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Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?


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On 4/4/2022 at 6:21 PM, aku-chan said:
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Stonehaven Dwarf Adventurers:- Received with no issues. Have backed again.


Reaper Bones 1:- Slightly late, but no real issues. Didn't back any of the subsequent Bones Kickstarters (not a fan of the material).


Stonehaven Gnome Adventurers:- Also received with no issues. Have backed again.


Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King:- Late, but no other issues. Did not back any further Kickstarters from them (lost interest in chibi-style minis).


Wolsung:- Very late, but no other issues. No plans to back any future Kickstarters (I have enough at the moment).


Carnevale:- Late, I considered the postage charges excessive and the mini I received was very poorly cast and sculpted. Will not back (or buy) anything from them in future.


Basius 2:- Late, but no other issues. No plans to back any future Kickstarters (Don't use the 2 I got as much as I thought I would).


Minion Miniatures - Monsters of Underdeep:- Received late, but with no issues. Would recommend them.


Corvus Corax - Outcasts:- Received early, no issues. Have backed again.


Corvus Corax - Dawning:- Received early (again!), no issues (again!), would recommend them.


Kingdom Death - Monster:- Final expansion was cancelled and received a refund, so is now officially completed. Despite being VERY late I did back their latest project in the hope that lessons were learnt.


Song of Blades - Hammer and Forge:- Received on time. Looks good, would recommend.


Infamy - Goblin Chief:- Received 3 months (!?!) early. Lovely mini, would recommend.


Wild West Exodus - Unfinished Business:- Received on time. Pretty disappointed by the minis in the end, they seem to have been cast on the cheap, would not recommend backing anything of theirs again.


Bombshell Babes 2:- Received slightly early. Very nice minis, but would have appreciated some better packaging, they've all been a bit bashed and bent during transit. Would recommend.


Heroines in Sensible Shoes:- Received on time. Very nice minis, would recommend.


Going Native - New World Monsters:- Received late, but the quality is very nice. Would recommend.


Stonehaven Halfling Adeventurers:- Received late (but for good reasons), minis are up to the usual high Stonehaven standards. Would recommend.


Norsgard - Second Wave:- Received early, Very nice minis. Would recommend.


The Pantheon Of Chaos:- Received late, but was very pleased with what I got. Would recommend.


TGG2 - Light and Darkness:-  Received late. Decided to go with resin minis in the end just to get it over with, despite the minis being decent a lot of little things about this one annoyed me no end, would not back any more of their Kickstarters.


Shadows of Brimstone:- Received late (est. delivery Aug 2014). Finally arrived in early 2018, however it did look like they had spent the years putting a lot of work into the game, wouldn't back another one though.


Twisted:- Received late (est. delivery Nov 2016). Even taking into account that this was a two man team running their very first Kickstarter this one was extremely late, I would back another campaign though (I really like the minis), but I wonder if the delays in getting it out have killed any chances the game had.


Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3:- Received early (est. delivery May 2018). Straight into the completed column, why can't more Kickstarters be like this? Highly recommended, even if I personally probably won't be backing any more.


Carnvale:- Received late (est. delivery Feb 2018). This one got held up by rule-book issues (And considering I wasn't getting a rule-book was somewhat annoying), minis were nice but in quite a few small pieces. Would still recommend them though.


Daughters of the Burning Rose:- Received late (est. delivery Oct 2018). A fairly well run Kickstarter, they were very upfront that it was a lot more successful than expected and so would take a lot more time to fulfil. Unfortunately soon after I backed this one, the minis I wanted were superseded by (IMO) superior versions from another company, so this one was kinda a waste of money. Would recommend. 


Unbroken:- Received late (est. delivery Dec 2018). A decently made if not particularly good game, certainly not worth all the drama it generated. Would not back any further kickstarters or have any dealings with Golden Bell Studios in general, they're just not a particularly competent company.


The Stygian Depths:- Received slightly late (est. delivery May 2019). No real problems beyond a few communication issues (despite my griping), minis were nice and well packed. Would recommend even though I am unlikely to back any more of their Kickstarters myself (I have enough).


Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2:- Received slightly late (est. delivery April 2019). Not as well run as previous Stonehaven Kickstarters I have backed and the minis were rather poorly packed. I personally won't be backing any more and I'm not sure I'd recommend them to others either.


Twisted Monstrous Marvels:- Received slightly late due to understandable Covid/Brexit stuff, very snazzy minis. Probably one of the few companies I will back on Kickstarter at this point.


Middara:- Received Wave 1 a year late, looks great but I'm not going to up my pledge for the rest of it.


Reaper Bones 5:- Received slightly late. Great minis but I had the same reaction I've been having with my Kickstarters for a while, get really excited when it's shipping, get really excited going through all the cool new stuff, then pack it all away and paint something from Games Workshop . While I can't recommend the Bones Kickstarters enough, I probably won't be taking part in the next one.


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Imbrian Arts:-  No updates in years, I'm officially calling this one dead. Considering the on-line store is gone now, I'm not sure if I can even trade in my remaining pledge for existing minis anymore.


Mierce Miniatures - Savage Hordes 4:- While this one isn't officially dead, I'm no longer expecting to get anything else. Not a total failure, I did get all the existing minis I pledged for, but there's been no mention of the ones I'm waiting on since the Kickstarter ran.


  Reveal hidden contents

Etherfields:- Got my Wave 2 stuff refunded. They looked like nice minis but I've barely touched the ones I already have.


The Isofarian Guard:- Full refund. I kind of regret not sticking with this one as it was looking like a nifty game.


Batman - The Animated Adventures:- Full refund. Wasn't too happy with how this one was going any ways.


Kingdom Death Monster 1.5:- Partial refund. Was just taking too long and I've pretty much lost interest.


Dawn of Madness:- Looked interesting, but it was another big board game Kickstarter I was never going to do anything with.



Recently Received:-


The Elves Of Inneath:- Received late, but for understandable reasons. Very nice minis and would recommend.




Aeon Trespass: Odyssey:- Late (Due Jan 2021), still chugging along slowly, should get it later this year.


Mork Borg Miniatures:- Due Sep 2022, bit too early to tell how it's going but they've done a few, so hopefully it goes well.


Colostle - The Roomlands:- Due Aug 2022, seems to be proceeding nicely, too early to tell really.




Household:- Due Jun 2023, got a long time before anything noticeable happens with this one.



And that's officially it for me when it comes to Kickstarter (And I really mean it this time!). Thanks to the new online security measures UK banks have been implementing lately, this is one of the sites that no longer take my credit card, so I'm now expected to actually have the money to back these and not just leave it all in the hands of Future Me and his theoretical millions.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Heey, this seems like a fun little topic.  Actually listing them all out definitely reminded me to pump the brakes on kickstarter. 


Dungeons & Lasers Third Edition (2 months EARLY)

Still haven't gotten my tracking for this one but I'm very excited. Ahead of schedule twice now and a good value proposition.  They've been the kickstarters I've had the most positive experience with so far.


28mm Fantasy Dwarven Collection II (16 months late)

Received the main part of my order months ago and was really happy with them.  Would definitely consider supporting them again.  The resin stretch goals have allegedly been shipping for a couple months but still no sign of my tracking for those.


In Process

Flee, Mortals! (16 months remaining)

This should be fun.  Physical product is almost more of a bonus to supporting the channel.


Worlds of Web DM: Weird Wastelands (3 months remaining)

Same as for Flee Mortals.


Flying Virus Monster Vs Masked Adventurers (3 months late)

Great little company, good customer support, absolutely riddled with the kind of delays you'd expect from a small team.  It'll get here eventually.


Blacklist Miniatures: Lasting Tales (1 month late)

Allegedly in manufacturing, allegedly shipping in August, I have doubts about whether it'll ever arrive.  Their other project (below) is the worst managed project I've ever seen and I feel like a huge fool for giving them money twice.


Waiting on Pledge Manager

Reaper Bones 6 (22 months remaining)

Good ol' Reaper. Hoping the pledge manager gets the sculpts we didn't hit anyway, lots of stuff I'm excited for if they don't.


Reaper Base Boss 2 (2 months remaining)

Getting a smidge worried about this being late.  Really just backed to get some of the 4"+ bases at a discount.


Kobold Press Bestiary Miniatures: Iconic Races II (5 months remaining)

Also been a little too quiet.  Probably a pretty small order.


Factions of Galladoria (3 months remaining)

Small purchase to scoop up some scatter terrain.


Trapped in the Phantom Zone

Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series I (18 months late)

The worst.  Stay far, far away from these guys.  Minis look great, wish the company wasn't a flaming wreck.

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Let's see...



Dungeons & Lasers 3


Sep 2022

Factions of Galladoria

Fool's Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds


Oct 2022

ArCana: Augmented Reality

Animal Adventures: Faraway Sea


Nov 2022

Miniac: Metal Brush Box and Wood elf Miniatures

Tome of Beasts 3: Full Throttle

Kobold Press Beastiary Miniatures

Adventures & Academia: First Class



Sunken Isles

Flee, Mortals!

Bones 6


July 2021 😰

Hel: The Last Saga

28mm Hard Plastic Satyrs, Scythians and Amazons

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6/29: Received my download of Tome of Heroes today!

7/7: D&L Woodhaven received!

7/7: Immersive battle atlases received!

7/14: Received my Monster Fight Club Ice Wilds pledge!!


Blacklist Miniatures (December 2020)

Throne Down Games (April 2021)

Immersive Battle Atlas (April 2021)

Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds (July 2021)

Kobold Press: Tome of Heroes (April 2022)

Dungeon & Lasers 3rd Edition (August 2022)

Base Boss 2 (August 2022)

Kobold Press: Tome of Beasts 3 (November 2022)

Collecting the Art of GI Joe (December 2022)

Bones 6 (April 2024)

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An update on the ones I'm waiting on...

- Red Grass Games Studio XL v2 with RGG360 v2 Painter's Handle and 4 extra caps.  Just got shipping information this morning.  Was originally estimated October 2021 fulfilment.

- Bones 6, Estimated April 2024.  I've spent my initial contribution, odds are I'll put in a bit more

- Burrows & Badgers: The Streets of New Castle.  Estimated October 2022 and minis are already in production.  Hoping I can find the spare cash to bump this one up to the "All-In" Pledge from my current "Street Gang" level

- HexHog: Subtle Slopes Expansion.  Currently live on MMF until July 12th.  Current file delivery estimate is mid-July to mid-August.


Really looking forward to finally getting my paws on that Studio XL v2, even though my setup has changed a reasonable amount since I pledged for it, so here's hoping I still have room for a gargantuan wet palette!

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  UPDATED July 21st, 2022



Backed: 85

Projects Delivered: 79.5

Projects Soon to Deliver: 0

Projects Still in Development: 2

Projects Running Late: 1

Unsuccessful Projects: 0

Projects Late, Effectively Dead: 2

Dead/Scam Projects: 0.5

Current list: Total 85 campaigns, (Kickstarter + Indigogo), 79 fully received, 1 partially received (counted as 0.5). 93.52% successfully delivered!



  Reveal hidden contents

1- Bones 1 (Reaper)
2- Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook (Hardback)
3- Civility Yoyo - Yotricks.com. (a performance yoyo).
4- Gnomish adventurers boxed set (Stonehaven Miniatures)
5- STINKY the Gaming Footboard - Step Up Your Game! (SteLuLu Technologies)
6- NeoLucida - A Portable Camera Lucida for the 21st Century (special prism you look through to do art)
7- Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly (Core Rulebook) (Andy Hopp)
8- Tact-Tiles: Modular Wet and Dry Erase Gaming Surface (big interlocking pieces)
9- Bones 2 (Reaper) (since Easter weekend 2016, all of them are now in my possession)
10- Feng Shui 2: Action Movie Roleplaying Game by Robin D. Laws
11- WILDERNESS ADVENTURES 28mm Scale Fantasy Gaming Terrain, Fat Dragon Games (Lifetime pledge level, so as long as he's making models, I'm getting a copy. Including his 3D models)
12- Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes' Call & TEK 2nd Edition (Gamelyn Games) (Add-ons included TE Galaxies, TE Defenders)
13- BRAWL: Real Time Card Game (Cheapass Games). Add-ons included original set, the Seniors, and one of the old alternate Brawl game decks Ting Ting.
14- Figopedia Vol.1 (Indigogo, can't wait for Vol. 2 announcement)
15- Halfling Adventurers Miniatures, Stonehaven Miniatures
16- MONSTROUS - The Game of Mythic Mayhem (Good Games USA)
17- Apex TDBG: Stomping Grounds Expansion (dinosaur themes board game)
18- Heroines in Sensible Shoes - 28mm miniatures for roleplaying (Oathsworn Miniatures)
19- Kill Doctor Lucky, 19.5th anniversary edition, (Cheapass Games)
20- Dark Dealings: Dark Lords Defending Against Pesky Heroes (Nevermore Games)
21- Secret Hitler (Max Temkin, one of the guys behind Cards Against Humanity)
22- Mechanical Dice Towers - MDT-7 sci-fi tank model (Moroz Publishing, Russian geeks!), ARRIVED EARLY!
23- Kensei Undead (Zenitminiatures), Sep 2016 (Japanese themed miniatures)
24- Tiny Epic Western (Gamelyn Games), Sep 2016
25- Heroines in Sensible Shoes 2 - 28mm miniatures for roleplaying (Oathsworn Miniatures), Nov 2016
26- Evolution: CLIMATE (a stand-alone board game) (North Star Games), Aug 2016
27- Wizard's apprentices Fantasy Figures, (Midlam Miniatures), Oct 2016

28- Halfling Wizards and Apprentices, (Midlam Miniatures), Jan 2017 (got them in Dec 2016, early!) :bday:

29- Arsies' Painting Toolbox; A miniature painting monograph (Javier "Arsies" González), Mar 2017 (delivery complications, but on time!)
30- Paranoia RPG. (Matthew Sprange/Mongoose Games), Ultraviolet clearance level, so I got nearly everything.

31- Bones 3 (Reaper :bday:)

32- Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black, Expansion for the original Tiny Epic Galaxies, I pretty much have their whole collection, (Gamelyn Games)

33- Dark Sword Miniatures – Stephanie Law Masterworks Expansion, (Darksword Miniatures), July 2017

34- Dungeon Scenery & Anthropomorphic miniatures 28mm, (Johnny Lauck), June 2017 (got some free extras!)

35- Bears vs Babies - A Card Game + NSFW deck, (Elan Lee, The Oatmeal), June 2017

36- Tiny Epic Quest - Introducing ITEMeeples (Gamelyn Games), Aug 2017

37- Halfling Adventures, (Midlam Miniatures), July 2017

38- Get Adler: Whispers (Caper Games), June 2016

39- Medieval Demon Miniatures , (Antediluvian Miniatures), October 2017, miniatures that look like classical art demons found in mansucripts.

40- Interface Zero 2.0: Fullmetal Cyberpunk, ( David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games), late 2013. Group pledge for this one with other friends, wasn't under my name, but I got some of the goodies.   

41- The Winter Adventurers and Winter Party, (Midlam Miniatures), September 2017

42- Common (Garden) gnomes, (Midlam Miniatures), January 2018

43- Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3 - miniatures for RPGs , (Oathsworn Miniatures), May 2018 (arrived two months early!)

44- CAV: Strike Operations II, Big Stompy Robots part 2, (Talon Games), May 2017

45- The Ghosts of Midlam Manor, (Midlam Miniatures),  April 2018

46- The Village of Witches, (Midlam Miniatures), October 2018

47- ACUTE PARANOIA: A box full of treason and summary executions, (Matthew Sprange), January 2019. Friend computer is pleased.

48- Necronomnomnom - A Cookbook of Eldritch Horror, (Red Duke Games), September 2018, I got the Deluxe edition, so I'll be in the last batch to get it.

49- Halflings - A class of their own, (Midlam Miniatures), July 2018

50- Bones IV, (Reaper Miniatures), February 2019

51- Noresmian Nights - From Bruegelburg to the ends of the earth, (Lead Adventure Miniatures), April 2019, Grand Vizier level. I pledged extra to get access to their previous KS. "Dwarven Gold Fever" and "A Day at the Fair"

52- City of the Hobgoblin King: 3D Printable Fantasy RPG Terrain , (3-D Printcrafts), June 2019, Ultimate Cities and Citadels Pack level.

53- The Halfling Dead, (Midlam Miniatures), July 2019, full set.

54- Rise of the Mimics 2, (Galladoria Games), September 2019, Completed unpainted set.
55- Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, (Shane Hensley), June 2019, Boxed set + Core book. The new revised edition with tons of goodies. My old group and I were big fans of the universal generic system. PDFs are received, only physical copies are delayed

56- Dunkeldorf - 28mm Fantasy RPG Townsfolk Miniatures, (King Games), July 2019, Dunkeldorf Noble level

57- Talon Games, CAV: Strike Ops III, (CAVBOSS), September 2019, ACE pilot level. Who doesn't need more big stompy robots?

58- Fishing Village, (Fabio), November 2019, Towers + Fishing Village. Very unique designs that mesh well with sea faring settings, includes LotR style towers from previous campaign.

59- Lord Cireneg's City, (Kieran Billings), January 2020, Hear Ye' Hear Ye'. A very extensive collection of modular buildings that can connect with each other, and it kept getting expansions with the stretch goals.

60- Hobgoblin Raiding Party, (Midlam Miniatures), January 2020, The Hobgoblin Raiding Party. Midlam has nice sculpts and has an impeccable record on quality and delivery.

61- 2' Tower: A Tall Tale for 3D Printing (+ Free Siege Tower), (Jeremy Gosser), December 2019, The Tower. A basic 3D model that got a plenty of stretch goals for cheap.

62- Waylaid by Bandits Vol.2, (Midlam Miniatures), February 2020, Vol 1 and 2, I skipped their first male all Bandit KS, so I got to add it to the all female group. Stop being so awesome Midlam!

63- Pulp Figures Dangerous Dames 28mm Miniatures, (Crucible Crush), April 2020, Dangerous Dames Miniatures. Very few female pulp figures exist, and it's Canadian, so this was an easy pledge.

64- Halflings Gone Bad, Volume 2, (Midlam Miniatures), April 2020, the whole set of 16. Midlam does it again and is still awesome.

65- Cult of the Moon Goddess, (Midlam Miniatures), May 2020, complete set of 13. Midlam successfully lured me again with an interesting selection with various uses.

66- 28-mm Fantasy Female Amazons, (Tomb Guardians), March 2020, Amazon Faction, very nice female tough looking adventuresses with a few bonus goals.

67- THE STORY ENGINE deck of endless storytelling prompts + book, (Peter Chiykowski), June 2020, Physical copy of deck + 3 expansions. Not a new concept, but elegant execution.

68- Hobgoblin Raiding Party Volume Two, (Midlam Miniatures), November 2020. They keep bringing me back with awesome sculpts and impeccable reputation.

69- Bloody Peasants, (Midlam Miniatures), March 2021, 12 human peasants. I could've got the halflings, but the humans will get more use.

70- Project Infinite Hole: An R&D Sourcebox for the Paranoia RPG, (Matthew Sprange), December 2020, Green level. The latest addition to the current Paranoia RPG.

71- Sisters of the Kraken Cult, (Midlam Miniatures), July 2021, Sisters of the Kraken Cult + Fish Folk. Half-fish/half-people and women who smell of the sea, ergo MERMAIDS that don't conform to your standards of beauty.

72- Reaper Miniatures Bones 5: Escape from Pizza Dungeon, (Reaper), April 2021. Wave 2 Canada Europe non-UK. I think we all know this one.

73- Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special, (Critical Role), May 2020, Protector pledge level. I recently got hooked to their second campaign, so I got excited. The series got picked up by Amazon Prime and will get a second season. This curiously means that backers aren't getting as much value due to it not being as exclusive anymore. Instead we'll get early access to the first season. Oh well, that's the nature KS, you back something you believe in, not just for the stuff

74- Halfling Domestic Infantry, (Midlam Miniatures), November 2021. The full set of 16 + bonuses. One of my regular companies. Solid quality.

75- The Kingpin of Dunkeldorf, (King Games), December 2021, The Kingpin pledge (early bird). Colorful characters, and I missed the last one by them, which I regret, so this is a second chance.

76- 28mm Fantasy Dwarven Miniature Collection II, (Tomb Guardians), February 2021, Dwarven II Metal Collection, I was impressed by their previous Amazon Heroes set and like the current selection.

77- Tiny Epic Dungeons, (Gamelyn Games), December 2021, Gameplay All-In. The Deluxe version + expansion. I own several of their games, and they've delivered. The minis are what won me over.

78- Affordable Miniatures Bases ( 25mm / 30mm & 40mm ) (Impact! Miniatures), February 2022, Single Base Pack. They've made a good reputations for themselves, and it's a good deal. I'll be getting a set of 25mm and a variety pack.

79- Wizards' Apprentices Volume II, (Midlam Miniatures), July 2022. The full set of 7 apprentices + bonus teacher. Magical young ladies practicing their academic specialties. Midlam is still a well oiled machine.


Shipped or about to be shipped:



Still within expected production/development period:

  Reveal hidden contents

80- THE STORY ENGINE Deck of Worlds, (Peter Chiykowski), October 2022, All New Decks. I liked the first Story Engine KS, and though pricey, it's a good source of inspiration for world building.

81- Bones 6, (Reaper Miniatures), April 2024. So many options, and I may change my mind several times until the pledge manager closes.



  Reveal hidden contents

82- The Catastrophes of Blightmoor, (Bear Clan Creative),  July 2020, Evil Plans. Very nice 3D models and some very big dragon pieces. Only a handful of models have been completed and released.



Ridiculously delayed, but still kicking (occasional updates and communication), but overall as good as dead:

  Reveal hidden contents

83- IMMORTAL - Mythology Board Game (Game-O-Gami), March 2016

84- Low Life Miniatures (still sculpting, though many minis are complete) (Andy Hopp), November 2013


Dead/cancelled but not a complete failure:

  Reveal hidden contents

85- The Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board (Bill Trammel), June 2013. Partially complete. I got the main board and 5-6 expansion years ago. Currently in IP trade dispute between game owner and mold maker for the Seafarers boards. I'm no longer expecting much from this one

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Elven Lords: The Queen's Duty (metal) -- due Mar 2021

Into the VOID: A black cat enamel pin series -- delivered

ACP164: Shuttles & Spacers --Estimated delivery Sep 2021 -- "some pledges" shipped in Sept, no word since

Corsairs of Cthulhu - A Call of Cthulhu® Campaign Book -- received

Bones 5.5 for some more paint and figures -- half my order fulfilled, waiting on the rest

Definitely Not Damsels - 28mm Women Warriors for TTRPG -- received

Rampart - budget-friendly Wargaming Terrain -- Jan 2023 -- delivered Sept 2022

Base Boss 2 - New Bases and Base Top Inserts -- Mar 2022 -- still in production

Bones6  -- estimated April 2024




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Thinking about it:

* Gloomhaven miniatures: Cheaper than proxying, actually. 😛

* HeroScape: On the fence. Might not fund. More interested in Gloomhaven miniatures.

* Fall of Avalon: Kings of Something. On the fence. More interested in GH miniatures.

* Dungeon Universalis: Good price, but I have three other solo dungeoncrawlers / miniature games to get through.


Backed this year and delivered!

* Painting Hilt : Cobalt Keep has a good track records, and this handle has a light attachment.


Currently waiting on / Recently backed

* War of the Teddies: Germany. Miniatures.

* Dungeons and Lasers 4: Plastic terrain. Poland. 

* RPG Encounter Toolboxes: Maps. UK. Loke Battlemats has a great track record.

* Factions of Galladoris: Miniatures. USA. Good track record.

* Silver Feather Adventure Guild: Miniatures.

* Zombicide: Undead or Alive. Really delayed. PM didn't even come out until five months after the end of the campaign.

* Kingdom Death: Base game received. SG still progressing. Creator known for scope expansion and delays.


Hit by recent events or Would Not Back Again: 

* Anastyr: Mythic. High shipping prices.

* Sitting Folks: Tiny Furniture. Located in Russia. Business still in operation but affected by lower sales.

* Monsterpocalypse: Mythic. Silent. Closed before shipping prices shot up.

* Lasting Tales / Dire Alliance / Fantasy Series: Blacklist Games. Mismanaged. 

* Wizard's Dice Tower: SG's taking forever. Might as well have bought retail. I finally got a dice tower, at least. 

* Modular Underground Project: Dungeon tiles. Base pledge delivered. Wanted $50 for shipping SG's, and this was before the pandemic. No thanks.

* Walking Dead: No Sanctuary: Cryptozoic. Terrible quality.

* Dark Age Outpost: Dead. No delivery.

* Myth: Journeyman: Base pledge delivered, but not SG's. Creator went bankrupt, and IP bought. New creator working on SG's. Very slow progress.

* Mythical Lairs: Dead. No delivery.


Kickstarter's understandably drying up, and I'm seeing fewer projects I'm interested in. With worldwide inflation and recession setting in, I'm becoming less enthusiastic, especially with these backed projects simultaneously having shipping costs and other troubles. Also doesn't help that I've accumulated so many unplayed games and miniatures in the last few years, and I'm actually starting to paint and play solo games, rather than shopping online.


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6 hours ago, ced1106 said:

Kickstarter's understandably drying up, and I'm seeing fewer projects I'm interested in. With worldwide inflation and recession setting in, I'm becoming less enthusiastic, especially with these backed projects simultaneously having shipping costs and other troubles. Also doesn't help that I've accumulated so many unplayed games and miniatures in the last few years, and I'm actually starting to paint and play solo games, rather than shopping online.


I and many others concur.


Shipping costs, particularly international ones are more and more prohibitive. And in my case, after a decade of KS miniature campaigns and the availability of hordes of 3D printed models, I've reached a point where I can allow myself to be more selective.


Same goes with many board games and RPGs. It's hard enough to have "a" game with well established systems, let alone lesser known ones.


The FOMO effect is still there, just not as strong.

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A lot of the Kickstarter projects I've backed have been for digital rewards (STLs and PDFs) to avoid the shipping costs issue. They have the added bonus of generally being more reliable too, I guess because there are less potential issues as most of it is handled by the creator instead of external parties.

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On 10/6/2022 at 9:14 AM, Olaf the Stout said:

A lot of the Kickstarter projects I've backed have been for digital rewards (STLs and PDFs) to avoid the shipping costs issue. They have the added bonus of generally being more reliable too, I guess because there are less potential issues as most of it is handled by the creator instead of external parties.

Out of curiosity I went back through my Kickstarter campaigns for this year. COVID and 3D printing has massively changed my backing habits.


I only backed 3 physical product Kickstarters this year, Reaper Bones 6, a Star Realms card game expansion and some clear battle mat tiles.


It seems that I'm a sucker for $1 Pay What You Want Kickstarters.


I've backed over 100 STL Kickstarters this year! It sounds huge, but the vast majority have been $1 PWYW. The same goes for D&D Kickstarters. I've backed 20 this year, almost all have been $1 PWYW. The only other things I've backed have been 5 D&D maps Kickstarter (again in PDF) and 3 RPG music Kickstarters (and 2 of those were $1).

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Elven Lords: The Queen's Duty (metal) -- due Mar 2021 -- company claims items have shipped

Into the VOID: A black cat enamel pin series -- delivered

ACP164: Shuttles & Spacers --received 11/22

Corsairs of Cthulhu - A Call of Cthulhu® Campaign Book -- received

Bones 5.5 for some more paint and figures -- received 10/22

Definitely Not Damsels - 28mm Women Warriors for TTRPG -- received

Rampart - budget-friendly Wargaming Terrain -- Jan 2023 -- delivered Sept 2022

Base Boss 2 - New Bases and Base Top Inserts -- Mar 2022 -- still in production

Bones6  -- estimated April 2024

Diehard Miniatures Law and Disorder II -- received 11/22

Zeta Complex - A Savage World Setting -- estimated delivery Feb 2023

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 Alrighty, so I just removed all STL KSs and all skipped/cancelled ones. Less clutter. Lots of stuff added since last time, though!


Fulfilled projects (physical)



Reaper Miniatures Bones 4: Mr. Bones EPIC Adventure!

My first Reaper KS. Got the core set, one expansion, and some other extras. Fulfilled!

Monster Bash! Its all About the Monsters

Tomb Guardians miniatures KS. Only got three miniatures here, including a santa's helper kobold. Fulfilled!

Tome of Beasts 2 for 5th Edition: 400 New Monsters

Got the faux leather cover version and the softcover lairs and adventure books. Fulfilled!

Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

Miniatures KS by TrollTrader. Fulfilled!


Amazing and versatile, magnetic dungeon tiles! Went all in! Fulfilled!

Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1

201 miniatures! Amazing KS! Only backed for $1, but getting this through FLGS. Fulfilled!

Reaper Miniatures Bones 5: Escape from Pizza Dungeon

Got at least one of everything, and multiples of several. Fulfilled!


The Kingpin of Dunkeldorf

Absolutely amazing townsfolk miniatures! Fulfilled!


Definitely Not Damsels - 28mm Women Warriors for TTRPG

Some very cool miniatures! Wasn't able to back as much as I wanted to, but ended up with three, cool miniatures. Fulfilled.


Siege of the Smallfolk

Miniatures KS by TrollTrader. Backed for $1, will see if I can add more either during KS or PM. Fulfilled.

Monster Scenery: Ice Wilds

Would have loved to back more than I did. Love this terrain! Fulfilled!

Dark Stones - The Cult Begins

Great looking Cthulhu cult 28mm terrain KS. Backed for €52, but wanted to go all in for prepainted. Fulfilled!


Modular Realms Magnetic Terrain - Relaunch!

Very good looking, magnetic dungeon tiles! Backed for $175 NZ. Fulfilled!


Rampart - budget-friendly Wargaming Terrain

Very cool scenery, got a couple of sets I'm interested in. Backed for €1, but got a single Kazumi Temple set and a couple of extras in the PM. Fulfilled!


Wizards' Apprentices Volume II

Midlam Miniatures. Some awesome wizards' apprentices - and one teacher! In for £26 total, including shipping. Fulfilled!


The City Guard of Midlam

Fantastic guard minis by Midlam Miniatures. Didn't have money for the full set, but backed for 1 mini, and then was able to pay to get a second mini during the pledge manager. Fulfilled!


Junior Townsfolk & Villagers - Volume III

Some great looking minis of children. Again by Midlam Miniatures. Got the full set! Fulfilled!



Fulfilled projects (digital)



Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

First KS I backed. Also did some alpha testing on this video game. Fulfilled!

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey

My second KS. Third game in a video game series I absolutely love! Fulfilled!

Visage (Psychological horror game)

Another video game KS. Fulfilled!


Mystic Realm's Cottage Mini Expansion Act1: Corrupted Forest

A small KS for some some 3D print files for 28mm scale cottages. Fulfilled!


The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game

Another video game KS. Fulfilled!


Scorn Part 1 of 2 : Dasein

H.R. Geiger inspired horror FPS video game. Fulfilled!


Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora Remastered

Indie, one man developer making silly comedy point & click games. Gotta support that! Fulfilled!



Backed projects


Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black

28mm scale pirate ships and miniatures! Got myself a "Roleplayers Kit", which includes a ship, a set of units, and a "box of plunders". In production.

Dire Alliance: Horror

Another Blacklist Miniatures KS. Not as good as the first one, and this time also includes a board game. $1 only, but getting it through my FLGS. Fulfilling.

Lasting Tales: A Fantasy Miniatures Game (Fantasy Series 2)

Another Blacklist Miniatures KS. Almost as good as the first one, and this time also includes a miniatures skirmish game. $1 only, but getting it through my FLGS. In production.

Kobold Press Bestiary Miniatures: Iconic Races II Catfolk

Officially licensed minis for Kobold Press creatures! Backed for $28, might back for more. In production.


Factions of Galladoria

Some really cool terrain stuff at great value! Backed for $300, will probably increase pledge to get some extra stuff. In production.


Reaper Miniatures: Bones 6 - Tales From The Green Griffin

Bones 6. Some interesting stuff, but also a lot of disappointments. Backed for $10. In production.


"Flee, Mortals!" - The MCDM Monster Book for 5e

MCDM makes quality content, and this book seeks to make a lot of classic creatures more fun to play and fight! In for $100, will probably increase pledge in PM. In production.

Kobold Plushies

Cute kobold plushies by The Gallant Goblin! Backed enough to get 1, but can't really afford the shipping! Fulfilling.

The Baron's War 4 - Outremer (The Crusader States)

Some cool, medieval minis. DIdn't back for much, only getting a couple of minis from this. In production.


The Inn Folk - The Adventurer's Rest

More Midlam Miniatures! This time some tavern patrons. Went all in! Fulfilling.


Idols of Torment

Black Magic Craft making a skirmish game and miniatures for it? Physical minis made by Archon Studios? Yes please! In production.


The Secret World

5e based rules for modern dark fantasy based on the only MMO I ever managed to play(since it was very story based, and could be played singleplayer for the most part). Only in for $1, but really want to get this. In production.


Cthulhu: Death May Die - Fear of the Unknown

Lots of fantastic minis here! Only in for $1, but really want to get that big Cthulhu mini! (And a lot of the other minis.) In production.


Dungeons & Lasers: Encounters

My first D&L campaign, their fourth. On Gamefound. I'm in for one of each of the four sets, as well as several extras. Want to make a second pledge. In production.


The Streets of Dunkeldorf

Absolutely love Dunkeldorf, so this is a no brainer! Live!

FORGED: Adventure Series 1 Relaunch

A set of cool, plastic minis. On Backerkit instead of KS. Hopefully it'll get some more traction at some point, but it's reached funding and two stretch goals thus far. I'm in for an early bird full pledge. Live!


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Open: 4 of 79

Dead: 3

Happy: 72

Successful: 1


Blacklist Miniatures (December 2020)

Base Boss 2 (August 2022)

Kobold Press: Tome of Beasts 3 (November 2022) - received 11/14

Collecting the Art of GI Joe (December 2022)

Bones 6 (April 2024)

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