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For today's unknown mini, I'd like to do a comparison shot. This is the first mini I ever painted, back in about 1985 (ish). It's an Orc from a Lord of the Rings miniatures line (I think). It's okay to laugh, I was 9. ^_^


post-7145-0-63957700-1379515724_thumb.jpg post-7145-0-31028800-1379515734_thumb.jpg


And here he is circa yesterday:


post-7145-0-14974800-1379515762_thumb.jpg post-7145-0-71072100-1379515777_thumb.jpg



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Hehe I still have my first painted mini too. A weapon broke off and I had no idea how to fix it then so I bought him again. Unfortunately the same thing happened again and the weapon broke off before I painted him. I should repair it and paint and then compare like you did :)))

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Some BONES from the last few days:


Gnome Sorceress:


post-7145-0-79182100-1379787536_thumb.jpg post-7145-0-19814600-1379787545_thumb.jpg




The Gnome Sorceress was done with a LOT of blue, and I though that the darker skin tone and white hair (and trim on her robe) would make her stand out a little from the average Gnome.

Ape-X (one of my favorites):


post-7145-0-21375300-1379787572_thumb.jpg post-7145-0-30960400-1379787577_thumb.jpg


post-7145-0-85895400-1379787583_thumb.jpg post-7145-0-57605700-1379787588_thumb.jpg




Ape-X is...well...Ape-X. I don't know what to say. Cybernetic ape in the age of steel and chrome. Turquoise tile floor, and red lens over his eye.


And the Stone Golem:


post-7145-0-04730000-1379787603_thumb.jpg post-7145-0-27088800-1379787612_thumb.jpg




The Stone Golem was painted in a uniform color scheme, until it came to the last step. I highlighted him up from a medium-dark gray to almost white, then washed him in three sections: kilt, ground, and 'skin.' The kilt was done with Payne's Grey, the ground with the ubiquitous Devlan Mud, and the skin with black. I wanted him to have the three different tones to kind of break up the paint scheme a little. Then I added the copper and steel accents. The copper got one coat of my verdigris, and the steel is unweathered.


As always, C&C welcome!

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