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Bake Your Own Basius - Base Stamps 4 Wargames Miniatures

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Bake Your Own Basius – Base Stamps 4 Wargames Miniatures is another line of base stamps similar to the ones from Happy Seppuku.


Main difference appears to be that the impressions are a bit deeper and the stamp is made of resin.  


I'm tempted by the Mountain Ranges, Ruined Imperial Highway, and Mountain Ranges, but they are pretty pricey (partly because of shipping from the UK).








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I've been looking at this one. How many pads are available right now? Their page really needs some organizing!


I'm interested but I just have to consider the costs to Canada.

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Of all the base-stampy Kickstarters lately this is the the first one I really like some of the stamps on. Specifically the ruined imperial highway and ruined farmstead ones.

I don't think I'd back though as prices are a bit high for me. And even if I wanted to I don't think I can since I'm in Norway :P

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And even if I wanted to I don't think I can since I'm in Norway :P

Huh, what's up with that? They're shipping to Australia, but not to Sweden and Norway? Strange...

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I'm pretty sure Sweden & Norway would be in the EU pledge level


(remember they can't edit the description once somebody pledges and listing all EU/EEA countries would have made a very long untidy list, my guess they named those countries they'd had enquires from by the time the pledge level was put up... although I agree it's not well worded, my guess)


they'll get back to you if you want to ask....

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You're most likely right there Orlando, it was mostly amusing to see oneself excluded from Europe like that (although I'll note that Spain didn't make the cut either ::):).

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They hate Sweden and they're trying to trick buglips into pledging for mudcakes?! What's wrong with these people?!

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