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Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?


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I can say this one is complete!


Kobold Press Tome of Beasts: 5e beasts pdf


(Or at least will be once I download it).


Also got a update for the Pathfinder metal dice. Supposedly US backers should get shipping notifications this week.


Kinda of annoyed at this one in regards to pledges. Everything got held up due to copper dice problems. I was only in it for the basic set. Should have been able to avoid this!


While successful & they've fulfilled most it'll make think twice about backing in the future.

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#01 Reaper Miniatures Bones 1
#03 Hell Dorado: Inferno Expansion
#04 Dwarven Forge 1 (dungeons)
#05 Veronica Mars Movie
#06 Oathsworn Miniatures: Heroes of the Dwarves
#07 Wizard Castle "White Breath"
#08 The Kodiak
#09 Opus Fresh
#10 Red Box Games: Dwarves, and Goblins, and Orcs Oh MY!!
#11 Broek Jeans
#12 Natural Decadence: Gluten Free Grahams

#13 ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone

#14 Fractured Dimensions: Infernal Minions of the Outer Planes


#16 Making Magic: The Art of Gary A. Lippincott
#17 20th Anniversary Nearly Complete Starchild
#19 Fire From The Gods
#20 Bombshell Babes: Special Edition Maelee
#21 Reaper Miniatures Bones 2
#22 Metal Comb Works
#23 Dwarven Forge 2 (caverns)
#24 Come with me and "Dance in the Fire"
#25 Oathsworn Miniatures: Clan McFiggin Dwarf Brewers

#26 Reaper Miniatures CAV: Strike Operations

#27 Basius 2

#28 Red Box Games: Heroic Fantasy Miniatures

#29 Red Box Games: Barbarian Hordes

#31 Red Box Games: Warbands of the Cold North 2



#30 Reaper Miniatures Bones 3 (August 2016)

#32 Red Box Games: Wabands of the Cold North 3 (January 2017)



#02 Imbrian Arts by Jody Siegel

#18 d100 by Ominous Cow Productions

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Getting close to having no Pending Kickstarters, so updating:-



Stonehaven Dwarf Adventurers:- Received with no issues. Have backed again.

Reaper Bones 1:- Slightly late, but no real issues. Didn't back any of the subsequent Bones Kickstarters (not a fan of the material).

Stonehaven Gnome Adventurers:- Also received with no issues. Have backed again.

Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King:- Late, but no other issues. Did not back any further Kickstarters from them (lost interest in chibi-style minis).

Wolsung:- Very late, but no other issues. No plans to back any future Kickstarters (I have enough at the moment).

Carnevale:- Late, I considered the postage charges excessive and the mini I received was very poorly cast and sculpted. Will not back (or buy) anything from them in future.

Basius 2:- Late, but no other issues. No plans to back any future Kickstarters (Don't use the 2 I got as much as I thought I would).

Minion Miniatures - Monsters of Underdeep:- Received late, but with no issues. Will consider any future Kickstarters.

Corvus Corax - Outcasts:- Received early, no issues. Have backed again.

Corvus Corax - Dawning:- Received early (again!), no issues (again!), will back any future Kickstarters.

Kingdom Death - Monster:- Still waiting on one final expansion but it's close enough I'm calling it done, finally! Despite the lateness I would back again (what can I say, I'm a fanboy), but I would hope any future Kickstarters are smaller in scale, or are at least much better handled communication-wise.

Song of Blades - Hammer and Forge:- Received on time. Looks good, but I'm unsure if I'll back any future Kickstarters at this point.

Infamy - Goblin Chief:- Received 3 months (!?!) early. Lovely mini, will certainly look at any future fantasy-focused Kickstarters.

Wild West Exodus - Unfinished Business:- Received on time. Pretty disappointed by the minis in the end, they seem to have been cast on the cheap, will not being backing anything of theirs again.

Bombshell Babes 2:- Received slightly early. Very nice minis, but would have appreciated some better packaging, they've all been a bit bashed and bent during transit. Would probably back again, but not for so much next time.

Heroines in Sensible Shoes:- Received on time. Very nice minis, would certainly consider backing future Kickstarters.

Going Native - New World Monsters:- Received late, but the quality is very nice.

Stonehaven Halfling Adeventurers:- Received late (but for good reasons), minis are up to the usual high Stonehaven standards.

Norsgard - Second Wave:- Received early, Very nice minis.




Shadows of Brimstone:- Very late. Received the base games so far, and should get the rest late 2016/early 2017. Rather disappointed with what I have received so far, do not have high hopes for the rest. (Update:- Production should be finished October, so I think this one has definitely slipped to Early 2017. Miniature quality seems to be improving, but most of this is still going on Ebay as soon as it arrives.)

TGG2 - Light and Darkness:- Getting a little late, bit disappointed by some of the changes they've been making to some of the minis, won't be adding to my pledge like I planned to. (Update:- Received part of my pledge, minis look nice but I'm massively put off by the amount of clean-up they will require. Hopefully with much of my remaining pledge in metal they should be a bit better.)

Twisted:- Due November 2016. They're having a few problems getting a pledge manager sorted, but everything else seems to be progressing smoothly. I hope so as I'm planning on upgrading my small resin pledge to a much larger metal one. (Update:- Still appears to be progressing smoothly. Upgraded my pledge from 4 resin minis to 4 metal faction sets plus some standalone minis, trying very hard to resist adding the remaining minis.)

The Pantheon Of Chaos:- Due August 2016. Only went in for a small pledge as they're new people, but almost everything I'm after has already been sculpted so I'm not worrying. (Update:- Will miss the August due date but hopefully not by much. Updates have been sparse and pretty information free, but I think this is all down to 1st Kickstarter hiccups rather than anything to worry about.)



Imbrian Arts:- It hasn't technically failed yet, but there has been no apparent progress made in almost a year (and very little made the year before that). While I did receive part of my pledge, I doubt I will see any more of it. I think both the money and enthusiasm for this project ran out a long time ago.



Haven't backed any new Kickstarters since my last update and don't plan to.

While my experiences with Kickstarter have been fairly positive overall, it is largely responsible for turning me from a mini painter into a mini hoarder, and as much as I like getting cool new minis (and helping little companies get a leg up), I'm in the process of cutting down my collection, so it is probably for the best to cut off my main source of acquisition.

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My list isn't extensive compared to some on here but I try when I can.


Current or outstanding KSes:


KritterKinsâ„¢  - Estimated delivery Aug 2016
Did the Kit n' Koboodle pledge so 7 of whatever I choose. A Little late but I'm not worried, Patrick & his wife, Vicky are keeping everyone updated. Looking forward to this one!
Ral Partha's Chaos Wars Dwarf, Undead, Troglodyte Miniatures -  Estimated delivery Dec 2016
Julie Guthrie's Vampire Queen sculpt ONLY! On schedule!
Dungeon Explorers - 28mm Miniatures for Gamer's and RPG's  Estimated delivery Oct 2016
Did the Warband pledge so the "PCs" & whatever freebies that were unlocked. From the emails, this one appears to be on schedule. 
Watchmen of Destiny - Estimated delivery Sep 2016
Did the Basic pledge + was able to pick up the NSFW deck due to Facebook posting. So that will the  Watchmen of Destiny game + all the stretch goals. This one too appears to be on schedule. 
Pathfinder & Q-workshop Metal RPG Dice Set EARLY BIRD pledge - Estimated delivery Mar 2016. 
Late on this one. Issues with the copper dice. Since I didn't do the Copper, kinda of annoying. All I did was the basic pledge so the regular metal dice & stretch goals. I should have it by now.  <_< Last update had this one at them receiving the shipping labels by FedEx. Since they are in Poland, hopefully not much longer. I know I won't be backing any further KSes from them. Had hope to see these either in the spring or a month or two after the estimated date. Now I'm hoping to have em before ReaperCon this year.
Reaper Miniatures Bones 3: The Search for Mr. Bones! (WAVE 1 SHIPPING) Estimated delivery Aug 2016
Well we all know about this one, soooo no further explanation required. :lol:
Tablescapes Dungeons - Modular RPG Dungeons by Secret Weapon: I had a Core set pledge but with all my medical problems last month had to drop it to the basic pledge. I'll add to till the pledge manager closes for good.
Still going on:
Base Boss by Reaper Miniatures: Anther one of those we all know about. ::):
AdventureCraft Tilemorphs for RPG's by Glenn McClune: This small KS is chugging along quite nicely. Looking forward to the finished product



Just updated what I've got out there in KS-land. Again, not much but I try when I can.

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I only have a small list... But wanted to say that the "Warring States" Terracotta soldier/first dynasty minis were on time. I got the monthes ago and forgot to post. They are very nice, good detail. The one weak point would be the glue pionts are all really smooth. So they are hard to build if you aren't a pinner.


Conan Monolith is about a year late but suppose to be delivered in October.

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Update on the Pathfinder Metal Dice by Q Workshop!!


September 6, 2016


Hi all,

We've just waved the pallets goodbye!

Here they are, right before we shipped them:


 It's 12 of those.

What now?

The pallets are being transported to Warsaw, where our courier broker will put them on a plane to Chicago Fedex facility.

From there, the packages will start their way to you, and your tracking numbers will go live :)

We've also sent an e-mail to the backers who haven't closed their pledge yet. If you have received an e-mail like this, please react.

I'm at your disposal, as always, at [email protected] or through Kickstarter private messages.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Agnieszka & the Team


Finally!! Heck I had to go back to the KS page to see what I all had coming with those metal dice. Now the wait for shipping to Chicago & hopefully FedEx tracking works if I need it.....

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Summer's been good. I have several updates.

Current list: Total 36 campaigns, (Kickstarter + Indigogo), 25 fully received. 69.44% successfully delivered!

1- Bones 1 (Reaper)
2- Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook (Hardback)
3- Civility Yoyo - Yotricks.com
4- Gnomish adventurers boxed set (Stonehaven Miniatures)
5- STINKY the Gaming Footboard - Step Up Your Game! (SteLuLu Technologies)
6- NeoLucida - A Portable Camera Lucida for the 21st Century
7- Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly (Core Rulebook) (Andy Hopp)
8- Tact-Tiles: Modular Wet and Dry Erase Gaming Surface
9- Bones 2 (Reaper) (since Easter weekend 2016, all of them are now in my possession)
10- Feng Shui 2: Action Movie Roleplaying Game by Robin D. Laws
11- WILDERNESS ADVENTURES 28mm Scale Fantasy Gaming Terrain, Fat Dragon Games (Lifetime pledge level, so as long as he's making models, I'm getting a copy)
12- Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes' Call & TEK 2nd Edition (Gamelyn Games) (Add-ons included TE Galaxies, TE Defenders)
13- BRAWL: Real Time Card Game (Cheapass Games). Add-ons included original set, the Seniors, and one of the old alternate Brawl game decks Ting Ting.
14- Figopedia Vol.1 (Indigogo, can't wait for Vol. 2 announcement)
15- Halfling Adventurers Miniatures, Stonehaven Miniatures
16- MONSTROUS - The Game of Mythic Mayhem (Good Games USA)
17- Apex TDBG: Stomping Grounds Expansion
18- Heroines in Sensible Shoes - 28mm miniatures for roleplaying (Oathsworn Miniatures)
19- Kill Doctor Lucky, 19.5th anniversary edition, (Cheapass Games)
20- Dark Dealings: Dark Lords Defending Against Pesky Heroes (Nevermore Games)

21- Secret Hitler (Max Temkin, one of the guys behind Cards Against Humanity)

22- Mechanical Dice Towers - MDT-7 sci-fi tank model (Moroz Publishing, Russian geeks!), ARRIVED EARLY!

23- Kensei Undead (Zenitminiatures), Sep 2016

24- Tiny Epic Western (Gamelyn Games), Sep 2016

25- Heroines in Sensible Shoes 2 - 28mm miniatures for roleplaying (Oathsworn Miniatures), Nov 2016


Shipped or about to be shipped:

26- Evolution: CLIMATE (a stand-alone boardgame) (North Star Games), Aug 2016

27- Wizard's apprentices Fantasy Figures, (Midlam Miniatures), Oct 2016




28- Paranoia RPG. (Matthew Sprange/Mongoose Games)
29- IMMORTAL - Mythology Board Game (Game-O-Gami)
30- Get Adler: Whispers (Caper Games), June 2016
31- Bones 3 (Reaper, D'uh!), Aug 2016

Ridiculously delayed, but still kicking:
32- Low Life Miniatures (still sculpting, though many minis are complete)(Andy Hopp)
33- The Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board (still waiting for Seafarers board and card holders). Been waiting for completion of this one since 2012, expected 2017 (yes seventeen).

Still within expected production/development period:

34- CAV: Strike Operations II, Big Stompy Robots part 2, (Talon Games), May 2017

35- Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyong the Black, Expansion for the original Tiny Epic Galaxies, I pretty much have their whole collection, (Gamelyn Games), May 2017

36- Halfling Wizards and Apprentices, (Midlam Miniatures), Jan 2017


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