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Cast your own resin bases!


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I just wanted to say thank you for putting up this thread. I bought an Aluminite starter kit at Hobby lobby last week (I had a 40% off coupon) and tried my hand at making some molds. I made some ammunition piles for a game I'm working on and they turned out great!


One thing I did learn about the resin is to make sure that you mix it REALLY well. The second batch I took a shortcut and the resin errupted from the molds like lava. Once it hardened, I had huge mushroom sculptures with lots of bubbles. Being frugal, I figure that I can use these for some sort of basing project :)

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Great to hear about other people's casting adventures!


I got a good solid couple of hours sculpting in. From left to right 25mm bases are swamp, swamp and then rest woodland. I'm doing 5 woodland bases then 2 each of cavern and swamp. The 50mm bases left to right are cavern x 2 and woodland x 2 but I will be doing 2 x swamp bases too now. On the end is bones owl bear base.



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You're making this look easy enough that it's tempting me to try my hand at it! ^_^ They are looking very good, can't wait to see them painted up!



--OneBoot :D

Thanks :)


I've done a lot of playing and modding stuff with green stuff so tried lots of texture on it. Thanks :)

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Leaves!! very fiddly and the beggining of stones and leaves. You can see the scale with my thumb in some of the photos :)


How leaves start:




How stones start and a ruined column base:




And the leaves. I place a tiny blob of green stuff then push, flatten and slice the leaves into shape :)










And a strange plant on my big black dragon swamp base:



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So this project can now continue. I got my supplies so lego, more silicone, two part resin, spatulas, mixing pots. I feel excited but also a bit scared. I'm ok making the silicone molds but casting the resin the first time will be scary.


If I can't cast bases or they are useable it's cash in the bin and a lot of time wasted!! Need to stay confident. Follow the instructions! Lol.


I also want to try a two piece mold. One of the stalactites on a big base was just to tall and I was worried might be impossible to cast on a one piece flat mold.


Also below are the lego walls built for the bases.





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Bases lightly superglued to plasticard base, plasticine round the edge.




Make sure they are level on the table in the office, I'd pre-levelled the table. I want to have flat bottoms on my bases when I cast them ;)




Everything laid out, including gloves and goggles. Safety folks, safety.




Weighed up the silicon and catalyst, mixed it thoroughly then poured. I chose a slow cure this time as I wanted extra pot life time so I didn't feel rushed and could focus.



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All the molds dried and the bases popped off fine, there was a lot of excess silicon that seeped under the lego. Next time I am going to put plasticine on the inside of the frame.




I did encounter a problem.where the vines were added to the trunks after they were hard there was a gap between the vine and trunk. The silicon got behind the vine and some vine got ripper off the trunk whilst being removed. No idea what the result will be when pouring resin in!




Two part mold is looking good. Just need to create a frame and then add the silicon to make it two part:




And all the molds cleaned up ready for resin!







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I can now sculpt, mold make and cast resin bases! Wow! This has been a crazy ride. This is just the start. 2 part mold is next. Also going to make some base bits sprues. I need wooden board, ships deck, cobblestone, bricks, ruins bases to make too.


The bits sprues are going to be themed. So my deck bases need coils or rope, rum bottles, kegs, boxes er dead parrots! I lost the tops of the stalactites but it will look fine when painted.









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