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Kaladrax In Seven Days! Buglips is Crazy! WIP

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Almost there! Stay on target! Stay on target!


Lost Kolinksy, lost taklon!



ETA: The big killer now is that that chair is murderlizing my back. Or maybe it's just looking at all that spine. But it's getting close... so close...


ETA 2: I'm also out of superglue. But I think the store my cousin's girlfriend works at sells some. So I'll find out in about 10 minutes. I sure hope they do.

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Inner guts liner basecoat done, ready for layering.  Right claw almost finished:





Right wing highlighted and membrane basecoat touched up for layering:





And soon we reach the final 24 hours before time's up.

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Absent a hair dryer, a plain old fan blowing air over it should hasten the drying.



Not enough to matter. The reason drying is such a problem is that it has to be dry enough so that when I do the next layer I don't pull up any of the underlying layer. And that takes a fair bit of time.


Put the drying piece under (and close to) a nice, hot incandescent bulb. It will supply the necessary heat of vaporization to dry out the paint more quickly.

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What's your favorite kind of cookie, I think you deserve some once you finish. ^_^


Sleep and a good yoga workout is all I want. I'm taking 20 to try and unkink enough to get this done in time. Or at least enough progress that I might get to bed for a few hours.



You're a goblin monk?


That sounds broken.

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