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Dark Judges

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Hi all, MrC's son here, recently got the Dark Judges from the Judge Dredd kickstarter (at last!) and really digging the sculpts, especially fire. Trouble is the detail on Fire is beyond what I've dealt with previously, and I haven't ever painted a mini that's 'on fire' per se... so does anyone have any advice on painting flames?


Included are a few photos of the judges. Any C&C on the rest will be appreciated.




Thanks in advance!



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Very good fire tutorial, but I find it ends up a bit too white. The temperature of the flame should dictate how you paint it, but for torch-light or campfires I've always been partial to having a little bit of black glazed on the upper-most tips, and a more yellow-white near the base. I'm not sure what temperature Guy-Who-Is-Literally-Fire should be.


Here's a few more tutorials:






Moving pictures:

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Thanks, I have on occasion painted fire, e.g. torches, but never something of this magnitude. When I next get chance I might try painting one of my practice figures (Halo Actionclix, got a bundle cheap on eBay) with the techniques shown and then when I feel ready give it my best shot. Just not near any schools......




I know, if the judges had arrived on time I would be singing Mongoose's praise from here to Timbuktu but alas they were the latest to arrive Kickstarter I've backed thus far (about 10 months all told) and there was a distinct lack of communication. But every time I start to feel frustrated, I just look at ol' firey and think "I can't stay mad at you"


When Mongoose make this available for general release, I'll let you all know :;):


(Dad here) actually just short of 11 months to wait, but very little in the way of information, made Reaper seem excellent in their communication.

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