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Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?


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Recent projects:


Gourmet Garlic, Purple Peppers, and Super Salsa!  dead/failed


Hand of Glory 2: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures -- Sept 2020 -- delivered, but I won't back again, not happy with product


FANTASTIC PLANTS & ROCKS (STL) -- delivered Sept 2020


Fantasy Stunners. Pin Up Miniatures (STL) -- delivered Dec 2020


HOW ARE YOU (Typographic Postcard #30 & 31) -- delivered Jan 2021


Cthulhu Investigators (STL) -- delivered Feb 2021



Still expected:


FANTASTIC PLANTS & ROCKS 2 (STL) -- due March 2021 (edit: delivered Feb '21)


Elven Lords: The Queen's Duty (metal) -- due Mar 2021


Bones 5  estimated April 2021

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Top Posters In This Topic

I haven't backed a KS for several months now.  I have three projects expected with a high level of probability that they will deliver what was promised and roughly on time.  I've adopted an low risk approach, so two of my three incoming are from Reaper and Scale 75 and the other is a pretty simple product.  I still have the scams and one super late delivery, if it is delivered at all -- I've written them off.


I've discovered that I am much happier by moving away from KS -- except from reliable sources.  The late deliveries and shoddy products and scams and failures and vitriol from some of the developers have just put me off.  I doubt that I'll be around KS much in the future -- Bones and a couple of other high quality, high performers excepted.



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It looks like Mierce is continuing their slow walk out onto an untenable branch...the new idea for funding? Pre-selling miscasts (they've been selling miscasts by weight for years, I bought one long ago and it was...underwhelming to say the least). But now? Not an advance order on existing miscasts. You can place an order for miscasts they've yet to miscast.


That seems....desperate.

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15 hours ago, CashWiley said:

It looks like Mierce is continuing their slow walk out onto an untenable branch...the new idea for funding? Pre-selling miscasts (they've been selling miscasts by weight for years, I bought one long ago and it was...underwhelming to say the least). But now? Not an advance order on existing miscasts. You can place an order for miscasts they've yet to miscast.


That seems....desperate.


Maybe they should have a Kickstarter to update their casting process, jeez.

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  • Reaper Bones V - Waiting for Delivery.
  • Primeval Clash - Delivered the STL's for the Core Set but now it turns out the so called stretch goals aren't free we need to BUY them as add ons.. their communication/explanations are not very clear. So never again.:zombie:
  • Iain Lovecraft - Desert Adventures - Delivered
  • Iain Lovecraft - the Frost - Backed, Cancelled and Backed for $1 to support, will look at the PM later to decide if I buy something or not.
  • Printyourmonsters - Plants and Rocks II - Delivered
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I've only got 2 outstanding order from Mierce, one is a KS item the other was a general order of a KS item.. neither is sculpted yet.. but hey, they redid a bunch of their other sculpts while we have been waiting.. and they refuse to go the STL route and I dont think they changed their process to include slots and keys for easier assembly.. 

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♦ Reaper Miniatures: Bones V (2019)



 Chris Nichols/Narrows Hill Games: Card Caddy Double Decker (2016, late backer)

 Chris Ovdiyenko/Dead on Paper: Arcana Playing Cards (2015)

 Chris Ovdiyenko/Dead on Paper: Calaveras Playing Cards (2013)

 David LaRocca/Infinite Black: Elder Dice-Cthulhu Mythos Themed Dice (2017, late backer)

Gamelyn Games: Tiny Epic Pirates (2020)

♦ Happy Seppuku Model Works: Your Board: Create Your Own Dungeon Tiles (2014)

 Monolith Edition: Batman: Gotham City Chronicles (2018, late backer)

 Reaper Miniatures: Bones III (2015)

 Reaper Miniatures: Bones IV (2017)


Dead Projects

 Darren J. Gendron: Seelie Playing Cards with a Touch of Faerie Magic (2013)

 Prodos Games: Alien vs. Predator: The Miniatures Game (partial delivery) (2013)

 Rust Devil Games: Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game (partial delivery) (2014)


Updated with Gamelyn Games Tiny Epic Pirates, which delivered today!

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Mammoth maps table mat (April 2020)

Creatures & Monsters (December 2020)

Blacklist Miniatures (December 2020)

Limitless Encounters vol 3 (March 2021) - received 03/21/21

Shard Tabletop (March 2021) - 03/22/2021

Bones 5 (April 2021)

Throne Down Games (April 2021)

Immersive Battle Atlas (April 2021)

Wildlands by Dwarven Forge (June 2021)

The Book of Collected Rumors (June 2021)

Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds (July 2021)

Dungeon & Lasers 2nd Edition (August 2021)

The Wilderness Books (December 2021)

Dangerous Destinations (February 2022)


Received my Limitless Encounters download and am ever more a fan of digital fulfillments. 

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  • Time of Legends (?)
  • Marvel United wave 2 (confirmed its on its way)
  • Reaper Bones 5 (April 2021)
  • Cmon Zombicide Invader comic book extras (May 2021)
  • Etherfields wave 2 (after July 2021)

I am considering taking a break from backing future kickstarters. Even though I have managed to paint several sets, I am falling way behind. And when the pandemic ends I will (hopefully) start playing more games and have less time to paint.

So this year I set the goal of painting one terrain piece per month. I also am trying to refocus on games I know I will play and get rid of games I know I wont play



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This could get to be a long list.  So I'll work from newest to oldest


March to Hell Rome - stl files fulfilling

Field of Screams - due October 21

Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black - due October 21

Star Scrappers: Battledrill - core stl's done.  Stretch goals pending.

Townbuilder Unlimited - mostly done

Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy 1 - on the boat (I think)

HD Bases by Secret Weapon - base stock on a boat and waiting to get into port

Tanares Adventures - Wave 1 is waiting for a container, but things seem to be progressing nicely.

Infinity Defiance - Wave 1 shipping

Time of Legends 1.5 - going into production

Battletech: Clan Invasion - Wave 1 done, wave 2 pending

War Mage Diary - late, but should be shipping in the next 2 months

Gangfight Skirmish - way late, but supposedly being printed

Various Mierce Miniatures projects - way late, but still chugging along

Kingdom Death 1.5 - will get the rest when it's done

Siege of the Citadel - expected today

GNL mats - dead and gone

Myth: Journeyman - renewed life.  No idea when to expect the missing stuff

Teramyyd: Earthsphere - theoretically still going, but haven't heard anything in a long time

Imbrian Arts - No chance this is going to be completed.

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Stonehaven Dwarf Adventurers:- Received with no issues. Have backed again.

Reaper Bones 1:- Slightly late, but no real issues. Didn't back any of the subsequent Bones Kickstarters (not a fan of the material).

Stonehaven Gnome Adventurers:- Also received with no issues. Have backed again.

Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King:- Late, but no other issues. Did not back any further Kickstarters from them (lost interest in chibi-style minis).

Wolsung:- Very late, but no other issues. No plans to back any future Kickstarters (I have enough at the moment).

Carnevale:- Late, I considered the postage charges excessive and the mini I received was very poorly cast and sculpted. Will not back (or buy) anything from them in future.

Basius 2:- Late, but no other issues. No plans to back any future Kickstarters (Don't use the 2 I got as much as I thought I would).

Minion Miniatures - Monsters of Underdeep:- Received late, but with no issues. Would recommend them.

Corvus Corax - Outcasts:- Received early, no issues. Have backed again.

Corvus Corax - Dawning:- Received early (again!), no issues (again!), would recommend them.

Kingdom Death - Monster:- Final expansion was cancelled and received a refund, so is now officially completed. Despite being VERY late I did back their latest project in the hope that lessons were learnt.

Song of Blades - Hammer and Forge:- Received on time. Looks good, would recommend.

Infamy - Goblin Chief:- Received 3 months (!?!) early. Lovely mini, would recommend.

Wild West Exodus - Unfinished Business:- Received on time. Pretty disappointed by the minis in the end, they seem to have been cast on the cheap, would not recommend backing anything of theirs again.

Bombshell Babes 2:- Received slightly early. Very nice minis, but would have appreciated some better packaging, they've all been a bit bashed and bent during transit. Would recommend.

Heroines in Sensible Shoes:- Received on time. Very nice minis, would recommend.

Going Native - New World Monsters:- Received late, but the quality is very nice. Would recommend

Stonehaven Halfling Adeventurers:- Received late (but for good reasons), minis are up to the usual high Stonehaven standards. Would recommend.

Norsgard - Second Wave:- Received early, Very nice minis. Would recommend.

The Pantheon Of Chaos:- Received late, but was very pleased with what I got. Would recommend.

TGG2 - Light and Darkness:-  Received late. Decided to go with resin minis in the end just to get it over with, despite the minis being decent a lot of little things about this one annoyed me no end, would not back any more of their Kickstarters.

Shadows of Brimstone:- Received late (est. delivery Aug 2014). Finally arrived in early 2018, however it did look like they had spent the years putting a lot of work into the game, wouldn't back another one though.

Twisted:- Received late (est. delivery Nov 2016). Even taking into account that this was a two man team running their very first Kickstarter this one was extremely late, I would back another campaign though (I really like the minis), but I wonder if the delays in getting it out have killed any chances the game had.

Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3:- Received early (est. delivery May 2018). Straight into the completed column, why can't more Kickstarters be like this? Highly recommended, even if I personally probably won't be backing any more.

Carnvale:- Received late (est. delivery Feb 2018). This one got held up by rule-book issues (And considering I wasn't getting a rule-book was somewhat annoying), minis were nice but in quite a few small pieces. Would still recommend them though.

Daughters of the Burning Rose:- Received late (est. delivery Oct 2018). A fairly well run Kickstarter, they were very upfront that it was a lot more successful than expected and so would take a lot more time to fulfil. Unfortunately soon after I backed this one, the minis I wanted were superseded by (IMO) superior versions from another company, so this one was kinda a waste of money. Would recommend. 

Unbroken:- Received late (est. delivery Dec 2018). A decently made if not particularly good game, certainly not worth all the drama it generated. Would not back any further kickstarters or have any dealings with Golden Bell Studios in general, they're just not a particularly competent company.

The Stygian Depths:- Received slightly late (est. delivery May 2019). No real problems beyond a few communication issues (despite my griping), minis were nice and well packed. Would recommend even though I am unlikely to back any more of their Kickstarters myself (I have enough).

Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2:- Received slightly late (est. delivery April 2019). Not as well run as previous Stonehaven Kickstarters I havebacked and the minis were rather poorly packed. I personally won't be backing any more and I'm not sure I'd recommend them to others either.




Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5:-

2017 Update:- Late, but Wave 1 shipments have started so it has only slipped by a couple of months. Sadly communication is just as lacking and irregular as it was in the previous Kickstarter.

2018 Update:- Getting later, Wave 3 delayed by at least a year. Amazingly, communication has gotten even worse (still waiting on the promised post-Gencon update), I know it'll get here one day and it'll be amazing when it does, but the situation is frustrating.

2019 Update:- Still getting later, Wave 3 delayed until next year (for now). My feelings are still mixed on this one, it's hard to argue against getting a load of new stuff for free, but I'm still annoyed with how this one is being run. At least there was a Gencon update this year.

2020 Update:- Communications have improved, but still no idea when Wave 3 will ship never mind Wave 4. (Update:- While this one is still moving with all the speed of continental drift, things are finally happening. Should get Wave 3 Part 1 (Pin-ups) in Jan or Feb with Part 2 (Gamblers Chest) late 2021).


Etherfields:- Due March 2020. Undecided as to whether I want the game, the minis or nothing, so I'm only in for $1 at the moment. I'm not really paying much attention to how this is going as I find it's rather over-enthusiastic fans quite annoying.

2020 Update:- Decided against buying the resin minis and went all in on the game instead, so of course it's going to be delayed a few months now.(Update:- Wave 1 received Nov 2020. The game itself isn't great, but the minis are much nicer than I thought they would be, so I'm happy. Looking forward to Wave 2 in mid 2021).


Aeon Trespass: Odyssey:- Due Jan 2021. Too early to know with this one, but I get the feeling the creators expected this to be a lot more successful then it has been so far, so I will probably only stick with the base game pledge just in case.

2020 Update:- Regular, if not particularly informative updates (unless you own Tabletop Simulator). Think everything is still on track, but still undecided if I want to up my pledge. (Update:- Apart from the fact it's (understandably) going to be late, nothings changed on this one).


The Isofarian Guard:- Due Dec 2020. Another one  too early to tell, but they have Kickstartered two games successfully in the past, and I'm in for the basic non-app version so it should, hopefully, be easier to fulfil.

2020 Update:- Everything appears to be running smoothly so far. (Update:- Not as confident as I was with this one, they keep changing things pandering to the vocal parts of the comment section. Should get this mid 2021, if they don't run out of money first.)


Reaper Bones V:- Due Apr 2021. Finally backing another Bones Kickstarter! Yay! From past Kickstarters I'm expecting this one to be late but no other issues.

2020 Update:- Everything seems to be going well.


Dawn of Madness:- Due Oct 2021. To early to tell how this one is doing. Don't think it was as successful as hoped for, so I'm not sure if I should add to my basic pledge, unfortunately a lot of the minis I really like are in the expansions ::(:.

2020 Update:- Seems to be going well. Upped my pledge because the minis are looking very nice, not sure about the game though. It's changed significantly from the initial pitch, but any info they put out about it is just so much word salad to me.


Batman:- The Animated Adventures:- Due Dec 2020. Was going well until they got hit by a last minute licencor edict, going to be Early 2021 now.


The Elves of Inneath:- Due Sep 2021. I think this is going well, a bit too early to tell. 




Imbrian Arts:-  No updates in years, I'm officially calling this one dead. Considering the on-line store is gone now, I'm not sure if I can even trade in my remaining pledge for existing minis anymore.

Mierce Miniatures - Savage Hordes 4:- While this one isn't officially dead, I'm no longer expecting to get anything else. Not a total failure, I did get all the existing minis I pledged for, but there's been no mention of the ones I'm waiting on since the Kickstarter ran.


Minor Update


Twisted Monstrous Marvels:- Received slightly late due to understandable Covid/Brexit stuff, very snazzy minis.


Middara:- Received Wave 1 a year late, looks great but I'm not going to up my pledge for the rest of it.


Had a bit of an epiphany today, when my copy of Middara showed up. It looks like a great game, but realistically I don't have the space to play it (And reading through the rulebook, I'm not sure I have the brains either), and I'm probably never going to paint more then a couple of minis, it's just going to go into the bottom of my wardrobe with the others and be forgotten.

So, I've requested refunds on all my outstanding Kickstarters except Bones V, Elves of Inneath and Kingdom Death Monster (I'm determined to see this one through to the end!). Not expecting anything to actually get refunded, but it's my way of drawing a line under them.


Between this and most "pure mini" projects going digital only, I think, for me, Kickstarter is over. 

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11 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

i've been burned too many times by failed ones


Bummer. Which ones?


Okay, since I haven't posted yet and found other's posts extremely useful (and have three additional KS I'm backing by the end of April... ::o:


Currently Backing: Most are not First Created. Most I would back again.

Monolith Games: Mythic Battles: Ragnorak

Blacklist Games: Various.

Game Tank: Not-lego Wizard's Tower. In production

Steve Jackson Games: Car Wars.

Loke Battlemats: Wilderness maps.

CMON: Zombicide: Undead or Alive.

Ulysses North (?): Myth. Previous project owners went bankrupt, and they're fulfilling the miniatures out of their own pockets. Waiting for them to fulfill before backing again.


Would back again: Most have good communication.

Monolith Games: Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Excellent boardgame miniatures.

Blacklist Games: Altar Quest. Excellent boardgame miniatures. Excellent value.

Archon: Dungeons and Lasers. Modular plastic terrain. Excellent value. 

TTCombat: Desert of the Dead. Excellent resin miniatures. Excellent value.


Steve Jackson Games

Loke Battlemats: Excellent battle maps. 

Hand of Glory: Unique hot-swappable magnetic miniatures. 

Sally 4th: Village Folk. Uncommon metal miniatures. Good value.

Tiny Furniture: Harvest of War. Good value.

Phil Reed: $1 RPG PDFs. Good value. 

Thomas Foss: Killer Rabbits. Uncommon metal miniatures. Good value.

RBJ Games: Yippers and Squealers. Uncommon metal miniatures. Good value.

Architects of Destruction: Rampage Dungeon. Modular plastic tiles. Good value.


Might not back again

Up Your Game (Vesuvius) : Coins were inexpensive, but lacked a wash. Hard to back a project for bling when you don't know the quality.


Would not back again

Cryptozoic: Walking Dead. Crap boardgame miniatures.

A few others, but they're unlikely to run another KS.


I have a weakness for a good value for a bulk purchase. Metals and resins I only back if they have something I can't find in plastic. List isn't complete. Don't even ask how much money I spend on "bargains" during the holiday sales, either, and how many miniatures I had in the queue before Reaper Bones I. :blink:


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