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Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?


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Just backed:

The Art of J.A.W. Cooper: Three Book Set With Prints: (might be a little NSFW)

I am so sooooo happy that I stumbled onto this one. J.A.W. Cooper's work is unique, but not all that dissimilar to Stephanie Law, who I adore. Lots of animals, some Asian influences here and there, oodles of fantasy themes, some grotesque elements, and low prices. S̶o̶ ̶f̶a̶r̶ ̶I̶'̶m̶ ̶o̶n̶l̶y̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶b̶o̶o̶k̶, but I'd love to get all three. 


EDIT: My daughter saw this so now we're getting all three. I knew she'd love it. :lol:

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Top Posters In This Topic

UPDATED December 2nd, 2017
Time for an update due to new pledges and new deliveries.

Current list: Total 49 campaigns, (Kickstarter + Indigogo), 40 fully received, 1 partially received (counted as 0.5). 82.65% successfully delivered! One new KS, and one KS remembered where I chipped in for some of the goodies.



1- Bones 1 (Reaper)
2- Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook (Hardback)
3- Civility Yoyo - Yotricks.com
4- Gnomish adventurers boxed set (Stonehaven Miniatures)
5- STINKY the Gaming Footboard - Step Up Your Game! (SteLuLu Technologies)
6- NeoLucida - A Portable Camera Lucida for the 21st Century
7- Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly (Core Rulebook) (Andy Hopp)
8- Tact-Tiles: Modular Wet and Dry Erase Gaming Surface
9- Bones 2 (Reaper) (since Easter weekend 2016, all of them are now in my possession)
10- Feng Shui 2: Action Movie Roleplaying Game by Robin D. Laws
11- WILDERNESS ADVENTURES 28mm Scale Fantasy Gaming Terrain, Fat Dragon Games (Lifetime pledge level, so as long as he's making models, I'm getting a copy)
12- Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes' Call & TEK 2nd Edition (Gamelyn Games) (Add-ons included TE Galaxies, TE Defenders)
13- BRAWL: Real Time Card Game (Cheapass Games). Add-ons included original set, the Seniors, and one of the old alternate Brawl game decks Ting Ting.
14- Figopedia Vol.1 (Indigogo, can't wait for Vol. 2 announcement)
15- Halfling Adventurers Miniatures, Stonehaven Miniatures
16- MONSTROUS - The Game of Mythic Mayhem (Good Games USA)
17- Apex TDBG: Stomping Grounds Expansion
18- Heroines in Sensible Shoes - 28mm miniatures for roleplaying (Oathsworn Miniatures)
19- Kill Doctor Lucky, 19.5th anniversary edition, (Cheapass Games)
20- Dark Dealings: Dark Lords Defending Against Pesky Heroes (Nevermore Games)
21- Secret Hitler (Max Temkin, one of the guys behind Cards Against Humanity)
22- Mechanical Dice Towers - MDT-7 sci-fi tank model (Moroz Publishing, Russian geeks!), ARRIVED EARLY!
23- Kensei Undead (Zenitminiatures), Sep 2016
24- Tiny Epic Western (Gamelyn Games), Sep 2016
25- Heroines in Sensible Shoes 2 - 28mm miniatures for roleplaying (Oathsworn Miniatures), Nov 2016
26- Evolution: CLIMATE (a stand-alone boardgame) (North Star Games), Aug 2016
27- Wizard's apprentices Fantasy Figures, (Midlam Miniatures), Oct 2016

28- Halfling Wizards and Apprentices, (Midlam Miniatures), Jan 2017 (got them in Dec 2016, early!) :bday:

29- Arsies' Painting Toolbox; A miniature painting monograph (Javier "Arsies" González), Mar 2017 (delivery complications, but on time!)
30- Paranoia RPG. (Matthew Sprange/Mongoose Games) 

31- Bones 3 (Reaper :bday:)

32- Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black, Expansion for the original Tiny Epic Galaxies, I pretty much have their whole collection, (Gamelyn Games)

33- Dark Sword Miniatures – Stephanie Law Masterworks Expansion, (Darksword Miniatures), July 2017

34- Dungeon Scenery & Anthropomorphic miniatures 28mm, (Johnny Lauck), June 2017 (got some free extras!)

35- Bears vs Babies - A Card Game + NSFW deck, (Elan Lee, The Oatmeal), June 2017

36- Tiny Epic Quest - Introducing ITEMeeples (Gamelyn Games), Aug 2017

37- Halfling Adventures, (Midlam Miniatures), July 2017

38- Get Adler: Whispers (Caper Games), June 2016

39- Medieval Demon Miniatures, (Antediluvian Miniatures), October 2017

40- Interface Zero 2.0: Fullmetal Cyberpunk, ( David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games), late 2013. Group pledge for this one with other friends, wasn't under my name, but I got some of the goodies.   


Shipped or about to be shipped:

41- The Winter Adventurers and Winter Party, (Midlam Miniatures), September 2017




42- IMMORTAL - Mythology Board Game (Game-O-Gami)
43- CAV: Strike Operations II, Big Stompy Robots part 2, (Talon Games), May 2017

Ridiculously delayed, but still kicking:
44- Low Life Miniatures (still sculpting, though many minis are complete) (Andy Hopp)


Still within expected production/development period:


45- Bones IV, (Reaper Miniatures), February 2019

46- Common (Garden) gnomes, (Midlam Miniatures), January 2018

47- Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3 - miniatures for RPGs , (Oathsworn Miniatures), May 2018

48- Necronomnomnom - A Cookbook of Eldritch Horror, (Red Duke Games), September 2018, I got the Deluxe edition, so I'll be in the last batch to get it.


Dead/cancelled but not a complete failure:


49- The Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board (Bill Trammel), June 2013. Partially complete. I got the main board and 5-6 expansion years ago. Currently in IP trade dispute between game owner and mold maker for the Seafarers boards. I'm no longer expecting much from this one


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On 11/26/2016 at 3:41 PM, Inarah said:

Reaper Miniatures Bones 3: The Search for Mr. Bones! -- late, but shipping , originally 2016
Warbears and Stagriders, Fantasy Wargames Miniatures -- delivered late
Deep Wars Blood Reef -- estimated Nov 2016  -Delivered on time!
Etch Master brass -- delivered late
Barbaric Splendor -- due Sept 2016, sculpting still not finished
Halfling Militia Rooster Riders -- due July 2016, Delivered Nov 2016
Singular Irregularity -- shipped Aug 2016, but not everyone received, after badgering the creator I finally got a copy in January.
Freeblades: Traazorite Crusaders -- due Nov 2016, delivered on time


Eclipse Sisterhood: Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures -- funded, est Nov 2017


Legend of Cleopatra -- funded, est. July 2017


At the moment only waiting on 3 to fulfill, plus Bones to arrive.  Have not seen a lot of projects that I wanted to fund recently. 




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Just received delivery of a long-outstanding project: Kaidan Campaign Setting. The original estimated delivery was Oct 2013. It was still completed* despite the passing of its original creator Steven Russell.


*There are some odds and ends still being cleaned up, but the main book is done.

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I've been away for a while, haven't I?


After well over a year of waiting for some of these, I've experienced a sudden cascade of deliveries in the past few weeks.




Masmorra by CMON

Knights of the Dinner Table chibis with Gazebo by Impact

Monster Madness movie monsters by Studio Miniatures

Bombshell Babes 3 by Bombshell Miniatures

Bones 3 by Reaper

Devils Dungeon Nightmare Creatures by Dark Art Studio


And a friend gave me his Bones 2 set since he is no longer able to paint due to a medical situation.


Still waiting on :


Base Boss

Kev White does Matt Dixon

30mm Female Pirates

Yokai Quest

Court of the Sultana

and a few other things not mini related


I went kind of crazy with this in the past year. I doubt I'll need any more miniatures for the rest of my life (yeah, right). 

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Updated list as follows:


Update for the last six months - 11 complete deliveries, 0 partial deliveries, and a few due to arrive within a month or two.


Some stats:

106 total projects in these stats (not including failed to fund or canceled projects)

3.8% of projects won't be sending me product

1.9% (half of the above) sent refunds

1.9% (the other half) failed completely

81.1% of projects (86/106) have completed successfully (keep in mind that many are not even late yet) - this went up by about 6% (after going up about 5% last time)


Delivered: (86)



Shadowrun Returns: Delivered WIBA: Probably

Zpocalypse: Delivered WIBA: Maybe. Have resisted thus far.

Zombicide: Delivered WIBA: I was against it due to a rough experience the first time, but maybe for the fantasy expansions - I must now include Black Plague with my orders. Wounds have healed with time, I guess.

Bug Alien: Delivered WIBA: Yes

The Lost Dutchman: Delivered WIBA: Fills a niche and was local. Maybe.

Reaper BONES: Delivered WIBA: Absolutely!

Heroes of Metro City: Delivered WIBA: Not sure. Was very late and the game isn't quite as good as DC Deckbuilding Game, so probably not.

Stonehaven - Gnomish Adventurers: Delivered WIBA: Yes. Although skipped elves due to funds being spread too thin.

Dungeon Roll: Delivered WIBA: Maybe

Professional Mp3 Background Loops: Received WIBA: If I had need of them

Dwarven Miner: Delivered WIBA: It could definitely use an expansion, so maybe.

Giant 2 Inch Soft Foam Polyhedral Dice: Delivered WIBA: Yes, but it seems they won't be doing another.

Alea Tools: Delivered WIBA: I have a lot now, so not sure if I need them. Maybe.

Happy Seppukku Base Stamps: Delivered WIBA: Yes. They are great!

Whisper & Venom: Delivered WIBA: I just bought into some minis, but I like them and might buy more. Maybe.

King's Cup: Delivered WIBA: No. I haven't even opened the pack yet. Apparently we play less drinking games than we used to.

The Easy Macro Smartphone Lens: Delivered WIBA: Don't think so. It was a nice idea, but I don't think it quite works for mini photography.

Red Box Games: Norse Warriors: Delivered WIBA: Yes. Tre does great work!

The Stomping Land: Received. Not played yet. WIBA: Haven't played yet, so not sure.

Among the Sleep: Received. Not played yet. WIBA: Haven't played yet, so not sure.

Grim World: Received  WIBA: Haven't played yet, so not sure.

Wasteland 2:  Received late. Have yet to play it.  WIBA: Maybe

Dungeon Roll Winter Promo: Was way late. Also, this game has not been seeing much table time. WIBA: unknown

Itar's Workshop: Late, but good. I feel for the guy, for sure. WIBA: Yes, if they manage to get time to do one.

RPGs are Evil - Dark Dungeons: The Movie!: Delivered. WIBA: Yes, probably

Game Decor's PaintWorks: Delivered late due to cold weather there, I guess. WIBA: Yes

Barbarian Horde by Tre Manor (Red Box Games): Delivered. Amazing sculpts, as usual WIBA: Absolutely! Already have.

The Covetous Poet's Adventure GM Guidebook: Received. Good stuff. WIBA: depends on the future product

Minx Miniatures: Delivered. WIBA: Not sure yet.

Stonehaven Pop-Up Terrain: Digital files received. Physical product received. Great stuff! WIBA: Yes. #StoneHavenFanForLife

Pairs: A New Classic Pub Game: Seemed worth the shot. Fun game and useful for using with middle school students despite "Pub" in name. WIBA: Yes, probably

Character Meeples: Seemed worth the shot  WIBA: Yes, probably

Darklands: First Edition II: Price is the only thing preventing me backing this at an excessive level. WIBA: Absolutely, but depends on funds.

MYTH: All delivered. Second edition of rulebook made it playable and awesome. WIBA: Yes. Already have.

AntiMatter Rise of the Draconids: Received and awesome. I wish I owned the whole catalog. WIBA: Yes. I may have to own them all at some point.

Heroic Fantasy Minis by Tre Manor (Red Box Games): I need moar Trebeard sculpts!. WIBA: Every time. Tre is awesome! #thatbeard

IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls: My daughter loves them. WIBA: Probably, although it would mostly likely have to be more toys for my daughter to play with...villains would be nice to have.

Game Master's Apprentice: Backed for PDF only and ended up buying the printed deck. Worth it! WIBA: Maybe

Combat Description Cards for Storytellers and GMs: Seemed worth the shot and was!  WIBA: Yes, probably...although not sure what new offerings they would have (spell card descriptions could be handy)

Reading Rainbow: I got my bookmarks. WIBA: Probably.

Reaper BONES 2: Awesomesauce WIBA: Absolutely.

Dwarven Forge Caverns:   I wish that I would have backed the first one. Delivered and great! WIBA: Yes, and have.

Impact! Chibi Pony Adventure:Need to paint more of what I ordered, and they struggle with paint/primer, but great for my daughter. WIBA: Probably. Depends on my daughter's interest level.

The Bacterionomicon: This ranks pretty far up there on the cool factor. Great book for the shelf! WIBA: Yes, probably

Corvus Corax Miniatures - Outcasts: This should have gotten more funding! Great mini and amazing shipping time! WIBA: I can't wait to!

Tavern Dungeon Decor: Delivered already and will be great for scenery and dioramas! WIBA: Yes!

Blood Rage: The gaming group has enjoyed the half a dozen times it has been played. Glad I backed it. Quality of minis is better than I thought it would be. WIBA: Not sure.

Exploding Kittens: I backed this on a whim and for something to throw in the rotation of party fun games like CAH. It didn't disappoint. WIBA: not sure what to expect from a second Kickstarter, so maybe?

Corvus Corax Miniatures - Dawning: Amazing quality! It was even delivered at least a month early! WIBA: Yes!

Basius 2.5: These base stamps are great, although expensive. I could see getting more over time, but budget will play a large part in that choice. WIBA: Maybe.

StoneHaven Half-Orcs: Great, just as expected. WIBA: Yes. #StoneHavenFanForLife

Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain: Look good. I have yet to delve into them too much, but seem worth what I paid and more. WIBA: Unknown.

Reaper Bones CAV:SO: Delivered WIBA: Probably. Depends on interest level of my group.

Song of Blades: Hammer and Forge: Got the books and a couple of sets of minis WIBA: Not sure

Halfling Adventurers (Stonehaven): Completionist WIBA: Probably

Dwarven Forge's Modular City Builder Terrain System: I went heavy on this. Heavier than any Kickstarter yet (except DF4). I hope it pays off as an investment in the hobby for years to come. WIBA: I would love to say I have restraint, but I don't

Barbarian Hordes by Red Box Games: I went in heavier this time and will likely do so from here on out. WIBA: I <3 Trebeard minis

Stones Dungeon Tiles: Reaper's endorsement and the material sold me on this. Added to my pledge in Pledge Manager. WIBA: Probably. At minimum, I should pick up some water tiles.

Bombshell Babes 2: Missed the last one and glad to get in on this one, especially since I could cherry-pick across the line.  WIBA: Possibly

Zombicide - Black Plague: Glad I backed and wish I could have grabbed more of the add ons. WIBA: Probably not, but we'll see.

Dungeon Crawler: Received and have used most of these minis in game. Great stuff! WIBA: YES!

Lord Zse Zse Elven Papercraft Terrain: Complete but not built. WIBA: My Dwarven Forge collection has really caused me to forget about papercraft for the most part.

The Lost Dungeons of Xon: An Innovative RPG Adventure: I backed this in hopes of seeing more modules like this released from other companies too. Hyperlinked PDFs with Bones and Dwarven Forge in mind? Great idea! Now to actually try and run the module, lol. WIBA: Yes! I already did!

Darkfast Dungeons: Complete. WIBA: Unknown

Xon: Bathed in Blood - An Epic Hack & Slash Dungeon Crawl: The $10 was worth a shot after backing their last project. WIBA: Probably

13th Age Coins and Icons Tokens: Went in for a set of 13th Age coins. I haven't even played the game, but I am thinking about integrating the Icon System into my 5e game WIBA: Not sure I have a use for more, but the coins are great!

Crit Hit! 2016 - a tabletop roleplaying gathering in Phoenix: A new Con starting up in town. Seemed worth a shot. It was fun and is going to run another Kickstarter soon. WIBA: Assuming that the timing of the Con works for my work schedule.

Infinitas DM - Mobile Cartographer, Lorebook & Battlemap: Seemed worth a shot with one of our players moving out of state a couple months ago. Just received recently and haven't had a chance to try it out. WIBA: Not sure.

The ABC's of RPGs - Books and Coloring for Adults and Kids!: My wife pushed for this one. I added the coloring book. WIBA: Not sure. It is good, but would depend on what was offered.

ADAPT - The Card & Dice Game: Worth it for the dice alone, but the game is okay. WIBA: Possibly

Tome of Beasts: 400+ New Monsters for 5th Edition: Pledged for both print books. Seemed like a good deal and I feel like it was. WIBA: Not sure. It filled a monster void that I had. Would depend on what was offered.

Warbands of the Cold North II: I went surprisingly light on this one, but very much enjoy what I got. WIBA: Yes. Trebeard for life.

Sensible Shoes 2 - female 28mm gaming miniatures: Got a few great minis for a decent price. WIBA: Probably, although probably not Burrows and Badgers.
Cretacea: The game of gargantuan survival:  I blame Siri for this one. Went in for just the pdf and haven't played yet. WIBA: Probably not.
Volt Planner - Reach Your Goals 2017: Backed for two. Giving one as a gift to my wife. Maybe I should try and use the other to plan how to stop backing so many Kickstarters. WIBA: Not sure.
Cthulhu Wars - Onslaught 2:  I went in heavy for this one and got everything. Everything. I love the game and had been meaning to buy it for a while now. This got me to go all in and it is one of my favorite KS purchases. I have even started to demo the game regularly. WIBA: Absolutely. Rumor is that July is when OS2 will happen.
Apocalypse World 2nd Edition: I have heard good things. Seemed worth a shot. Book seems decebtly enough put together. Not sure it is the right fit for my current group though... WIBA: Not sure.
MacroMat Miniature Photo Backdrops: I love this one! The stand is great and so are the backdrops! WIBA: Not sure I will need more than three backdrops.

Science Wide Open - Children's Books About Women in Science: This looks very promising. I am always wanting to show my daughter that there is a world out there beyond princesses and ponies (although, girls need those things too). I have set them aside for her birthday next month. WIBA: Maybe.

Warbands of the Cold North III:Went in for a small order to show Tre support. WIBA: I will do my best to always back Tre products...even if for just one mini.

Bombshell Babes 3: Bomb Kit and a few extras. They are great! WIBA: Probably

Miniature Holders and Grips: I love these! WIBA: I could use another 1-2 grips. Retail might be the way to go.

Dwarven Forge 4 - Castles: I went heavier on this one than planned. In the end, it was probably my largest pledge yet (including the added amount in the PM). I am looking at it as an investment in my gaming future. WIBA: Probably. Self restraint has not served me well and the campaign is currently running.

Reaper Bones 3:All in. Seriously more than I should have and still kept adding every few weeks until the end. WIBA: Yes. Absolutely.

Corvus Corax Miniatures - Exiles of the Tetsu Clan: Speedy delivery of great quality, as always. WIBA: Yes. Absolutely.

Do It With a Deep One: Humorous April Fools Joke. Now I have a painted rock. WIBA: Yes. Absolutely.


Partially Delivered: (2)



DeepWars - Blood Reef: Everything is awesome! I am still waiting on the mantis shrimp due to it being a casting nightmare. WIBA: Yes.

MYTH: Journeyman: I backed this fairly very heavily. Backed for everything. 2.0 rules have been well received by my group and I look forward to the Journeyman stuff soon. I have received the 2.0 updated rules. Then the expansion boxes were shipped  and took months due to being lost in the mail and then replaced. The rest of the stuff - very delayed. WIBA: Maybe. I will have a LOT of MYTH after this. Also, rumor is they are being bought out. 


Yet to Deliver: (19)



Terrain Crate: Can always use terrain. Right? WIBA: I am a sucker for terrain...

The Adventures of Little Knife and Kronan: This guy did a bunch of stuff for Myth and I liked his work. Seemed worth the shot. WIBA: IDK 

Gloomhaven: The cool crowd seemed into it. Seemed worth the shot. WIBA: IDK

Rising Sun: Seemed worth the shot and filled a genre gap. WIBA: IDK

Crit Hit 2017: It was fun last year. Offered to run some games this year. WIBA: IDK probably...although there is talk that the time of year might change.

The World of Smog  - Rise of Moloch: My wife seemed really interested in this one. Seemed worth the shot. WIBA: IDK

Kingdom Death - 1.5: I feel like I missed out on the first one. I would love to back for a ton, but my budget feels differently. I am hoping to keep myself to just the base game and one or two expansions.

Deep Madness: Went in for base game and feel a little like I am rolling the dice. WIBA: If they deliver with a good product.

Stonehaven Giants: Went VERY light on this one to show support. Only one mini. WIBA: Probably. I love Stonehaven.

Base Boss: Backed for a few bases. WIBA: Maybe. Depends on base needs.

Tablescapes Dungeons - Modular RPG Dungeons by Secret Weapon: Terrain in Bones-type material? Of course I will back! WIBA: We will see what it is like in hand.

Talon Games CAV: Strike Operations II: Backed for paint. WIBA: Always for new paint. Maybe for other.

Dungeon Crawler - The BEHEMOTH Extended!: They messed up on quotes and won't be delivering on the behemoth (and issued refunds). I will be getting a few smaller minis instead. WIBA: Not sure.

Card Caddy Double Decker: Not sure which games I will use this for, but I went in for a couple of these. Now behind schedule. WIBA: We will see how useful they really are.

Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder: I don't play Pathfinder, but it seemed likely to be able to modify for 5e, and it came with a Glow in the Dark Mini! WIBA: Probably

GNL Mats: Last minute impulse back. I figure it could be useful for certain things. Delays have been rough. WIBA: We'll see...

The Phoenix Project - City of Titans: in development and not sure when it will ever finish  WIBA: unknown. Mainly backed to show CoH/CoV support

Teramyyd: Earthsphere: Serious delays. They keep taunting us with hope in updates. WIBA: Probably not.

Dungeons and Dragons: A Documentary: Late and uncertain production due to legal issues WIBA: No



Officially Won't Be Delivered: (4)



THE GALLERY - SIX ELEMENTS:  Finally started to release and then told people it would only be on 3D hardware despite that being contradictory to what was said in the campaign. Requested refund, and received it 2-3 months later. WIBA: Not likely.

ICE AGE MAMMALS: My $15 pledge might just become a cost to cover entertainment value of this train wreck. WIBA: Not if you paid me.

TOME OF HORRORS COMPLETE: Dead. No chance at a refund. I lost quite a bit, but others had it worse. WIBA: No. NO. NO!

ARKYD: A SPACE TELESCOPE FOR EVERYONE: Dead. Refunds sent to everyone due to not being able to attain further funding from private/commercial sector. WIBA: unknown



Currently Backing or Debating Backing (3):



Zombicide - Green Horde: Teetering on this one a little. More zombie types would be great to have, but many are hidden away in other exoansions and add ons.

Dwarven Forge - Dungeon of Doom: I am trying to be good and focus on add ons only. Not sure that will stay that way.

Deep Wars - Hunters of the Abyss (Antimatter Games):  The vessels this time around are amazing! I hope to back for Fortune Hunters and hopefully the Dark Mariners vessel gets unlocked.


Color Coding Key:

Green: Received Completely.

Lime Green: Received partially.

Black: In production, but not delayed.

Orange: Delayed

Red: Nervous for some reason. Some more than others.

Violet: Ongoing

RED CAPS: Project officially failed to get any product to me.


Edit: formatting fixed.

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Just realized that the three KS I'll be backing and coming up in July (plus a certain one in August!) are from companies with track records. So...


* July 17th: Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3. Backed the first and second KS, received rewards. No issues.

* July 18th: Doomtown Reloaded. Haven't backed Pinnacle Entertainment, but they've delivered on several KS.

* July: Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game. Backed several CMON KS, received rewards. No issues.

* August: Bones IV. Backed several Reaper KS, received rewards. No issues. 


Well, that'll dent the wallet. Skipped Zomibicide: Green Horde and Dwarven Forge to build up the gaming chest!


EDIT: May skip Song as well. Picked up the Hand of Glory RPG miniatures with "hot swappable" hands. Creators have run several KS before, though with metal jewelry, rather than miniatures with magnets.

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I haven't updated mine in so long. 63 / 97 ~ 65 success backing rate.



In Progress

  1. Myth: Journeyman (MERCS Miniatures) - Received two core boxes. Pledged heavily and greatly disappointed. Awaiting stretch goals and expansions delivery.
  2. GNL Mats (GameNightLife) - Late ...
  3. Middara (Succubus Publishing) - Late
  4. Folklore (Greenbrier Games) - Late
  5. Super Dungeon Explore: Legends (Soda Pop Miniatures) - Late... Pledged heavily and starting to become disappointed. Sounded like they had a game plan, now it's being worked on. -__-
  6. Shieldmaiden Army Reboot (Shieldwolf Miniatures) - Package on the way(?)
  7. Rail Raiders Inifinite (Soda Pop Miniatures) - Late
  8. Dark Souls (Steamforged Games) - Awaiting stretch goals and expansions
  9. Massive Darkness (CMON)
  10. Barbaric Splendor - Late
  11. Tablescapes Dungeons (Secret Weapon)
  12. Female Fantasy Miniatures (Hasslefree Miniatures) - Prettttty
  13. Moonstone Fantasy Skirmish Game (Goblin King Games)
  14. Mythic Battles: Pantheon (Monolith Board Games)
  15. Yokai Quest (Zenitminiatures)
  16. Kobold Press Bestiary (Kobold Press)
  17. Kingdom Death 1.5 (Kingdom Death)
  18. Way of the Fighter  (Soda Pop Miniatures)
  19. The World of SMOG (CMON)
  20. Thunderstone Quest (AEG)
  21. Village Attacks (Grimlord Games)
  22. Rising Sun (CMON)
  23. Dead Man's Doubloons (Gonzalo)
  24. Naughty Gears (Scale75)
  25. Sine Tempore (Ludus Magnus)
  26. Lords of Hellas (Awaken Realms)
  27. Zombicide: Green Horde (CMON)
  28. Human Interface (Postindustrial Games)
  29. Burrows & Badgers: Fur & Feathers (Oathsworn)
  30. Founders of Gloomhaven (Isaac Childres)
  31. Final Boss (Rafael Gonzalez)
  32. Bones 4 (Reaper Miniatures)
  33. Dungeons of Doom III (Darcy Perry)
  34. Obsidian Dusk (Greebo Games)



  1. Bones 1 (Reaper Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  2. Bombshell Babes (Bombshell Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  3. Shadow of the Sun, The Valkyrie Incident, and Stone & Relic (smallboxgames) - Delivered - Went for digital files. WIBA: I have discovered I am not a print and play person. So, no.
  4. Myth (MERCS Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes
  5. Bones 2 (Reaper Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  6. Tiny Epic Kingdoms (Gamelyn Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes
  7. Draco Magi - Delivered - WIBA: No
  8. Lagoon: Land of Druids - Delivered - WIBA: Maybe for the expansions
  9. Ravenfell (Fat Dragon) - Delivered - WIBA: Not for more paper stuff.
  10. Deadball Xtreme (Mantic Games) -  Delivered - WIBA: Not for sports games unless I can use the miniatures in fantasy setting.
  11. Fireteam Zero (Emergent Games) - Delivered Late - WIBA: Lukewarm
  12. Recon (MERCS Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Not too happy about the quality of the boards. It will depend on the project
  13. Super Dungeon Explore (Soda Pop Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes
  14. Combat Description Cards (Conflict Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Nah.
  15. Coup Reformation (Indie Board & Games) - Delivered - WIBA: No, don't like the idea of promo cards tied in to kickstarter projects I have no interest in backing.
  16. Drakerys (Don't Panic Games) - Delivered Late - WIBA: Lukewarm... they did not communicate well during and after, which caused me to worry about my pledge, but they're still attempting to fulfill pledges.
  17. Reading Rainbow - Delivered - WIBA: Pledged for support. READING RAINBOW!!!!
  18. Harbour (TMG) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on the board game
  19. Tiny Epic Defenders (Gamelyn Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes
  20. 28mm Elven Papercraft - Delivered / Cancelled by creator after delivering most of the work - WIBA: Not for more paper stuff. I have discovered I am not a print and play/build person.
  21. Dungeon Saga (Mantic) - Delivered - WIBA: Undecided. Some of the changes I was unhappy with.
  22. Half-Orc Adventurers (Stonehaven) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on miniatures
  23. CAV (Reaper Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Went in for the paints.
  24. Vye (Sand Hat Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes. Love the artwork
  25. Stephanie Law Masterworks (Darksword Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on miniatures
  26. Fireteam Zero Translations (Emergent Games) - Delivered Late - WIBA: Lukewarm
  27. Stones Dungeon Tiles (Frontline Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes.
  28. Tiny Epic Galaxies (Gamelyn Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes
  29. Blood Rage (CMON) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes
  30. Tough Girls of the Galaxy (Raging Heroes) - Delivered - WIBA: No. As a newbie to resin, I was not happy with the material used, the placement of vents, nor the brittleness of the figures.
  31. Burrows & Badgers (Oathsworn) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  32. Critter Kingdoms (Darksword Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on miniatures
  33. Zombicide: Black Plague (CMON) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes.
  34. Bones 3 (Reaper Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  35. Halfling Adventurers (Stonehaven) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on miniatures
  36. Bombshell Babes 2 (Bombshell Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  37. Burrows & Badgers: Freelance (Oathsworn) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  38. Tome of Beasts (Kobold Press) - Delivered - WIBA: Undecided
  39. Scythe (Jamey Stegmaier) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  40. Happy Seppuku's Stamps (Happy Seppuku) - Delivered - WIBA: Undecided
  41. Arcadia Quest: Inferno (CMON) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes.
  42. Tiny Epic Western (Gamelyn Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes
  43. Un-Renaissance (Greebo Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on miniatures
  44. Heroines in Sensible Shoes (Oathsworn) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  45. Thief's Market (TMG) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on the board game
  46. Villages of Valeria (Daily Magic Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on the board game
  47. Warbands of the Cold North II (Tre Manor) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on miniatures
  48. 7th Sea (John Wick) - Delivered - WIBA: Possibly
  49. Rum & Bones: Second Tide (CMON) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes.
  50. Quests of Valeria (Daily Magic Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on the board game
  51. Cavern Tavern (Final Frontier Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on the board game
  52. This War of Mine (Awaken Realms) - Delivered - WIBA: Depending on project
  53. Outlive (laboitedejeu) - Delivered - WIBA: Depending on project
  54. CaptainTara Kurkova (Infamy Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Depending on project
  55. Sensible Shoes 2 (Oathsworn) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  56. Unfair (Good Games USA) - Delivered - WIBA: Depending on project
  57. Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black (Gamelyn Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes
  58. Bombshell Babes 3 (Bombshell Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  59. Warbands of the Cold North III (Tre Manor) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on miniatures
  60. Knights of the Dinner Table (Impact! Miniatures) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on miniatures
  61. Tiny Epic Quest (Gamelyn Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes
  62. Burrows & Badgers: New Blood (Oathsworn) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes :wub:
  63. Florence Knights (Greebo Games) - Delivered - WIBA: Yes, depending on miniatures


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On 11/26/2016 at 3:41 PM, Inarah said:

Reaper Miniatures Bones 3: The Search for Mr. Bones! -- late, but delivered

Warbears and Stagriders, Fantasy Wargames Miniatures -- delivered late
Deep Wars Blood Reef -- estimated Nov 2016  -Delivered on time!
Etch Master brass -- delivered late
Halfling Militia Rooster Riders -- due July 2016, Delivered Nov 2016
Singular Irregularity -- shipped Aug 2016, but not everyone received, after badgering the creator I finally got a copy in January.
Freeblades: Traazorite Crusaders -- due Nov 2016, delivered on time


Legend of Cleopatra -- July 2017, delivered on time



Still waiting for:

Barbaric Splendor -- due Sept 2016, sculpting still not finished

Eclipse Sisterhood: Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures --  still sculpting, est Nov 2017

Bones 4 -- funding in progress


I seem to have a 50/50 rate of "on time" delivery and so far haven't backed any really regrettable choices. 


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Wow my list is pretty tiny in comparison to everyone else:(


Restore Historic Mission Control: I love NASA stuff and this one seemed cool. Just $10, awaiting my digital reward.

Stonehaven Adventurers 2017: This one has six days left. Hope they hit their ship date of September 2017

Reaper Miniatures Bones 4: Mr. Bones EPIC Adventure!: man this one's gonna break my paypal budget:)

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Got the second part of one of my longest outstanding kickstarters today Alien Assimilation from Trollforged Miniatures,


it's been a long hard road for them but a major thumbs up for following through and fulfilling even though the KS money was long gone and it would probably have been easier just to give up and leave backers in the lurch.

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