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Sorry if this seems like a silly question but I am honestly curious about what people will say. I will offer my own answer first:


For me, there is no question, that it is when something new happens that I wasn't expecting. Either I experiment with some new paint that surprises me, or I try a new a technique (basing, eyes, wet palette, etc), and particularly when I start painting a miniature that I am not all that excited about and it gets to a certain point in the painting when the details resolve into a surprising whole that really catches my attention and makes the figures seem dramatic and exciting and something is revealed about the figure that I hadn't noticed and for a fleeting instant this is the coolest mini I have ever seen. Or I try something hard that I have chickened out of before and it seems to even kind of work if I squint hard and make a wish.


Constantly trying new things and discovering new things. For instance, cutting the bases off a bunch of bones and planting them in clay bases was something that I had a hard time making myself do. Once I started I couldn't stop because of how much fun it was to see the new base "frame" the mini and add some drama to the pose.


This is what keeps me enthusiastic and coming back for more.


Cheers and hope your Thursday night rocks.

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Sitting down and picking up the paint brush is very relaxing. When I have a clear picture on my mind of what the color scheme should be and the figure just comes together smoothly it's an awesome feeling. I also like the collecting aspect, oh a new shiny, must have it!

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Like buglips, the painting itself is my relaxation discipline. Also I love miniatures, I am repeatedly blown away by the skill of the sculptors. And I like the tiny little worlds full of tiny little people and monsters.


Last, I really like having a painted squad or army, even if I rarely get to game with it.

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Partly the zen of just doing it as others have mentioned. Tt is not always a guarantee for me to get into that headspace, but I get a bit itchy and out of sorts if I haven't painted for a while. I also enjoy the moments of transformation, when something goes from flat to having depth or interest.

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I got started in mini painting because a friend told me it was a good way to reduce stress. The idea was that you had to really concentrate on the actual act of painting as the miniature was so small, you couldn't paint by autopilot. This would help to reduce stress by forcing your mind to think about something else for a while in a way which reading or gaming couldn't do.


I had no idea if this was true but figured I would give it a try by buying a Citadel paint starter set (oh, how I wish I had known about the Reaper Learn to Paint kits back then ::(: ).


Ultimately, that moment of concentration where you zone in on the mini and ignore everything else around you is why I keep painting.





That and the mountain of minis I got/am getting from KS.

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Honestly, for me it's the community. ^_^ I've never had a hobby before where I've met so many supportive, enthusiastic, helpful, passionate people all in one place. It's a little addictive, to be honest. :D


As far as actual painting, I love being able to turn a simple piece of plastic into a "living" piece of art. It hearkens back to my experience with ceramics (turning lumps of essentially mud into works of art), something that I didn't realize how much I've missed until I first put brush to mini. That zone of complete concentration as every part of me is intently focused on the piece in front of me, and the satisfaction of sitting back and taking a deep breath as the world rushes back after a tough stretch of painting. And of course, picking up each mini I've finished painting and looking at it in wonder, remembering every difficulty and epiphany I had while painting it. It's a beautiful thing.


I've also found that, aside from being awesome for stress relief, it's also a good pick-me-up when I'm feeling down. Even if it's just cleaning mold lines or laying down primer, I feel better while/after doing it. :lol:



--OneBoot :D

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I love the planning and prep. Working out color choices and hunting down reference images especially. It is where I usually think about the wheres and whys for the character. Even when painting multiples for an army. Why does that person have that piece different on their uniform or why the weapon swap. The painting itself is relaxing but in a repetitive mechanical way for me. It is zone out time. What I love is the development of the character in my head.

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I paint to relax. I put on a movie or a TV show and just zone out while I work. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that happens when I'm done with a model, because god knows how many half finished writing/RPG/etc projects are littering my harddrive and notebooks. When I finish a mini, I know it's done. When I finish a squad or group, I feel like I'm really getting things done... Then I look at my boxes of unpainted minis and sigh.

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