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Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?


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I've had appalling luck. The Kickstarters that I've spent most on have all failed, for me that's numbers 1-6 plus 8 (Reaper Bones 1 comes in at 7). I am however becoming more tolerant of failure, but lack of comms drives me nuts.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I've been really lucky on KS so far as well.  Currently, I've backed a total of 32 KS that funded which I would breakdown as follows:


4 - Delighted with project and product

18 - Satisfied with project and product

2 - Not satisfied with project and/or product - Would not back again

7 - still waiting on delivery (3 of which are late)

1 - got full refund due to delays



I'm deliberately not evaluating whether I would back again as in some cases, I was happy with the project and product I got but wouldn't back again simply because I don't feel I need any more (good example of this being Happy Seppuku base stamps).


I should also mention that I have low standards.  For example, I put G&G pro studio brushes into the satisfied column and I know those brushes are reviled on these forums.  I was satisfied with them as I only paint tabletop quality and the brushes are good enough for that plus, at the KS prices, they were cheaper and better than the Citadel brushes I had been using before.

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I've had some others disagree with my suggestion to stay away from First Created projects, but I'm sticking with the criteria (especially after reading about a FC who was actually a KS creator who mismanaged their previous KS projects and changed their name). Some FC projects whose stuff I really like aren't asking for much money, so I give 'em a shot. Or a FC has retail presence and I'll take a risk. But, nowadays, as KS matures, many experienced KS creators can offer very good deals (no doubt because they *have* managed to run a successful KS campaigns), so the bargain-hunting backers can still find bargains. These experienced creators will often announce their projects many months in advance (maybe they realize I don't have $150+ to spend unannounced), making it more difficult for me to back a FC that puts more demand on my gaming budget.

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I've had 3 fail for about $200.


Both Drakes, though I did get over half of my drake 1 order, and a pen kickstarter that I'm out about $20. Only backed that one because he was the brother of another project creator I've backed and had good experiences with. 


I am generally following a first creator rule as well, but will change the policy of how much I pledge based off of how I feel they're running the KSer and communicating.  Case in point: Minion Miniatures. Other FCers that I'll back for more are one's who's companies I've followed for a while such as Norsgaurd (who one of the project creators I've been acquaintances with via another forum for years) and GCT Studios/Bushido who's been around for years and people I've talked to at Gencon and on social media for a long time.

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No real fail yet. I backed one computer game that was released but was a dud. Some other things were not of the quality I had hoped for (but I did not pledge a lot for them).  I have some KS that are extremely late, but we get updates.

I have one KS I backed for PDF and printed books - received all the PDF (and they are awesome), but the printed books might not happen.

All in all, guess I can't complain (yet).

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I've had 3 fail for about $200.


[...] a pen kickstarter that I'm out about $20. Only backed that one because he was the brother of another project creator I've backed and had good experiences with. 


Hey, that's my one that completely failed as well.  ::):



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No failures. All good.

I figure my one failure had me for $7, so I can't be too upset. Actually, it's hard to even care at all except I *really* liked the concept of the dice and wanted them.


Dice seem to be my major sticking point on kickstarters. They also tend to be the same people wanting to start a business and are raising the money to buy the equipment.

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Hooray, while I was hospitalized, my Feng Shui 2 pack arrived. Had it shipped at my mother's place as I half expected to be absent when it would arrive.


Some taxes and S/H had to be paid as expected (was my mother who paid until I get to repay her), but the amount surprised me. It cost an extra CAN$101. Wow! That's... that's more than I thought it'd be. OK, 15% for taxes, $10 S/H from the US, exchange rate at +30% (ouch!), meant that it originally cost me nearly $470. That doesn't sound right. I do remember pledging one of the higher tiers, but not that much!


Then I look at the USPS customs declaration form for a line by line list of the items (in quadruplicate).


GM screen, QTY 1, declared value X$, check

Chi Warrior edition, QTY 1, declared value X$, check

Netherworld edition, QTY 1, declared value X$, check

Archetype sheets, QTY 1, declared value X$, check

Shot counter, QTY 1, declared value X$, check

Dice, QTY 61, declared value 231$... WTF?!


The 6 custom dice (retail 20$) ordered (and received) was mistyped as 61 dice and priced accordingly (and are from Poland?) on the customs declaration. So though I paid the right amount through KS, from the duty's point of view an extra $180 value was added and we had to pay extra taxes for that.


Not happy with this.


I contacted the author from Atlas Games to try to resolve this. My money is now with Canada Post, but they charged my on what USPS' documents showed, and someone somewhere wrote down those faulty numbers. I'm not sure what steps to take, and since I'm going back to the hospital on Monday, I'm not seeing any money back anytime soon.

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So, let's see - 


Pledged Kickstarter status - 


Forthcoming (7)

  • Fate More: From Bits to Books - Estimated Delivery: June 2016
  • RuneQuest: Classic Edition - Estimated Delivery: January 2016
  • MODIFI3D : 3D Print Finishing Tool- Estimated Delivery: February 2016 (this might be sitting in my old offices)
  • Bombshell Miniatures 2 - Estimated Delivery: June 2016
  • Reaper Miniatures Bones 3: The Search for Mr. Bones! - Estimated delivery: Aug 2016
  • Blue Rose: The AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy - Estimated delivery: Aug 2016
  • Dragon Snack Games - Buffalo tabletop hobby game store - Estimated delivery: Dec 2015

Although some of the pledges have gotten larger (or stayed the same), the number of pledges in 2015 is down - and the amount I'm willing to risk on unknowns is lower. 


Late (8) (4 <1 year, 4 >1 year)



  • RAFM New Airship Pirate Miniatures - Estimated delivery: Jul 2015 - announced casting starts soon
  • Twisting Catacombs . Miniature Dungeon Scenery  - Estimated delivery: Mar 2015 shipping has started, but long lead time
  • Star Trek: Axanar Estimated delivery: Jul 2015
  • Obduction - Estimated delivery: Oct 2015


  • Mythical Lairs - The Next Step in Dungeon Terrain Estimated delivery: Flipping never-ever
  • Mekton Zero - Estimated delivery: Dec 2013
  • ALAS VEGAS: an RPG of bad memories, bad luck & bad blood - Estimated delivery: Jun 2013
  • Far West: Western/Wuxia Mashup adventure game - Estimated delivery - twice whenever



Out of the very-late ones (over a year), I figure I'm going to see product on two of them, and have basically given up on the other two - I'll be pleasantly surprised if I get anything, delighted if it's actually useful, but I'm not holding my breath, at all. So, I guess two "burns" out of 63, and neither for anything resembling the amounts some have been taken for.


Delivered (48)



  • Mistborn Allomancy Dice - Estimated delivery: Jun 2015 
  • The Zine Vault - Estimated delivery: Nov 2015
  • WINTERDALE: Medieval Fantasy Citadel Collection for 28mm- Estimated Delivery: Jan 2016
  • Una the Blade- Estimated Delivery: Feb 2016
  • Echo Chernik - Kickstarter Only Editions - #3 - Art Nouveau Crane - Estimated delivery: Mar 2015
  • Reaper Miniatures CAV : Strike Operations - Estimated delivery: Jul 2015
  • Dwarven Forge's Modular City Builder Terrain System - Estimated delivery: Jan 2016
  • DRAGONLOCKâ„¢ 28mm Scale Dungeon Gaming Terrain (delivery of files in process)


  • WOLSUNG Steampunk Skirmish Game Expansion Estimated delivery: Oct 2014
  • Harwood Hobbies: Next Wave of Wargaming Miniatures Estimated delivery: Jan 2015
  • The Last Parsec - Savage Worlds Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • Exofont: Fantasy Glyph Estimated delivery: Jan 2015
  • Stonehaven Miniatures: Half-Orc Adventurers Estimated delivery: May 2015
  • Feng Shui 2: Action Movie Roleplaying Game by Robin D. Laws Estimated delivery: Aug 2015
  • Rise of the Draconids Estimated delivery: Mar 2015
  • Fate Tokens: Metal tokens for Fateâ„¢ games Estimated delivery: Dec 2014
  • The Storyteller's Thesaurus Estimated delivery: Oct 2014
  • Imagined Realms: Book 1 - New Fantasy Art by Julie Dillon Estimated delivery: Dec 2014


  • Dungeon Crawl Classics: Peril on the Purple Planet Estimated delivery: Nov 2014
  • Bethorm: the Plane of Tekumel RPG Estimated delivery: Aug 2014
  • Foam Brain Metal Pins - RPG Classes, Meeples and More! Estimated delivery: Oct 2014
  • Pairs: A New Classic Pub Game Estimated delivery: Aug 2014
  • Dwarven Forge's Caverns-Dwarvenite Game Tiles Terrain Estimated delivery: Nov 2014
  • Echo Chernik - Kickstarter Only Editions - Raven Queen by Echo Chernik Estimated delivery: Mar 2014
  • Echo Chernik - Kickstarter Only Editions - Winged Woman 1 Estimated delivery: Dec 2013
  • Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set Estimated delivery: Aug 2014
  • Lost Worlds' Princesses & More (Mars/Barsoom) Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • Elven Adventurers Box Set Estimated delivery: Mar 2014


  • Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and Beyond Estimated delivery: Apr 2014
  • Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones! Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
  • Game Decor's PaintWorks - TerrainPaint $36.00 Estimated delivery: Nov 2013
  • Atomic Robo Needs You! Tesladyne Recruitment Drive! Estimated delivery: Oct 2013
  • The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG Estimated delivery: Nov 2013
  • Warriors of Darkmyre Obliteration Edition Estimated delivery: Oct 2013
  • Itar's Workshop - Dungeon Terrain and Accessories Estimated delivery: Oct 2013
  • Transhuman: The Eclipse Phase Player's Guide Estimated delivery: Aug 2013
  • Fate Diceâ„¢: Dice For Your Fate & Fudge Games Estimated delivery: Sep 2013
  • The Reward - Tales of Alethrion Estimated delivery: Apr 2014


  • Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles: Revolutionary Miniature Terrain Estimated delivery: Oct 2013
  • The Tomorrow Girl: Dresden Codak Volume 1 Estimated delivery: Aug 2013
  • Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk Estimated delivery: Jun 2013
  • Realm Works - Streamlined RPG Campaign Tools Estimated delivery: Jul 2013
  • Fate Core Estimated delivery: Mar 2013
  • ICONS: Great Power Estimated delivery: Mar 2013
  • Mutants & Masterminds 10 Year Anniversary Edition Estimated delivery: Apr 2013
  • Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures Estimated delivery: Mar 2013
  • Dungeon World: A Game with Modern Rules & Old-School Style Estimated delivery: Aug 2012
  • DungeonMorph Dice (Dungeon Geomorphs)

Out of these, there are a handful I would not back again because of delays, or quality, but surprisingly few - I've been lucky, both in generally backing things I ended up liking, and in not getting burned by things I did back.  (Color key - Blue means I'm satisfied, but not likely to back again - for whatever reason. Green means would back again - light green means I have backed again. Just bold means no opinion. Violet means generally satisfied, but reservations of some sort. Orange is dissatisfied (usually with both delays and quality), and Red means I'm flipping pissed the heck off at this point - failure to deliver, shoddy workmanship, or other problems). 

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