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My mission was a failure


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Back in February, I posted that I wanted to finish my Sedition Wars figures before my Bones arrived. I failed. Even with the delay in shipping, I failed. Even with painting 71 SW figures in February, I failed. Why did I fail? Too much, too fast, I think. I started with the low level strain, while my interest was high, and painted bucket loads of them. By the time I got to the big figures and the character models I was totally burned out. I didn't pick up a brush again for over two months, and even then I couldn't bring myself to look at the remaining 11 figures. That's right, a scant 11 figures was all that stood between me and completion. I didn't get my Bones until the early part of July, so that's four months to paint 11 models.I have no real excuse either, I wasn't painting to a high standard, I was treating them like the game pieces they are. I wasn't too busy, regular season TV was over, the kids are healthy and happy, no major distractions. Just a complete burn out.

Obviously something has happened, since I'm posting in the Show off forum. I made the decision to clear my desk of half started projects. No new work until all old work is cleared. So now they are done. Painted using the Dip method, because I wanted them gone from my desk. Let me know what you think.








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When painting armies or large sets it is quite common to become fatigued with painting them, especially if it is the same paint job over and over and over. Now I start with character models first before what I call "scheme fatigue" sets in. Though I sometimes will start with a small unit of mooks to make sure the scheme I had in mind works and is easily repeatable. I also have another subject on the table to break the monotony while waiting for the last coat to dry.

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I haven't gotten to the monotony of the hobby with armies (yet), but in other hobbies, I usually will do a handful of the monotonous stuff, then one of something completely different but still the same hobby, then back to the monotony. I also bounce around the stuff I am doing for variety if possible.


Basically what was just suggested. It works best like that for me.

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