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Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?


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Not including the ones I was part of but eventually dropped, I've backed 5 projects myself.


Currently running: 0

Projects delivered (on time or late): 0

Projects with Future Delivery Date: 4

Projects Running Late: 1

Unsuccessful Projects: 0

Funding Cancelled: 1

Dead/Scam Projects: 0


The late runner for me will be shipping soon, so it'll be nice to have the first one I've backed be delivered ^_^  Three of mine are waiting on pledge manager to open or surveys to go out.

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Top Posters In This Topic

While I haven't back a whole lot of KSs (total of 63), most tend to fulfill on time or about 4 months off or so. I think I've backed maybe 1 or 2 that never delivered. One for sure was Sean K Reynold's Blue Moon rpg & one for sure I got a refund for, Talislanta updated.


Lately, I tend to back more or less quick KSs, like stl file ones but I do back one from popular sources like Reaper. Funny, I've only commented 8 times on KS & most of those were during the Pathfinder metal dice campaign by Q Workshop (& I rarely even use those dice....<_<).

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I'm not a big player in the Kickstarter business,



Projects Pledged:  12 / 13

Backed 12 

and was a Late Backer for Bones II ( if that counts it's 13)

Projects Delivered (On Time or Late): 10/11
Projects "Delivered" Which Did Not Deliver What Was Promised:  0
Projects with Delivery Date Still in the Future: 2
Projects that are Very Late to Very, Very  Late:  0

Unsuccessful Projects:  0
Cancelled Projects: 0


So far I have been very lucky that all went well. On the other hand I tend to back the well known companies, Reaper, Zenith( Kensei) and before I backed the others I searched the internet for reviews, their webstore, asked around here and sometimes even contacted the creator to see how communications were.

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Projects Pledged: 56 (includes the ones that didn't get funded)

Projects I backed out of during the KS: 1

Projects that didn't fund during the KS: 8

Projects that were cancelled during the KS: 1


Projects Delivered (On Time or Late):  36


     Projects "Delivered" Which Did Not Deliver What Was Promised:  1


Projects with Delivery Date Still in the Future: 9


Projects that are Very Late to Very, Very  Late:  1 or 2 (so one was where the person had some RL sudden medical complications, and I got a PDF but not the book that I ordered. The other one continues to surprise me by randomly delivering books at very far apart intervals I have 2 of the 3 promised books now) 


Cancelled projects: 1


Out of all of this, the only projects I ever actually regretted funding were ones that didn't get funded anyway and only one project was a total loss. I don't think I was particularly wise, I think I only risked money I could afford in the early days and I got lucky. Lately I have been a bit more judicious about where I put my money. I will however happily admit that my cognitive bias is optimism.

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Projects pledged and made funding: 69

Projects I backed out of: 4

Projects cancelled by the creator: 4

Projects delivered in full: 59

Projects partially delivered and cancelled: 2

Projects Late, but expected to deliver: 4

Projects not yet due: 2

Projects failed with no delivery: 2


Overall not too bad, I've been a lot better at picking projects lately, so overall only 3 projects where I haven't got at least what I pledged worth out of them, and one that failed to fully deliver I was able to sell everything for more than what I paid (which was still <50% what it was at retail...a big reason why the project failed). The sell off of this project actually covered most of the costs of the two that have failed with nothing delivered!

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updated info
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Lets see...


Total Kickstarters:- 37


Finished Kickstarters:- 27

Kickstarters fully delivered early/on time:- 11

Kickstarters fully delivered late (within 6 months):- 8

Kickstarters fully delivered very late (6 months +):- 7

Kickstarters never fully delivered:- 1

Kickstarters failed:- 0


Kickstarters partially delivered/awaiting delivery:- 9

Kickstarters running on time:- 5

Kickstarters running late (within 6 months):- 1

Kickstarters running very late (6 months +):- 3


(Yes, I know that doesn't add up but I can't figure out why).


I haven't backed a huge amount of Kickstarters, but I think I've done pretty well, no outright failures and only about 30% have run very late (a much smaller amount than I thought).

Honestly, the biggest issue I've had is just totally losing interest in what I've pledged for by the time it arrives, so I try to be a lot pickier these days. 

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This is kind of interesting to consider.


Total projects: 66

Projects pending but on time: 5

Projects I backed low and decided not to get anything in PM: 5

Projects fully delivered: 49

Projects late or partially delivered: 1

Undelivered projects that are likely scams: 2

Undelivered projects for legitimate reasons: 1

Projects where I received less than expected: 3

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On 9/19/2019 at 9:22 AM, Inarah said:

Cthulhu: Death May Die  Estimated July 2019  has delivered the giant add-on Cthulhu, but not the basic game everyone pledged for.  Kind of disappointed by that. 


Animal Adventurers   Estimated Jan 2020  Their doggies KS went well, so I have good feelings about this one fulfilling on time, or early. 


Typographic Postcard #29 "OFFLINE"  Estimated delivery Oct 2019  This is his 2nd or 3rd KS and though there have been issues, they do deliver.


Gourmet Garlic, Purple Peppers, and Super Salsa!  Estimated delivery Sep 2020  Honestly not expecting anything from this but wanted to give the guy a chance.  -- Latest update admits there have been problems and this will likely not get off the ground any time soon


Amazons & Dwarves - Quality 28mm Female Miniatures   Estimated delivery Oct 2019  I expect this will be on time or close to it.  They have done several KS and communication is good. -- delivered on time



These are all new and too early to judge:


Bones 5  estimated April 2021


Realm of the dragon #3  estimated Dec 2019 -- I just filled out the shipping survey, so I might see this soon 


A Time for Sacrifice: A Call of Cthulhu Adventure  Estimated delivery Apr 2020 --PDF 


COCONESIA - adopt a palm tree  -- I backed at the donation only level



Overall I've done very well on KS/Indigogo.  Of 42+ projects all have fulfilled, a few have been late but I can only think of 2 with serious problems (aside from the garlic&salsa project above).  One I had to hassle the creator to get my PDF, and another sent the wrong items but eventually corrected it. 



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Projects pledged and made funding: 21

Projects I backed out of: 3

Projects partially delivered but expect more eventually: 1  (kingdom death) 

Projects delivered in full: 16

Projects not yet due: 3

Projects failed with no delivery: 2

Projects I received but regret: 3 



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Okay 7 KS started:

Bones 4 good, completed

Starship 3 good, completed

CAV 3 looks to ship in the next couple weeks

Battletech, waiting for Pledge Manager

Bones 5 waiting for Pledge Manager

Starship 4 Live right now

3D Mechanical Animals Live

So far, so good.

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Dirt Cheap Dungeons (May 2019)

Terrain Essentials (February 2020)

CAV SO #3 (backed via pledge manager - September 2019)

The Dungeon - Battle Mat Books (September 2019)

The Dragon's Garden and 49 Other Forest Encounters (October 2019)

The Story Engine (June 2020)

Bones 5 (April 2021)


Backed: 54

Delivered: 46

Partial delivered: 1

Dead: 1


Received another KS project this evening when I got home from the hospital so I decided to delete the previous stuff and update my list in a fresh post!!

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I've backed a decent number of projects because I want to decide later or simply keep an eye on it.  If we discount all of those, then:

- 15 Successfully Delivered Projects

- 6 Outstanding Projects

- 4 Partially Delivered projects

- 2 Dead Projects

My two completely dead projects are Super Dungeon Legends and Relic Knights 2.  SDL looks like it may never deliver, but for Relic Knights, all I pledged for was the updated card deck, and it looks fairly likely that that will be delivered.

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On 10/13/2019 at 2:13 AM, Darsc Zacal said:


Still Waiting

*Day Night Z - From the last update it seems translating  the rules are still causing the delay. Very frustrating as I only pledged for minis and scatter terrain, and it appears those have been ready to ship months ago.

Considering the delays and negative feedback they’ve been getting, I would think the project creators would want to get shipments that can actually be shipped out there to the backers so that perhaps they can get some positive reviews on social media.


*Blackwater Gulch Minions and Monsters - More flip flopping on what materials to use to manufacture the minis. They asked for feedback many weeks ago but never stated what decision they had reach and so here

we are with yet another month and a half passed.


* Mantic Terrain Not due to fulfil until next year.

As of right now I only have five kickstarters outstanding that I don’t consider “Dead”.


*Bones V and the Zombicide 2nd edition have both recently completed, so fulfilment is still a ways off.


*Mantics Terraincrate 2 is still on track for delivery in a couple of months according to their update from last month. Have to admit I personally expect  the’y’ll be a few months late, based on the fact that they just received their test prints when they posted that update.


*Day Night Z looks like it’s almost ready to start shipping the Spanish version to backers. No exact word on the English version ship date so this one will be over two years late.


*Blackwater Gulch Minions and Monsters has had another production change in manufacturers of some of the minis, making this kickstarter now officially over a year late.

I suspect this kickstarter wasn’t as successful as the Project Creator was hoping for. My concern now is that he set his funding goal too low, and that even though he reached it he doesn’t really have the financing he needed for production, and so is stretching things out, hoping he can make things work.

Thats my own personal feeling, and I have my doubts on how this will all end.


So yep. Despite trying to wean myself off of kickstarter, my backing continues.

I don’t know of any tempting projects coming up, so hopefully this will be it for a while.

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