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Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

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Dungeon Crawler (Minis) -- Pretty good communication.  Been a bit sparse as they've been in negations for quite a while and only just got out of it.  Was sad that when I stopped by their booth Grayhaze wasn't there (wasn't even sure if he was going to Gencon, but wanted to say high).

Sorry, we missed GenCon this year, hope to make it in 2014! :)


The negotiations slowed us down quite a bit, and since it bleeds in to the christmas holidays delivery is estimated at Feb. This is based on projection and I'll be pleasantly surprised if it's earlier. The bases should deliver earlier though, so we're happy about that. :)


My own list of KSs:






Dungeons of the Mountain King Terrain (Fat Dragon Games)

The Dice Tower
EN World

Dwarven Forge

Larry Elmore Artwork

Red Box Games

Gamers Gridz

Hoverbike (delivered, I backed at the 3d robo file level, so easy delivery)

Redbox Games 5








Fat Dragon Games Ravenhold

Darkfast Dungeons



Bones II

Aliens vs Predator the miniatures game


Albion's Legacy

Tabletop Props Wagons

Tabletop Props Tents




I've backed others to follow them, but not for pledge rewards.

I'm amazed at how many campaigns people have backed! (wow)

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Good lord, some of you guys have backed a ton of kickstarter projects. My list is pretty short.


Bones: There were rough patches and tears before bedtime, but it all came out fine in the end. Looking forward to #2.


Judge Dredd: I haven't received anything since the start of the year, but mostly that's because I didn't pledge for the stuff that's been coming out. There have been delays, most of which are understandable to me; the only thing I'm really bummed about is the rulebook but now I should be getting the super new version in October. They've had some communication issues before, but they're doing great now, and the partnership with Warlord Games seems to be speeding up their fulfillment. Still pretty happy with this one, but glad I didn't back Rogue Trooper.


Combat Kitchenware: Man, what a mess. No clue when, if ever, this is going to come to fruition. At least he's got regular updates coming out now, but I feel like this is one of those projects that's just imploded due to unforeseen demand.


Mercy Sparx: Got my first issue in the mail last week. Everything's been on schedule so far, very little communication but with everything going so smoothly it hasn't been a problem, plus nobody raising hell in the comments section. Looking forward to the next two issues, and wondering if I can extend this to a subscription.


Overall, I've got at least something from 3/4 of the projects I've backed. A pity that the odd one out has been such a mess, but I'm happy with all of the others.

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Judge Dredd - Hmmmmmm. They started so well and this was on track to become a paragon of kickstarter righteousness with many rewards delivered quickly, but after the first few months the rewards slowed, complaints started to mount and it became evident that behind the scenes it was all a bit chaotic. The quality of the minis has also started to suffer and some batches have been of a much lower standard than sets produced earlier. Time pressures perhaps, understandable given the very large number of new sculpts that were/are required.

I also think Mongoose have taken a big financial hit and their enthusiasm for future kickstarter projects is dulled.


I also backed the JD kickstarter and was initially really impressed with Mongoose Publishing in how they managed to get a lot of good quality rewards delivered quickly and with good comms to the backers. However, after the first couple of months, tracking this became an exercise in frustration. So disappointing.

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Kingdom Death: Monster: Oh how I love me some KD:M. I hope the game is good, I hope the plastic is good. But Adam has a reputation for quality and I was willing to take a big gamble on him. Resin box set? Yes, please. Adam has been acceptably active in comments and his updates are the best on KS, filled with cool art and models. Not shipped, on track.


I also backed KDM and am really looking forward to getting the models and the game. With that said, I will be really surprised if this does end up shipping on time.


With that said, Adam is doing a great job of providing updates and I love the fact that he is very active in the comments and really interacts with the backers.

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Some of your lists are insane (though, had I the means, I would likely be in a similar boat).


Wasteland 2 - Huge fan of all things Fallout, so this was a no-brainer. Looking forward to it.


Project Eternity - Seems to be going ok, looking forward to playing!


Gnomish Adventures - Couldn't help myself. May have been driven in part by frustration at having missed the Bones KS, but I'm looking forward to these either way.


Torment: Tides of Numenara - See Project Eternity.


The Name of the Wind Playing Cards - Patrick Rothfuss' name on damn near anything makes me just start throwing money.


Happy Seppuku - I like basing, and some of these look great. Really not a lot of money for what you get, considering the stretch goals.


Now... I've never actually had a KS ship, so I may have to come back and do an update if any of them go poorly!

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So far as I'm aware, it's still slated for January 2014. Granted, by this point, I've come to expect some degree of schedule slip on Kickstarters. But I haven't seen any reason to expect a full year.

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Alright, here's my list of projects, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, in the order that I backed them and with the date for when they were/are due. I'm writing this as a kind of summary for myself, and also as a kind of therapy I guess...


Tales from the Fallen Empire (RPG): Due Jan 2013. My first KS, and to be honest I didn't really get what the whole crowdfunding thing was all about; I just paid like it was a preorder and didn't even look back at the KS page until some time later. Yeah, it's late, and it's starting to get quite a bit so, but it's a one man show, the updates have been pretty continuous, and I'm OK with it. The last update, just a few days ago, had me slightly worried though, as it seems he's looking at alternative ways of fulfilling international pledge rewards due to raised shipping costs.


Reaper Bones: Delivered! The one that sucked me into the whole KS craze, got me into miniature painting, and made me find this forum. I'm happy with it, and wouldn't have any hesitancy about backing Bones 2 if it wasn't for the fact that I have so much other stuff yet to be delivered.


Spherical d14 and d18 (funky dice): The first KS that delivered to me! Happy with it.


13 True Ways (RPG): Due April 2013. I got the first of two books a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with it. Updates have been quite sparse, and it now seems we're looking at the second, supplementary book (which was the actual goal of the KS) "sometime in 2014". This is done by some real heavy names in the industry, though, and the 13th Age RPG seems to doing quite well, so I feel confident that I'll eventually get the book.


Demons and Devils: Due March 2013. Yeah, it's late, and seems to be really dragging along, but I think I'm going to be quite pleased with the minis in the end.


Dwarf Gladiators: Due Dec 2012. Ugh, what a mess. Seems to be close to shipping now actually, but IIRC this was also the case back in January. And March. I feel pretty apathetic about it to be honest, I'll probably get the minis one day. Or not.


Otherworld Miniatures (Indiegogo): The four boxed sets were due in Jan/March/June/June 2013. It's late, but I've been pretty happy about the whole project in general. Well, up until this summer at least, when shipping had started but seemed to go really, really slow, and there was a long period of complete silence from the project creator (I actually got a bit worried that something had happened). I think we're getting quite close now, though, and everything I've heard from other backers who have got the first two sets sounds really positive, so I think I'm going to be quite pleased in the end.


Assimilation Alien Host: Due May 2013. It's late, and I suspect it's going to be ridiculously late before everything is done. I do like the sculpts of all the bugs, though, and am still happy I backed it. However, this ended up being my most expensive project to date, and that I have some serious regrets about. A chunk of the cash I put in was also for the dreadnoughts and alien hunters, and what we've seen of those so far hasn't impressed me. If it was today, I think I would have been happy with a $50 pledge. Definitely a case of me getting carried away.


Deluxe Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition (RPG): Due Jan 2013. It's late (have we heard that before?), I haven't really cared, but it's starting to creep into the field of annoying. The books have been at the printing stage for I don't know how long now, and a non-deluxe version of the book has been available as print on demand from DrivethruRPG for a couple of months, and meanwhile Onyx Path has run four additional KS's for other books (two of which I've backed, see below...).


Hillfolk (RPG): Due April 2013. Sounds like shipping is just around the corner, updates and info have been a bit sparse, but I'm decently happy with it.


Shadows of Esteren - Prologue (RPG): Delivered! Very happy with it.


Imbrian Arts: I went for the complete package and have told Jody that I'm OK with getting everything in one shipment, so I won’t be seeing anything for some time. Very happy with how these minis are turning out, have even toyed with the idea of asking if I could upgrade to the complete resin set.


Gnomish Adventurers: Due Sep 2013. I've kind of had some regrets about this one to be honest, not because of anything on Stonehaven’s part (the campaign and their performance have been top notch), but because I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with all these gnomes...


Empire of the Dead - Requiem: Due June 2013. This one, together with the gnomish adventurers, was running during a period when I was a bit carried away with backing KS's to be honest. A very well handled campaign by some nice folks, but I've still had some slight regrets about backing it (receiving the big box from Reaper was a sobering experience for me). The minis look nice and fun, I'm just not sure if I will ever get the opportunity to play the game, and I don't really do any Victorian RPG'ing to use them in. Silly me.


Achtung! Cthulhu (RPG): Due Aug 2013. I pledged for the two main books, and think/hope they will be coming my way eventually (I'm not sure what's been said about the timeframe actually). Updates have been frequent, but I can't shake the suspicion that this will end up being a case of a small outfit biting off a lot more than they can chew. Prior to the KS, all the project creator had produced was a couple of PDF scenarios (they'd been well received, though), and I kind of winced when I saw people lay down pledges of $500+ for a whole line of sourcebooks, mega-campaigns, minis, dungeon tiles, deluxe army bags to carry everything in etc etc that was unlocked by stretch goals. We'll see, though, I could be wrong.


Interface Zero 2.0 (RPG): Due June 2013. I only pledged for the PDF at $20. There have been a lot of updates, but I've only been skimming them to be honest.


Oathsworn Dwarves: Delivered! This one was the poster boy for how a small campaign can be run successfully. Very pleased.


Arena Rex: Due Dec 2013. With a show of real self restraint, I refrained from going all in on this as I had done too many times in the past, and "only" backed at the $85 level. Very happy about how these minis are turning out, though, and I've had thoughts of maybe, maybe bumping my pledge up slightly when the survey hits. I suspect it's going to be a bit late.


Domains at War (RPG): Due Sep 2013. Updates have been basically nonexistent since this ended, and I have no real idea of where we are in terms of delivery status. Their previous two campaigns for Adventurer Conquerer King and the companion (which I got at retail) seem to have been quite successful, though, and I suspect this will turn out good in the end.


Tome of Horrors minis: Due Dec 2013. Pretty pleased with how this seems to be going so far.


Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition (RPG): Due Dec 2013. From Onyx Path that are also doing Werewolf (see above), I don't think there is any chance in hell this is going to be in my hands by December, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good about it.


Red Box Games Dwarves, Goblins and Orcs: Due Aug 2013. This ended up becoming my second most expensive KS (with $1 less than Alien Assimilation Host!), and I don't regret a single buck. I've picked up a handful of RBG minis at retail, and oh are they pretty.


Shadows of Esteren - Travels (RPG): Due Oct 2013. Now worries about this one. These Esteren guys seem to know how to do the KS dance.


Deluxe Werewolf Changing Breeds (RPG): Due Dec 2013. Backing this was perhaps a bit silly as I'm still waiting on the main Werewolf book, but oh well.


Primeval Thule (RPG): Due Feb 2014. This was definitely a case of me backing to help make the project happen as the world sounds interesting to me, rather than getting a good deal. It's being created by some heavy names in the industry and that gives me more hope that it will see the light of day and end up in my hands eventually.


Orcs! (Indiegogo): Due Oct 2013. Again, this was a case of me backing to help rather than not being able to resist a good deal. It was an Indiegogo campaign with flexible funding that only ended up reaching its funding goal by little more than half, but it wasn't all that much money and I was willing to risk it.


Not backing anything at the moment. Am I cured of my addiction?! ::P:



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You guys are... heavy backers! 0.0 I have only done 3 kickstarters:

Order of the stick (comic books + swag). Mostly delivered. Got 3 books, and a lot of stuff. Creator is awesome, but hurt his hand during delivery, so some stuff is late. Still, I got my books and get a reward here and there like small presents all the time :D Very, very happy customer!

RPG background loops. I'm not enjoying how he advertises loops that are for sale in the KS updates. Some of the loops turned out a bit annoying, but over all good value for the cash. My computer HD crashed, so I need to get the loops again somehow :(

Happy Seppuku. Weeee! Neeeed these, got a lot of minis that won't be based before I get it! :)

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I suppose I'll chime in here, though our list is fairly petite in comparison! :)


Kickstarter projects:


Desert Stars: A Novel of Gaia Nova

Status: Unsuccessful

Backed it as the author is a friend of mine and I wanted to be supportive. He's still plugging away and has done reasonably well releasing his novels in e-book format, so I'm glad it didn't seem to mess things up too badly for him that it wasn't successful.


Pathfinder Online Technology Demo

Status: Delivered

Both Husband and I are big Pathfinder fans, so when we caught wind of an upcoming Pathfinder MMO, we got super excited! Backed for more than we probably should have, but the excitement was contagious. However, something that a lot of backers (including us) forgot was that the KS was only for the tech demo and not for the game itself. Which was why we were a bit thrown when a second KS was announced and we realized our mistake. At least we got some cool stuff out of it.


Reaper Miniatures Bones:

Status: Delivered

Heard about this from a friend, and after carefully checking out the company, decided to back at the Vampire level. Watching the stretch goals getting repeatedly smashed, the excitement building to a fever pitch and meeting the Reaper community was the most fun I've had online in a very long time. Since we're gamers, this was an incredible deal, and we're very very pleased with what we got for the price. Our first introduction to Reaper and to miniatures, as well as to KS, really. My only gripe would be the scattered, sparse communication after the KS was over, but as that dead horse has already been beaten into undeath, I'll just stop there. Will TOTALLY back the second KS.


Pathfinder Online: A Fantasy Sandbox MMO

Status: Estimated delivery - January 2016

Not nearly as much fun to follow as the tech demo KS, excitement was significantly lower, and they barely cleared (relatively speaking) their funding goal of one million dollars. Their communication both during and post KS has been very good, but Husband and I have grown increasingly disillusioned with what the final product will look end up as. Reading through some of the development notes about game features and stuff they're adding/changing, it seems to us that it's becoming less and less "Pathfinder" and "sandbox" and more and more a re-imagined, fantasy version of Eve Online. Both of us backed for $35 originally, and I tried to increase mine to $100 in the last 30 minutes, which didn't end up going through. We're both totally fine with that, though, since the way the game planning has gone has left kind of a sour taste in our mouths.


Fate Core

Status: Delivered

Accidentally backed this under Husband's account, but I'll count it as one of mine since he had zero interest in it, lol. A good friend of mine wanted to DM a game with this, and after looking it over, I decided to go ahead and back it for the PDF. Bought some dice for the game, and then just a week or two later, found out about the Fate Core dice KS. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


The Name of the Wind Playing Cards

Status: Estimated delivery - December 2013

I'd never heard of either The Name of the Wind or Patrick Rothfuss before (I know, what rock have I been living under?!), but after seeing a picture on a friend's Facebook post, I decided to look into it. I collect playing cards, and these were simply too gorgeous to pass up on, especially at $11 for one deck. Backed for $32 to also get some sweet dice and the White Rabbit Deck. Communication has been very good, and I get excited all over again every time they show pictures of art prints as they're completed.


Happy Seppuku Base Texture Stamps

Status: Estimated delivery - November 2013

Heard about it here, looked it over, and decided that if I want to get into basing, this seemed like a good way to go about it. Communication has been excellent, and watching the stamps getting sculpted in real time with feedback from backers being considered is a really cool thing. Backed for the sampler stamp, as it was a good value for the price and would let me see if basing is even something I'll want to pursue (painting our minis has really become my thing, Husband is just happy to have lots of cool minis).


Turtle Crossing: A Storybook App

Status: In progress

I tossed in $10 since it's being run by the husband of a friend of mine, but didn't request any reward since we really would have no use for an app (neither of us have smartphones). Looks like a cute little project, though, and I hope it succeeds. However, with a $5,000 goal and only about $2,000 pledged, with an end date of September 15th, I don't know if it will or not. ::(:


Indiegogo projects:


Fannatiku Fest took a hit

Status: Late, estimated delivery was May 2013

I'd honestly forgotten about this one until I wrote up this post. A little anime convention I went to had a big financial problem when some scumbag stole a very expensive projector from the hotel the con was being held at (and which had last been used for the con), making them responsible for paying back the hotel; the campaign was to try and recoup some of that money so they could still have the con next year. I chipped in a bit and was supposed to get a t-shirt for it, but honestly, even if I don't end up getting it, I'm okay with that, since it wasn't about the shirt for me to begin with.


The Portable Flipping Table

Status: Delivered (just last week)

This...I backed simply because it was so funny and ridiculous and silly. It was just for this tiny, portable plastic table that you can flip over whenever you just have a need to flip a table but don't want to pay for property damages or a new table. I've flipped it a few times just for fun, and even Husband thinks it's kind of funny.


Book-it! Magazine

Status: Estimated delivery - September 2013

Friends of mine (an author couple) are trying to open their own bookstore, as well as start an e-magazine, for indie authors. Their enthusiasm is commendable, but I think their realism needs a check. Only backed it as they're friends, and I feel pretty bad for them because my $20 contribution was 1/4 of their total raised amount. :down: I wish them luck in their endeavors, but I'm not sure how successful they're going to be. :unsure:




The only KS I'd originally planned on backing at this point was Mighty No. 9, and that's not even because I'm all that interested in the game, but because in the "trial" version of the KS page, they had listed that if you backed for $10 you could name a star in the game. I thought it would be awesome to have OneBoot forever in a video game for reals. :D However, when the project went live just a couple days ago, I found out that they'd removed that pledging option. I AM SO DISAPPOINT RIGHT NOW. :angry:::(::down:



--OneBoot :D

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I will list the ones that funded in order of backing.


You will find that I will be very harsh on communication.

I will forgive quite a lot if it is well communicated, whereas poor communication bugs me.

By communication I mean using the KS update system. I don't have time to run all over the internet for news.



An adventure for Pathfinder: the funding was to cover the printing costs to have it available for free RPG day.

Delivered on time, great communications


The Order of the Stick reprint drive

Had a few issues where the artists hurt his hand badly, but everything has been well communicated. Very happy so far, and love his work tracker.


Rappan Athuk

A mega dungeon for Pathfinder.

Delivered, there were a few little issues, but handled in an open friendly manner.


Pathfinder Online Technology Demo

Only pledged for tabletop stuff, which was delivered on time.


Sedition Wars

Late delivery with half delivered, with the other half being shipped now.

Not particularly happy with this, the quality of the components is poorer than my expectations. And the communications through the Kickstarter page after the drive had finished were, frankly, appalling. I have not touched a CMON KS since.


Reaper Bones

I am happy with the quality and quantity of figures that I received. However, you know I am going to say that communications, especially to the overseas customers, let them down.

If I hadn't been dealing with Reaper for years, I would be more upset than what I am. I will look at Bones 2 with a more skeptical eye.


Red Box Games 1

Quite late in delivery, but the communications were great. Wouldn't hesitate to back again if he had a subject I am interested in (not a goblin fan).


Dungeon a Day

Another mega dungeon for pathfinder, this time in a website.

All delivered, on time, no hassles at all.


Tentacles and Eyeballs

There were some issues with this one, but all well communicated.

All delivered and I am happy with the figures


Bombshell Babes

All delivered, on time.

The sculpts are fantastic, a model KS.


Demons and Devils

Quite late at this stage, and the shipping seems to be taking forever and the updates are very sparse (though there was one today).

Not yet concerned that I will get my figures.




What can I say.

This KS finished in November last year with the "book already written, and will be printed and be in your hands for Christmas".

The original guy then mismanaged all the funds from the KS, the book was only half finished. Mid this year the book was taken over by one of the freelancers who has promised to fulfill the core book pledges, but he has asked for people to pay the postage costs. This doesn't bother me, as an international, I was up for postage anyway. However, it left those people who had pledged for other things such as the promised companion book, the miniatures and plushies high and dry.

I am pretty confident that I will get the two core books I am owed, as he has a blog that he is updating almost on a daily basis, but I have kissed the money for the companion book goodbye.


Pathfinder Online

Only pledged for the table top stuff, (ie the mega dungeon) as I have no interest in the MMO.

It isn't due til mid next year, and it is Paizo. I am confident that I will get my stuff.


Midgard RPG Miniatures

Run by EFS. Communications around this are very poor, and although I have filled out the survey about a month ago, there is no word on shipping.

This is one of the KS that I am concerned about receiving my stuff.


Grand Temple of Jing

Pathfinder mega dungeon (mmm...there seems to be a trend here)

Seems to be going along quite well. Though it was due last month and there doesn't seem to be an acknowledgement of that. I think is it a matter of when, not if, for this one.


Interface Zero 2.0

I actually don't know why I backed this, as I am not a huge cuberpunk fan.

Anyway, I haven't paid a lot of attention, but communications have been regular and informative.



Variant Chess set, due Dec 2013

Communications have been sparse, but it is a Mantic games run KS, so I am not particularly worried.


Obsidian Portal Reforged

Am expecting this to run late, but I am not concerned at all. I listen to their podcast, Haste, so I am up with where they are at.


Thunderscape, World of Aden

Campaign setting for Pathfinder

Happy with communications, not issues with this one.


Dungeons of the Mountain King

Papercraft Terrian

Happy with communication, and have already received part of my reward.


Raging Heroes


Could do with a little more communications, but I am confident they will deliver.


Space 1889


Only just finished, so yet to form an opinion


Edit: Almost forgot


Freebooter Legends (indiegogo)

All delivered, on time.

The sculpts are fantastic, great communications.

The only gripe I have is that you can't get two sets of bodies to use all the variables...but that is just me being greedy :)


Damsels of Darkmyre

I am actually on a friend's pledge, but it is running late. He is quite happy with the communications he has received.


It is only when I write them all down that I realise how many I have pledged for, and how many are still outstanding.

Maybe I need to stop making lists on the internet and do some painting to make room.

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Not for delivery until 2015 iirc

Has this changed somehow? I thought the January 2015 on the Captain pledge was a typo but eta was 2014?


I was going by memory, 2014 it is!

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Let's see:


Rappan Athuk: Delivered. A few small delays, but nothing to warrant getting one's shorts in a knot over.


Reaper Bones: Delivered. Sure it was delayed, but I think the hysterics, weeping, and rending of garments on the part of some customers was senseless. I realise that this is Generation Immediate Gratification's time to shine, and that there are a lot of very special little snowflakes out there whom the world needs to cater to - but this was a HUGE project and you got one hell of a good deal . . .


Call of Cthulhu Horror on the Orient Express: Announced to be out in August, so it's now three days late. Doubtlessly there are already hordes of gamers out there on the internet proclaiming their outrage over this, the greatest injustice ever suffered in the history of the world. Me, I'm not worried.


Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition: Scheduled to ship in October 2013. Quick start rules are out already. Unconcerned.


Cthulhu Wars: Scheduled for December 2013, but given the sheer size of the project I sincerely doubt it. And frankly, I think the KS is so damned cool that I'm more than willing to wait patiently until it's done.


RAFM Call of Cthulhu Miniatures: This was an awesome project that was hamstrung by Indiegogo. I really hope the folks at RAFM take another kick at the can using the Kickstarter platform once support for Canadian projects is available. RAFM has said that the truncated project's miniatures will ship well ahead of the August 2014 fulfillment date. No complaints.


The Egg

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I don't count my first one because it was way back when KS was relatively unheard of and it was for a local artist/craftsman/maker collective..


Reaper Bones: Delivered. The one that started it all.. *shakefist*


Damsels of Darkmyre: The number of problems worries me. communication is great, but thankfully I'm only in for a couple minis so if/when they ever show up I'll just be happy to have gotten them.


Pathfinder Online: In mostly for the Emerald Spire in print. Game is just a bonus if it turns out to be good. Had a bunch of friends go in so I have people to play with.


Grand Temple of Jing: Another mega dungeon. Happy with communication. Delayed due to sheer size and number of authors and artists involved, then editing, etc. Happy with how it is progressing.


Drake: In for more than I'd planned. Will probably sell off a bunch of these when they come in. Met Benji at Origins and am really impressed by his business sense. Delayed, but the delays were for good quality and business reasons. I've seen the samples up close and am VERY happy with what I've seen.


Imbrian Arts: In for the Sea dragon and a couple extras from the Forest set. In awe of how great his stuff looks. Happy with communication. Wish we had more WIPs and that there were two of him to sculpt faster.


Darklands: I'll just echo what everyone else said. Really, really impressed. I went in on 3 smaller minis originally and now have gone back to the well for 3 larger ones having seen how well they have executed delivery and production. Hoping they ship the 5 of mine that are ready and split across 3 orders.


Kingdom Death: Monster: I'm expecting a delay on delivery, but having bought some of his other minis when they became available, if the new ones are of the same quality I'll be quite pleased. Probably selling the bonus minis I get.


Legends: Fantasy Violin: I think this was actually a couple weeks early. Really liking the music and the appreciation Julia seems to have for all her backers.


Itar's Workshop: Bought dungeon dressing items. Seems to be moving alone with some slight delays


Stonehaven Gnomes: Only got the Kobold Magelord.. very nice mini.


Games and Gears Brushes: I ended up getting replacements for a lot of mine which fixed a lot of the issues I had with my initial set. Not sure I'll replace the ones I have when they wear out with more of the same. Like the shorter brushes the most. I don't dislike them but I don't have enough experience to go on with other brands. My WN Series 7 #2 had the same issues as these brushes so it might just be me


Project Eternity: Moving along.. High expectations for this one. RPG #1


Torment: Tides of Numenera: Moving along.. RPG #2


Divinity Original Sin: Moving along.. RPG #3


Legends of Dawn: Delivered. Not impressed thus far. Only out $15, so no great loss. they appear to be fixing issues regularly, but they had horrible QA. Game should have been beta tested for another 5-6 months. going to stick to the bigger, more reputable development houses going forward. RPG #4


Red Box 2 3: Back catalog items received. Very happy so far.


Painting Pyramid with James Wappel: Filming is ongoing. sometimes I wish he'd update less or with something more substantial like sample videos.


Torn Armor: Only in for 2 Clockwork dragons. They are finishing up details with Reaper now.


Dungeon Roll: Delivered. Fantastic game to play with my grand kids.


Dwarven Forge: moving along. Looking good for delivery.


Fractured dimensions: Only in for a couple minis. Seems to be moving along.


Roleplaying maps by Arcknight: Not a lot of communication since the end, but enough to know things are progressing fine.


Nanobot Battle Arena: I know these guys. Things seem to be progressing smoothly. Will be another fun game to play, especially while drinking with friends.


Quicksilver playing Cards: a little delayed, but delivered. Really nice cards.


Ritual Playing cards: Delivered on time. nice cards


The Evil Cupcake Book: At the editor. Delayed a bit due to unexpected health problems. I've been friends with the author for 20 years and have had to eat some of the experiments (oh the horror!)


Wish I was Here: Went in for the music selections and production blog from Zach. Loved Garden State so really had no issue backing this for a couple bucks.

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