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Kaladrax In Seven Days! Buglips is Crazy! WIP

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Skull is done:





Right front claw is done:






For anybody who was concerned about his skull being softer material, I can report that not only did it not present any difficulties - it was actually the easiest piece of all to work with. The only thin to watch for is that he has an ejection pin mark in the center of his forehead. I rubbed mine over with some wholly-inappropriate-for-the-task 180 grit sandpaper to try and disguise it. It worked well enough to do. Well enough to live with anyway, and with all the seam lines I'm finding that I missed and don't have time to correct, what remains of the pin mark is probably not so bad.

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No green stuff. Just a hard lump of yellow and blue. This was less an "adequate plan with materials" project and more "this sounds crazy, perhaps I shall do it" kind of thing.


Also, I'm never doing another one of these. It'll be nice (or at least passable) when finished, and the work on the long tail is worth it, but if I never see a vertebrae chain like that again I can die content. I don't think I could make it through another one.


Unless I made him a bobtail dragon.

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Curses. 'Cause I made the mistake of getting 2 of these, and after watching this I only want to paint one as well. Thanks so much for WIPping this- it's fun and a whole lot of great information.


Also, YOU CAN DO IT!!! It's the bottom of the 9th, 2 brushes out, and Buglips steps up to the plate...

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Superglue raid successful!

Great, kid. Don't get cocky.


Cut the chatter, Red Sable.


Buglips, You've switched off your Power Pallette. Is something wrong?



I've lost Artoo!





But before that happened, I got some legs, and hips, and a tail cap done.




All that remains now are 2 wings and 2 strips of vertebrae.

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Just found this thread. I need to keep a better eye on your Buglips... you can't go sneaking major projects past me like this!


It's all so lovely. And one advantage of coming in late, I get to see the whole project start to (nearly) finish in one sitting.


The base is superb and the bones are very nice. The only part I'm not sure about is the innards. I like where you are going, but I'm not sure they won't be too dark in the end? I guess they'll show off the lighter bone color well if they are a bit dark. Great work my fine goblin!

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