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VIGNETTE TITLE...Steampunk Wants You!


NOTE...I just finished this private vignette; first posted on or about March 28, 2013.


FIGURES...Female (Malifaux # WYR3024)...Colette Du Bois

Cat & Lamppost (Malifaux # WYR0016)...Victorian Accessories


Hope you like it.

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Ooh I really really like this one. There's a lot of things going on in it which is what I like about so much of your work.


Definitely my favourite vignette of those you've posted recently.

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Thank you Darsc, Bayushiseni and Citrine. I am deeply elated by your comments. I did not think that such a simple piece would be so well liked. It had much less work in it compared to others I have recently posted like (Moonshine & Red Riding Hood).


I am working on a sister piece, which I should complete sometime within the next 48 hours...I hope that it will be just as well liked...titled (Apocalyptic Beauty)


Thank you all...Catdancer.

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