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Darklands: First Edition


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Darklands: First Edition

We can't let an update go by without mentioning the next Kickstarter, provisionally entitled "Darklands: First Edition". It's slated to start on the 16th of September, only ten days away - eeek!!

As mentioned previously, it will focus on the full Darklands rules and, of course, will enable you to help our range and wargame grow. We will be hoping to create new miniatures for the Angelcynn, Brythoniaid, Fomoraic, Khthones, Norse and Ysians as well as fill out the Albainn and the Byzantii into hosts that can compete with the rest!

The Darklands: First Edition project format will be completely different to this one, for many reasons, but chiefly because the main focus should be about the first edition Darklands rules and what you'll immediately need to create a host to play.

As such, there will be no starter sets and the rewards will be completely different, as will the stretch goals and freebies. So ensure you read the following carefully!

Darklands: First Edition reward

The hardback rulebook for Darklands will be available to purchase immediately the project begins, and there will be an "early bird" reward (giving those who purchase early a discount) for the rulebook only. The rulebook will simply depend upon reaching the minimum amount of money we require to fund the project successfully - likely to be £20,000.

Nobles rewards

Four rewards featuring completely new miniatures - all nobles, to command your hosts - will be available immediately the project begins, which will be:

  • GENERAL -- £30 - a mounted general (except Khthones) for each of the eight kindreds
  • COMMANDER -- £10 - a commander for each of the eight kindreds
  • SORCERER -- £10 - a sorcerer (or equivalent) for each of the eight kindreds
  • MONSTROUS COMMANDER -- £30 - a monstrous commander for each of the eight kindreds

Each of these rewards will ONLY be produced if a certain amount of money is pledged and are, effectively, stretch goals that are unveiled right from the start (and in the above order). We hope to reach their stretch goals fairly quickly, and to that end, we're introducing early bird specials for each of the above, with a couple of pounds off each, and a huge "own them all" reward too.

They are available immediately so that people can choose to purchase them separately from the rulebook.

Hosts rewards

Three rewards will enable backers to purchase entire hosts for each kindred - that will include new nobles from this Kickstarter as well as already available miniatures, packaged into a nice big box with tokens, dice and so forth - will be available immediately the project begins.

These rewards will be packaged to a certain size of host, both to keep things simple and to ensure retailers can get their hands on them, and thus their contents CANNOT be changed.

  • ENCOUNTER HOST -- £80 - 500 gold
  • SKIRMISH HOST -- £160 - 1,000 gold
  • BATTLE HOST -- £400 - 2,500 gold

Some Hosts will only be produced if the units within them are due to be produced; for example, an Albainn host would only be produced if Albainn units are produced. As such, the availability of hosts will be fairly dynamic during the Kickstarter.

Note that no stretch goals depend upon these hosts; they are simply there for those that want things easy! Again, they are available immediately so that people can choose to purchase them separately from the rulebook.

Other Stretch Goals

As mentioned above, Nobles and Hosts rewards are effectively stretch goals in their own right, although we certainly expect the Nobles rewards (and the smaller Hosts rewards) to hit their stretch goals quite quickly in the duration of the project.

Units, Beasts and other things will be available as stretch goals once we reach certain levels. Each kindred will have units and beasts, but they will be unveiled one at a time; producing units and beasts is expensive, and it makes more sense to have eight stretch goals for lesser amounts than one big stretch goal for a large amount.


There will be freebies, but they will ONLY be available if a relevant reward has been purchased and, of course, if a stretch goal is reached.

To Re-Iterate...

Here's a quick re-cap on what's been said previously.

  • Darklands: First Edition will begin around the 16th of September and end 30 days later in mid-October
  • Items from it will be produced and shipped throughout 2014
  • The Angelcynn, Brythoniaid, Fomoraic, Khthones, Norse and Ysian kindreds will feature in full.
  • Two new kindreds will feature - the Albainn and the Byzantii (including some Infernii)
  • Almost all of the miniatures funded by this Kickstarter will not have been seen before (except for the host boxes); although, if we get enough money to produce a Krokodar unit, Megálávra and Vókkinak would feature
  • The possibility of other kindreds - Atalantes, Érainn etc. - getting the odd miniature does exist, but depends on how much is garnered (we do stress, it's only a possibility)
  • NONE of the items currently available (i.e., released) will feature - so get them now!
  • We will produce a concept art book, stretch goals permitting
  • We will produce a background book, stretch goals permitting
  • We will produce a limited run "Collector's Edition" book that will only be available during this Kickstarter that will be of very fine quality
  • We will be using new artists for many concepts
  • We will produce kindred dice, stretch goals permitting
  • Everything from warlords to units to monstrous beasts will feature, stretch goals permitting
  • There will be exclusives and freebies
  • It will definitely be less confusing than this one!

Sneak Tease

We do sincerely hope you guys take part in the next Kickstarter! To whet your appetite even further, here's another sneak concept peek...


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Top Posters In This Topic

Hmm, hard to know how I'm going to play this. I'm really not that interested in the game to be honest (I'm sure it's fun, I just already have too many games I don't play), and building up whole units with standard bearers and musicians is therefore not that appealing. I also think I might not be totally in love with any single faction, but there's something from almost every one that looks fantastic (like, the Ysians are a bit too exaggerated for my taste, but Ulric the Defiler is awesome). Looking at KS1 (which I missed), I would really have wanted to made picks from all over the place: a troll, a minotaur, maybe a couple of Angelcynn warriors etc etc.


How viable do you think it's going to be to pick and choose in this campaign?

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Oh, I know, I was thinking more of the new stuff in this one. It doesn't sound like the 'Host' pledges will be my thing, maybe it's the 'Nobles' I should turn my eye towards. I'm just not sure I completely grasp how those pledge levels will be set up; will they be for only one mini each ("pledge £30, choose one of the eight mounted generals")?

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Tbh, this sounds like it'll lack much of the flexibility that certainly must've played a great part in the first campaign's success. T hink a lot will depend on whether the £80 hosts are appealing enough to draw in new people.

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The problem, as they're presenting it, is that unlike the first KS they don't have stuff already done (sculpted, casted and in or ready for production) like the first one so they have to have less flexibility because they don't have a huge back catalogue to offer. The hosts themselves are being offered but "not" so not to run afoul Kickstar's new rules on offering existing things (which everyone seams to ignore anyway).

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Trodax. My impression is that you'll be able to purchase new models "ala carte". The hosts are not the way you'll want to go with this one if you just want a variety of things. I expect most of the stretch goals to be similar to the first one where you can just add individual models for a set price. Not sure what the freebies are going to look like though.

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Thanks for the info Dan! I was mostly thinking about this already now because of the Early Birds that seem to be planned; if there are multiple kinds of EB's I'd like to grab the one that is most right for me. As you said, the Hosts don't sound like they'll be my thing.

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From the sound of it there the early birds () will give you a cheaper full rule book


(and extra discount on any 'general' models you add but I think that's it)


of course things may change before they launch

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Ughhhh.. I am debating between going in on this or Wrath of Kings. I missed darklands first kickstarter and I saw a good amount of minis that i really like. But I do like the werewolves and the demons in Wrath of Kings. There is also the sad fact that I am based in USA so shipping might be a minor issue.



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