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Darsc Meets ReaperBryan at PAX! (Plus pics of the Reaperbooth)

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Since the description of the Reaper General forum states it's the place to gush about Reaper, let me gush. ::):


First my thanks to ReaperBryan and ReaperShannon for making my trip down to Seattle possible!


It was a very real pleasure meeting and working with them and all the other volunteers from the forums and elsewhere. A chance of meeting the Reaperfolks was not something on my radar as little as a couple of weeks ago, so getting to talk and spend as much time as I did with them was really something pretty special.


They really are as nice as people who have met them previously had described them and I'm quite happy for them that the Reaper booth had the success that it had at this years PAX.


Now here's a pic of Bryan letting Darsc wear "The Hat".





A wide pic of the room containing the "Paint and Take" and the Reaper store.





Of course all the Bones were available for sale.



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Reaper was right across from the Soda Pop Miniatures booth.

The lineup outside Reapers room for the Paint and Take was continuos through the cons 4 day run.

Well, at least until 3pm on the last day when we ran out of the free mini's to give out.






All good things must come to an end though, and so does PAX.

Monday night everything needed to be packed into shipping crates and I learned something new.


I'd no idea that Reaperbryan had Helper Elves!



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Finally everything gets packed away into crates and is ready to go, but not before a group shot photo or two or twenty is taken.



(Unfortunately due to work schedules and the like, there are a few volunteers missing from the photo)




And finally finally late into the evening everything is loaded on a truck to be taken to the shipper.





I have a lot of respect for the work ethic of all the volunteers and especially of ReaperBryan and ReaperShannon. Those two worked extremely long hours for the entire setup, run, and takedown of the con with only limited breaks and still managed to stay upbeat and fun to work with throughout.


Outstanding job everyone!

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One last thing.


As much as I enjoyed helping Reaper out at their booth at PAX this year, if anyone from Soda Pop Miniatures should happen to be reading this... I do think I just might possibly be persuaded to help out at your booth next year.







Just sayin'...



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Balls! I knew there was a good reason to go to Seattle this last weekend! I just couldn't remember what it was! Drat my leaky, sleep-deprived brain! :angry:


At you least you had fun, and I don't think anyone would blame you for switching to the Soda-Pop booth ^_^

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Yay pictures! :D


Glad you had an awesome time, Darsc, THE HAT looks pretty stylin' on you.


So...many...Bones.... *drool* I've never even seen that many minis in one place before. Maybe it's a good thing we couldn't end up going, I probably would have grabbed as many minis as I could hold and run off screaming "My Precious!!!!"



--OneBoot :D

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Aw, no pics of me :(

Sorry cbp. I feel bad about that. I was meaning to take pics of everyone helping out right from day one but there was so much else to do and so many distractions. ::(:




I thought that Reaper had helper gnomes. Glad to see they're putting those lazy elves to work. I mean really, what kind of example is hanging out in a tree and baking all day

My thoughts exactly!


Although these particular elves make buttons. Not cookies...although come to think of it, just because they didn't bring cookies doesn't necessarily mean they don't bake them.

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