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September 2013 Painting Goals

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My goals are less "total number of figures" based as they are "learn lots of stuff" based.


1) Finish my Summer Exchange mini and send it off

2) Continue to figure out highlighting

3) Invest some time in learning color theory, including saturation and intensity

4) Paint at least 3 PC character minis

5) Finish the weapon swap on my PC mini

6) Finish painting my NOVA female mini

7) Anything else as inspiration strikes



--OneBoot :D

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September targets:


1) Complete fighter and Rogue character miniatures

2) 12 Goblins

3) 12 Kobolds

4) clean, base and undercoat; skeletons x 13, orks x 13, zombies x 4, lizardmen x 4(maybe a lot more)

5) create a silicon mould and cast resin bases - Edit: on hold as re-creating green stuff bases. Hope to have sculpts ready for making molds in October

6) complete dungeon boards


That is a pretty hardcore month. Really I need to get everything based and undercoated (I've promised myself I have to paint 100 bones before Bones II starts) before the weather starts getting bad for spraying.


Edit: 16th September - should easily achieve all this now. Had a big push tonight. Going to have a HUGE super glue fest once got some more bones cleaned up.


Edit: 25th September - I've actually almost achieved everything. One last push and I should have the bases made ready for casting and the dungeon boards completed for "showing off". These forums make me much more productive, that and having a permanent painting / modelling desk. #1 may yet get done but I will need to do some hardcore painting to do so. I've been doing Deathsleet and that has eaten hobby time! ;)

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I think I'm going to tackle the Nativity for my mom's Christmas gift, so I don't get caught rushing to finish it. Then hopefully maybe Zombicide will get here and I'll dive into that. Otherwise, more of the handful of Bones I pulled out of the box.


1. Nativity scene (main scene, no add-ons yet)

2. Zombicide?

3. Moar Boens rawr

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Paint all my Bones!!! (Were they supposed to be realistic goals? Surely not!) I've got too many projects on the table right now. In fact, I just transferred a bunch of half-painted minis to my shelf of shame. They look really small next to Kaladrax. At the least, I want to get these done:


1. Ebonwrath

2. Wu Ling Shu

3. Earth Elemental


I probably need to do my mother's Nativity as well, but I may put that off until October. (She's a nativity collector, and I'm an obsessive hobbyist, so it's a win-win! Why can't dad's be easy to shop for?)

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10 mini's mostly bones: <Done>

2 already started today: warforged and Dragonman

1 balthzarian

1 (4) metal minis I have primed (from july)

1 larger bones either young fire dragon or force of nature

2 to be named later Harlot & Female Assassin

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At work:

1) stop procrastinating and figure out paint scheme for vamp, also finish bat and rat swarms.

2) at least 5 d'orks (once I get them on bases at home and my dark elf skin triad arrives)

3) hopefully something larger, but haven't decided just what yet


At home:

1) finish removing broccoli from one of each d'ork, boil and base on 40 mm bases

2) build some simple terrain for EotD (walls and such, out of my huge stash of HA stuff I've cast over the years)

3) prep and prime some stuff (at least some GoblinAid goblins)

4) put some paint on something

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Main Goals:

- Trim the broccoli base on the fire giant king so he fits on a 50mm base. Done!

- Paint said fire giant king.

- More pathfinder goblins.

- A bunch of rats.

- Swarms!

- Vermin!


Secondary Goals:

- More orcs.

- A dragon, haven't decided which one yet.

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I like this idea of putting it down, so I'll go ahead and post my goals as well for this month.


1) Start and finish my Summer Exchange (I joined really late), so I'll also do a WIP of this mini in my WIP thread. I've got it picked out already (it's going to be Barnabus Frost).

2) Finish my CORE - who are a coalition of good guys that are going to be going after the evil PC's in my Pathfinder campaign. (3 down and 7 to go)

3) Paint up Callus Darklore (which I ordered yesterday) for a PC in the evil campaign, he's going to be an Oracle of Flames and I'm going to modify him so that the skull in his hand is actually a ball of flames, using some green stuff to make the alteration or try to cut the skull out (so I can use it somewhere else) and creating a ball of flames from scratch.

4) Had two other new people join our group, so I'm going to paint up one of the Stonehaven Dwarves I have as a sorcerer and paint up the Tiefling with the sword/shield to represent the other as an Inquisitor.

5) Next month we'll be swapping GM duties so I'm going to paint up Lonnia the female duelist to be my next PC.

6) Start working on the Dragon that I'm going to enter into the contest here, I will probably use Kaladrax as I also plan on using big K as a part of my evil campaign at some point, so I have 2 motivations to paint him up other than he's just a really cool dracolich :blues:

7) Do whatever else I can, which will probably be painting up more figures for my group and our various PCs in our different games that we play in. (Started a new WIP for Fijit the Gnome Summoner in one of our campaigns).



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I haven't painted since I got back from vacation so I have a bunch of partially painted minis kicking around. Plus my paint table is wicked disorganized with the advent of the kids going back to school. Also I got a great deal on some Hirst Art molds a while back and have been wanting to do some terrain pieces.


So to work on all of that I'm setting a very non-specific goal based upon a productivity method I've been wanting to try: Don;t break the chain. The idea is to set a goal and see how many consecutive days you are able to work towards it.


My mini Don't Break the Chain goal: Do something miniature related every day (paint, prep, base, set up the area, cast some blocks, build some terrain).


Since not only am I President of Procrastinator's Club for Men, I'm also a member! I will start this undertaking tomorrow :)






Edited due to having a filthy keyboard and keys that randomly don't make contact. Hmm maybe time for some computer related goals.

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Painting goals for Sept. I am pretty sure that if I can paint 24 bones this month, I will be under 100 left to go from the kickstarter. Then I will start a countdown. So here is the plan.

  • Three fantasy characters for my pathfinder game from the kickstarter
  • Six Dorks from the kickstarter
  • Three moderns from the kickstarter
  • Two steampunk figures from the kickstarter
  • Four wizards from the kickstarter
  • Two mutants from the kickstarter
  • Four undead from the kickstarter


    The mutants and undead were booted into October since they are monsters. I did however make up for them by painting six more figures for my pathfinder game.








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Days are getting shorter and the leaves are starting to turn. I guess it's time to make the below area in the picture back into a painting area for the fall and winter hobby. So....


1.) clean and organize paint area


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