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Kaladrax In Seven Days! Buglips is Crazy! WIP

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Out of all the bits on Kaladrax, I expect the base will prove the most work. 
So that seemed a logical place to start.  I dried it off using paper towel and some q-tips to root out water in crevices after washing.  Got most of it, but found some surprises.
So here's the first basecoat of Reaper Pro Paint Armor Grey:
Which did not do the brush any favours:
Fortunately, while a size 0 is the biggest brush I have I do have a number of them.  So I can absorb casualties doing this thing.
With no time to waste, I set about basecoating his skull with reaper Master Series Bone Triad (first one, not the new one) Bone Shadow - which is a lot browner out of the bottle than it looks inside it:
While waiting for those to dry, and his other bits to dry on the towels, I went and boiled his wings.  I should have cleaned and boiled him before starting the challenge, this is going to cost me time.  But, too late now. 
At least waiting for bits to dry, whether water or paint, gives me ample opportunity to post updates. 

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I'm going to watch this with interest. How many hours a day do you expect to put in as I see that a deciding factor. I get a maximum of two hours on a good day. But that is painting whilst watching television.



It's variable. I might get a great swath of time to devote, or be forced to nibble at it as fleeting opportunity presents. But most of my WIPs are stages completed in 30-60 minute bits in between other stuff, so it's a method I'm used to.

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