you when I have the game.

12. Dreadball - Complete. WIBA? If the game interested me. I wouldn't back again for the miniatures probably.

13. 13 True Ways - In progress, core rulebook complete. WIBA? Probably, I'm a sucker for hardcover RPG's.

14. Chibi Dungeon Adventurers - Complete. WIBA? Yep, they seem to need a little work but I really like 'em.

15. Endless - In progress. WIBA? Probably, though momentum has slowed a fair bit.

16. Mr Card Game - In progress but delayed. WIBA? Maybe, though it's late communication hasn't been too bad.

17. Demons & Devils - Coming 'soon'. WIBA? Doubtful. I'd need to see that lessons had been learned from this one.

18. Antharion - Late but ticking along. WIBA? Maybe.

19. Blackwater Gulch - Complete. WIBA? Maybe. No complaints, just overdosed on minis right now.

20. Midgard RPG Miniatures - Running late. WIBA? Doubt it. EFS communication and planning has been poor.

21. Girl Genius and the Rats of Mechanicsburg - Ticking along. WIBA? Probably.

22. Imbrian Arts - Delayed, but seems to be progressing. WIBA? Maybe, will see after I get the minis. Most of it isn't really my thing, but I really like the look of the goblins.

23. Larry Elmore artbook - about to ship. WIBA? Probably not. No complaints, I just don't need another artbook.

24. Razor Coast - Complete. WIBA? Yep!

25. Pathfinder Online - In progress. WIBA? Not actually interested in the game, just backed for the Emerald Spire.

26. Gnomish Adventurers - Complete. WIBA? Would and have!

27. Fate Core - Complete - WIBA? Sure, though I just got pdfs this time.

28. Rebuilding EN World. WIBA? Hopefully won't be necessary again!

29. Games and Gears brushes - Complete. WIBA? Maybe. Happy enough with the brushes for the price, but not sure I need more. And slightly annoyed they never sent my 000.

30. Legends Fantasy Violin - Complete. WIBA? Yep, one of my favourite projects.

31. Torn Armor - Delayed, in progress. WIBA? Maybe, I'll tell you when I get it!

32. Loka - Shipping. WIBA? See Dreadball comments. Also I still think changing the game to 4 groups of 9 instead of 2 groups of 18 after the project was a mistake. But they allowed people to still get the two sets, so I'm not too bothered.

33. Torment Numenera - In progress. WIBA? I'll tell you when I get the game!

34. Dungeon Roll - Complete. WIBA? Yep, happy to have a fast, pretty cheap, and simple project for once.

35. Dwarven Forge - Complete, though mine haven't arrived yet. WIBA? Perhaps, but they're expensive and I doubt I need more.

36. East Asian Village - In progress. WIBA? Not sure, depends on how much fun they are to build.

37. Myth - In progress. WIBA? Maybe, depends how the game turns out.

38. Itar's Workshop - In progress. WIBA? Maybe, could be interested in more accessories anyway.

39. Warriors of Darkmyre - In progress. WIBA? Not sure. I only backed very late in the piece and the project just seems to have gotten more confusing after completion.

40. Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether - In progress. WIBA? Maybe, I only really backed on a whim.

41. Happy Seppuku - In progress. WIBA? Maybe. They look neat, just want to see how it works in practice.

42. Bombshell Special Edition - Complete. WIBA? Yep!

43. Oathsworn Miniatures - In progress. WIBA? Probably, I was impressed with how they ran the first one so I was glad to pick up a few things in the second.

44. Legends Excalibur - In progress. WIBA? Yep!

45. Bones II - In progress. WIBA? Yep!

46. City of Titans - In progress. WIBA? Well, hopefully there will be no need. But looking forward to this more than most any other project.

47. Asian Chibi - In progress. WIBA? Probably, I liked the first project. I hope they listen to me and do superhero chibi's!

48. Elven Adventurers - In progress. WIBA? Most definitely!

49. Dungeon Roll Winter Promo - In progress. WIBA? Yep, see earlier comment.



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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

  • BONES = Awesomesauce.

  • VOLGARR THE VIKING = Awesomesauce.

BUG HUNT CORRIDORS = Awesomesauce.

Maurader GR: Special Mk II Set = Partially fulfilled. Waiting ‘hook-ups’ and rest of order for final rating.

FUTURISTIC METAL COINS = estimated delivery... October January? L

DUNGEON ROLL - Awesomesauce.

OBSIDIAN PORTAL REFORGED - Reward Issued almost immediately after funding. Project still on-going.


BEST DAMN METAL GAMING COINS EVER – Pledge Management final. Waiting delivery.

QU-SH-UG Casting Fundraiser by Pure Evil Miniatures – Awesomesauce. AMAZING models btw.

Castle Ravenstein - Role Playing Game Castle Map – Funded. Final revision of map underway. There is a free extra coming with this one written by yours truly.

Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones! – Funded. Pledge Management until 12/31.


Battle Systems™ Sci-fi Modular Terrain – Funded and still goin til 12/1!

AVP Minis/Boardgame- Optimistic. Will definately fund. Hope they keep that gravy train rollin long after KS.

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1. Cerulean Seas - Complete. WIBA? Yep! Very happy with the product and I only joined Kickstarter in the first place to help them out.




Just wanted to point out these guys completely f'd over everyone that purchased physical media. No delivery of merchandise though they did deliver PDFs. I do not expect this to ever happen though they've mention once or twice that "eventually" they plan for this to happen. Not likely....

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Ones I backed:

  1. Bones 1 - Finished, Received. Shipping 3-6 months late, depending on where you were in the list. WIBA - Yes.
  2. Bones 2 - In the wobble time between end of project and estimated ship. No worries. WIBA - Yes.
  3. Red Box Games - Finished, Received. Shipping late. Train wreck for the most part. WIBA - Yes.
  4. Bombshell Babes - Finished, Received. WIBA - Yes.
  5. Dwarven Forge - Finished, Received. WIBA - Yes.
  6. The Strange - 4 days remain on funding. No worries. WIBA - Yes.
  7. Relaunch Know Direction - Wobble Time. No Worries. WIBA - Yes.

One I gave money to friends and will receive rewards through them:

  1. Planetary Annihilation - Beta almost over, hoping to play soon. No Worries. WIBA - Yes.
  2. Pulse Dice - Train Wreck. His most recent update is to admit defeat and offer full refunds to all backers, over 14 months late on shipping as of now. Instead of a refund, I'm hoping that my measly contribution helps him recover from the tragedy of the project - I'm sure he will get enough back-outs to not be able to make these, even though he says he will make them anyway. WIBA - unlikely.
  3. Numenéra - Finished, Received. WIBA - Yes.
  4. Machine of Death - 5 months late, but photos of the product on containers shipping to the US now. Estimated date to begin shipping December 2. Optimistic. WIBA - Yes.
  5. Pathfinder Online - Regular updates, although the Alpha Keys we are expecting are late. Not worried. WIBA - Yes.
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1. Hydra Dice - Necron: Pretty sure this project is toast

2. Stonehaven - Dwarven Adventurers: Completed and Fullfilled

3. Obsidian - Project Eternity: In Development

4. Ainste - Wallet: Funded and Fullfilled

5. Stonehaven - Gnomish Adventurers: Funded and Fullfilled (only bought two scuplts)

6. Ultimate Gamers Storage Bag: Funded and Fullfilled

7. Doppelganger - The Universal Game Piece: Funded and Close to being Fullfilled

8. Steampunk Cthulhu Playing Cards: Funded and Fullfilled

9. Achtung Cthulhu: Funded and Close to being Fullfilled

10. Torment - Tides of Numenera: In Development

11. Machine of Death: See Reaperbryans comments

12. Dwarven Forge Game Tiles: Funded and Fullfilled

13. Engine Heart: Funded and Fullfilled

14. Federal 52: Funded and Fullfilled

15. Dogs Playing D&D: Funded and Fullfilled

16. Cthulhu Wars: In Development

17. Federal 52: Funded and Fullfillment Pending

18. Warmachine - Tactics: In Development

19. Reaper Bones I KS: Funded and Fullfilled

20. Demonwars -Reformation: In Development

21. Tinker Dice - Steampunk Metal Dice: Funded and Fullfillment Pending

22. Reaper Bones 2: Funded and Fullfillment Pending

23. Stonehaven - Elven Adventurers: Funded and Fullfillment Pending (Companion Level, thier Elves are not for me)

24. Shadowrun Returns - Funded and Fullfilled (Good on them for making it completely DRM)

25. Numenera: Funded and Fullfilled

26. Tenra Basho Zero: Funded and Fullfilled (PDF only)

27. Art of Brom: Funded and Fullfilled (Money well spent..gorgeous)

28. Sugar Knife Marshmallows: Funded and Fullfilled (For my wife, honest...)

29. Brand New Mindless Self Indulgence Record: Funded and Fullfilled

30. Larry Elmore - The Complete Elmore: Funded and Pending Fullfillment

31. Flint and Tinder - Ten Year Hoodie: Funded and Fullfilled

32. SOS Charger: These guys need to get thier act together soon. Updates have been sporatic and I'm starting to lose faith.

33. Mr. Davis - Undershirt: Funded and Fullfilled

34. Nomad Espresso Machine: Starting to get concerned they've been to Thailand twice to resolve manufacturing/design issues.

35. Lady Sabre and The Pirates Of..: Funded and Pending Fullfillment

36. Robotech RPG Tactics: Funded and Fullfillment Pending (Surprise! It's Palladium! Still understandable given what it is, though)

37. Gamehaus Board Game Cafe: Funded and Fullfilled, but they need to open the damn store already...

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I'm more pleased they are taking their time to make it significantly better as this is part of a pack of tools/equipment I'm putting together for situations where you don't have ready access to a store to buy replacements.


Not to mention that if a hammer or a prybar fails, it could be very dangerous to the user given the amount of force behind it. I would hope they're making sure to do it right!

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Listing everything would take too long, so broken down by categories:

Complete and delivered: 35

Partial delivery and waiting: 3

Late but making progress: 15

Late but worried: 4

Late and completely failed: 1 (and this isn't EFS, so that should put how bad this one is into perspective)

Not due yet: 16

Still running: 4

$1 bid that I forgot to cancel/kept to keep track of the project: 3

Failed to reach funding: 19

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Listing everything would take too long, so broken down by categories:

Counting everything would take too long. These bad apples are the ones I regret backing, off the top of my head.


Outstanding bad apples:

  • Dwimmermount -- major flake, but with someone to cover
  • Appendix N Adventures -- major flake, without someone to cover; write-off
  • Assimilation Alien Host -- in far over his head, but also some flake (what is happening with the Alien Hunters?)
  • Up Front! -- lawsuits in four states and at least one province at this point
  • Legendary Realms Terrain -- flake
  • War Stories -- flake, complete redesign
Bad apples where I've been lucky:
  • Artisan Dice -- in far over his head, slow and quality issues; write-off
  • Tectonic Craft Studios terrain -- in far over his head, slow (luckily I ordered only a small sample)
  • Modest Magic terrain -- in far over his head, slow but dedicated to finishing
  • Games & Gears brushes -- quality issues with no particular excuse; write-off
  • USB Micro Light Charger Cable -- quality issues, supposedly still working on it; write-off
These are ones where I'm still waiting, but I'm not too upset (likely would still back):
  • Wargame, Roleplaying, and Model Railroad Terrain -- in far over his head, progress uncertain
  • Bug Hunt Corridors -- in far over his head but making progress (one of two pledges received)
  • Discover the Painting Pyramid -- slower than I expected but making progress
  • Agnostic Giraffe Miniatures -- slow, but backed at a write-off level
  • Futuristic Metal Coins & Giant Foam Dice -- can't sort these out; seems to be communications issues with the factory, resulting in many iterations of poor quality proofs.
That gets me to about six months ago. I'm sure several other projects are later than promised, but none are grating like these.



  • RPGs projects seem to have issues at a high rate. Not worth the risk.
  • Terrain projects seem to be easily overwhelmed. Carefully choose projects.
  • Board game projects seem to have production delays, but I'm more accepting of these.
  • Small miniature projects are unpredictable, with many risks -- some are fantastic (Bombshell), some are unlucky in partners (Red Box), some have serious issues (Trollforge).
  • Large miniature projects seem to have bad aspects of terrain and board game projects: easily overwhelmed and production delays.
edit: Kickstarter says I've backed 162 projects; perhaps 10 failed to fund so I have 11 bad apples in about 150. A bit higher than I'd like, but they tend to be older projects (I seem to be choosing better now) and I've pledged less to those than others. Of course, that 162 total doesn't count the 20 or so starred projects; at a glance, I'm likely to actually back 8 of those and have another half-dozen or so that I'll back if they are marginal for funding. Edited by KevinR
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