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Is Dragon Blue Smurfy?

Thes Hunter

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So I was putting some time in on my Descent project today, and after putting a coat of blue on one of my Giants when I thought something looked a bit familiar....





OMG I made one very large smurf! What have I done?!


(and this is posted here in case any rampancy may develop)


(warning rampancy may cause nausea, vomiting, chills, fever, headache, rash, feelings of inadequent numbers of figures painted, desire for more minis, blue spots on your fingers (and/or tongue), and buglips to run about in his boxers.)

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You should totally make a little white cap for his head. :D


EDIT: I am now sorely tempted to paint up a couple of the KS goblin minis (not the Pathfinder ones) like smurfs, just because.



--OneBoot :D

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Here is what he looked like finished. Hopefully he looks less smurfy than he did at first.




And if you want to check him out with his other Descent buddies here:


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