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Kaladrax In Seven Days! Buglips is Crazy! WIP

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I think the guts are more sinews and muscles. In the moment I'm thinking of using a sick green paint for the 'guts' or glowing ghost green.

Or I want screaming faces, hands and arms coming out of the rips. But I'm not sure where I get the faces. Maybe Zombies. I think I have still few unused mantic zombies.


The wood of the chest is really good painted.


You pictures will help me to check if I found every skull. :-)


I started to paint the base and saw yesterday the first time the round objects near the chest. I think they are plates, no coins. Or coins for giants. :-)

Tomorrow I will drill a hole in the middle of the neck from the front into the chest. So I can decide later if I want to use LED's. The chest itself was already hollow.



Sinews and muscles (and guts) work if Kaladrax is halfway fresh or otherwise preserved. I needed something longer lasting, to explain why it's not decayed. Also why it's so oddly uniform if the rest of the meaty bits have gone. But if you want to put work in, you can easily make a Drax from fresh to ancient. Heck, I suppose if you wanted to you could even have him not really undead - just really ticked off that somebody magically stole his skin and now he wants help from adventurers to get it back.


That sounds kind of fun, actually. And a magical skin-thief could totally steal adventurer skins, too. Man, I'm gonna have to write this down. If there's anything I'd like to do to that gaggle of smarmy wandering hobo-murderers it'd be to steal their skins and make them play as skeletons for a while. Let's just see you charm the ladies now Swashbuckler! And maybe when he gets his skin back, his mustache will be cursed with evil and it'll detach while he's sleeping and go do murder stuff.


I may have been awake too long.


Also, does anybody remember who sculpted this? The store listing now only says "various" and the box says "Sculpted by Xi". But that's not how I remember it. Maybe my rememory is broken.


Also also, according to the box flap blurb Kaladrax does indeed live in a volcanic place, so that weird lumpy stuff probably actually is volcanic rock. Personally, I prefer Jungle Kaladrax.

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And the magical skin-thief is wearing the skin and does bad things while looking as the SC.


You are absolutely correct. Kaladrax history makes him older than old, even more older. There should be nothing but bones. It is sad the sculptor didn't know the story before (s)he started to sculpt Kaladrax.

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"Tonight, on The Amazing Race Canada, our remaining teams head to Newfoundland. Once there, they encounter a most unusual roadblock.

Each team must select one member to descend into a cave, where they must paint one of the components of a great dracolich using nothing but a tiny number 0 brush and 20 year old paints, all while being berated and whipped by a sleep deprived tangerine goblin. Only when the paint job meets with the goblin's approval will they get their next clue."


True story. Well, at least the first sentence.....

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Yeah I'd have to try to paint it as some sort of spectral... something.


Which leads me to transparent purple Kaladrax. Anyone else think that?

I'm thinking more fireish. Red and orange spectral energy. I would love it if they made one of these in transparent red for the torso. Then you could paint the ribs and spine bone and put in a red LED. That would look way cool, and not need a new mold.

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